Unicorn Themed Baby Shower Ideas

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Unicorns make us believe in fairy tales and in a world where there are endless possibilities. They are pretty and can appeal to all ages. There is no better way to welcome your baby into this world than with a unicorn themed baby shower!

Guests also love unicorns and they will love to have a unicorn-themed birthday party. We are going to give you a few ideas so that you can make your baby shower one to remember. 

Unicorn themed invitation

The first step in planning a Baby shower is making sure that you have the perfect invitation for your event. There are so many different designed invitations that you can choose from. Unicorns come from another world and it is only fitting that you go back to the old days and give your guests handwritten invitations. This will remind them of the good old days before everything was done over a simple message in WhatsApp. 

These invitations are sparkly, come with rainbows and will put a smile on your guest’s faces. They are gorgeous and the beautiful thing about them is that they will fit your theme perfectly no matter. There are 24 invitations per pack, so make sure you order enough for all your guests. 

Unicorn themed decorations

The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your venue for a unicorn themed party! Keep in mind that unicorn colors are pastel colors. They are light and yet make an impact.

  • Balloons to place on the table or even a balloon arch for your guests to walk in through.
  • Tassels that you can hang on the walls or off your table.
  • Chinese styled fans that you can hang around the room.
  • A backdrop is a must! This will give your guests an area to take photos against a wall that will represent your party theme. 
  • Place a napkin in your guest’s glass and then place unicorn ears and a horn in the glass as well. This will make their glasses look like unicorns. 

Unicorn themed party favors 

You want your guests to leave with a gift that is going to brighten up their day.

  • Candy-coated pretzels. These are easy to make and you can cover the pretzels in pastel colors and sprinkle on some glitter or 100s and 1000s. 
  • Cute little unicorn key rings for your guests to hang on keys or even take the chain off and give to their children as a plush toy.
  • Unicorn shaped lollies are always a nice idea.
  • Unicorn shaped sugar cookies that are wrapped in cellophane and have a little tag that says thanks for coming. 
  • For more of a fun gift, you can go and buy cheap eyelashes and give that to your guests. Eyelashes are a key icon when it comes to unicorns. 

Unicorn centrepieces

The centerpiece is meant to be a conversation starter. It will tie your table together and can be something that you can keep to remind you of this special day. 

  • A unicorn-shaped piñata
  • A unicorn plush toy. No can resist speaking about a cute little unicorn toy!
  • Gold and sparkly unicorn horns around the table
  • You can turn a fishbowl into a unicorn and place things inside the bowl. All you need to do it put eyelashes on the bowl, add a horn and ears in the center and then fill the bowl with gorgeous flowers. 

Unicorn cake and cupcakes

Unicorns make anything possible, so why not take a new approach when it comes to the cake and cupcakes for your baby shower… You can design a few cupcakes in the shape of a unicorn. Then ice them all together and as your guests take a cupcake, the unicorn shape will slowly disappear. This is an excellent idea for people who do not like sitting and cutting cake all day long. Your guests will take as and when they please. 

If you do not want to use cupcakes to make up your cake, you can always go with a round cake that is decorated to look like a unicorn. Not all of us are professional bakers, so you can always use this cake topper to place on top of your cake. Your round cake will soon transform into a unicorn icon that is picture-perfect. It even comes with eyelashes! 

Unicorn themed baby shower is trending at the moment and I think they will continue to trend for a very long time. Unicorns will make the guest feel like a child again. This is an entertaining theme that is light-hearted and will help you all escape your daily stress for a little while. 

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