Twin Baby Shower

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A baby’s arrival is undoubtedly an exciting event.

Imagine having not one but two babies, the excitement doubles, for sure. It also means double the fun and joy.

Then what about a baby shower? Will it be the same?

What kind of changes will you make for a baby shower for twins?

These sorts of questions come into one’s mind unquestionably.

The baby shower theme for twins is a bit different from the normal one. It showcases the excitement that one feels on the arrival of not one but two babies. It doesn’t mean that you will have to do more work. It just means that you will have to add some elements into the traditional baby shower setup to showcase the twin themes.

Having twins means double joy, fun, excitement, as well as double gifts and shopping.

Keep reading to find out fresh twin baby shower ideas, twin baby shower decoration ideas, and twin baby shower gift ideas.

1.    Decide a baby shower theme for twins

The first thing to do is to decide a theme for the baby shower. You can find tons of different ideas about the shower theme online.

Some trendy themes are:

•    Nest theme

The idea behind this theme is to depict that two kids are going to occupy the same space.

You can do this by merely designing a nest or by buying one.

Then fill that nest with a pair of cute birds.

You can play around with your imagination. There are countless possibilities to exploit this even more creatively.

As this is a very famous theme, you can find a variety of pre-made decorations and items related to this theme.

Nest themes are an excellent twin boy baby shower ideas.

•    Two peas in a pod theme

If you are planning a baby shower in the idea of two peas in a pod, then keep all the decoration items in green color. The green-colored decorations will complement your theme. You can get cupcakes with green frosting. The possibilities with this theme and green color are endless.

•    Son of a gun theme

“Son of a gun, there’s more than one” is another funny yet trendy baby shower theme.

If you are a jolly and fun-loving person, then this theme will best match your personality and aura.

As this theme is not much popular, you will have plenty of room to use your creativity.

You can plan to include cowboy boots and a bandana or whatever you like.

This theme is unlike the traditional ones. You might have to consider your audience before putting it into action.

If you are looking for twin boy baby shower ideas and twin girl baby shower ideas, then go with the themes as mentioned above.

If you don’t want to reveal the gender yet, then go with neutral colors to avoid the gender reveal.

2.    Design the invitations

     The invitation should match and complement your theme perfectly.

     The invitations will also give out a clear message about the theme of the shower.

     If you want to be even more precise, you can mention specific details on the invitation cards.

     Some people like to have a dress code. You can mention any specific dress codes on the card (like green dresses for the two peas in a pod theme).

     If you are having any raffles, then do mention that on the card.

     Don’t forget to get the cards delivered at least a week before the baby shower.

3.    Plan the games

     A fun way to keep the guests entertained is to play baby shower games.

     Any baby shower without games is like a birthday without cake.

     You can play games like baby shower bingo, twins baby babble, and the price is right.

     Try to play the games that are not only fun but also require a minimum investment.

4.   Twin baby shower party favors 

     Lastly, buy some return gifts for the guests.

     Such a gesture will make your guests feel appreciated.

     If you have games on the baby shower, then gifts for the winners are a must.

     Try to buy thoughtful gifts. Buy gifts in bulk so you can get a discount.

     Gift cards and spa vouchers are safer and thoughtful twin baby shower gift ideas.

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