Best Toys and Gifts for 6-year-old Girls

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So what do you think about when it comes to giving a six-year-old girl a gift?

Maybe you can relate because you have a daughter of that age. Or perhaps you’ve had the pleasure of seeing any six-year-old girl’s eyes light up when she gets the right gift.

Either way, you know that there is no right answer here.

Would she like a coloring book?

A pretty dress?

Something that she can use at her school?

These are great ideas, but what about toys?

Yes, toys play a critical role in a six-year-old kid’s life!

They allow these curious kids to apply everything they’ve learned from their environment. They also allow them to express themselves in creative ways. Plus, they make kids happy, and joy must always be a part of life.

Having said that, let us look at the best toys that your six-year-old daughter will adore.

I have compiled a collection of what I believe to be the best toys for your young girl. In the end, I will also reveal what I believe to be the best toy among them all.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the magical world of toys for six-year-old girls.

  1. Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands Craft Kit

What girl doesn’t love headbands?

These cool accessories allow them to style their hair in all kinds of exciting ways. They also serve as impressive fashion decorations.

If there’s one thing even better than wearing a headband, it’s making one. This is precisely what this kit will allow your daughter to do.

She’ll love the opportunity to create something beautiful for her and her friends. Before you know it, she won’t be able to leave this kit!


The Headbands Craft Kit comprises of 10 headbands hair accessories.

Plus, there are enough fun decorations in the kit to make your daughter squeal with delight. These decorations include feathers, flowers, and loads of ribbon.

The overall theme for everything included is frilly and sparkly.

The kit has been designed to make it easier for small hands to get some work done!

Key Features:

  • Ten headbands hair accessories included
  • Plenty of decorations including flowers, feathers, rhinestones, and ribbon
  • Easy to make and wear

Why would you like it?

It will allow your daughter to embrace and express her creativity. It will also improve her motor skills and color awareness.

Plus, it has won the Mom’s Choice Award!

Why would you not like it?

If you and your daughter aren’t into headbands, you might not prefer having this kit.

  • The Memory Building Company Unicorn Music Box and Little Girls Jewelry Set

Six-year-old girls just love unicorns and jewelry.

How about putting both of them together in a single brilliant toy?

This is exactly what The Memory Building Company achieves with this product.

Your daughter will be left speechless the moment she opens this beautiful box. She will get to listen to the iconic ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ tune.

Plus, she’ll find a unicorn necklace and bracelet inside. What more could a girl ask for?


Designed by a Maryland artist, this musical jewelry box is beautiful. It has been painted by soft rainbow watercolors.

This color theme does a great job of complimenting the unicorn décor. Plus, the box is functional too. It comprises of sturdy clasps and links that are made from stainless steel.

The music is produced by a silver-plated iron box nestled deep within the set.

Key Features:

  • Produces music upon opening
  • Consists of a unicorn-themed necklace and bracelet
  • Vivid watercolor-based unicorn theme
  • 100% nickel-free clasps and links

Why would you like it?

It’s not just a great toy. It also serves as an excellent decoration piece for your house.

Why would you not like it?

Your daughter will likely get bored of it pretty soon.

  • Crayola Ultimate Light Board Drawing Tablet

This is not just any drawing tablet. It will allow your daughter to draw or trace designs that glow.

With six washable gel markers at her disposal, she is bound to unleash her creative side.

The board is large enough for your girl to come up with all kinds of creations. Even if she can’t think of anything, she can always trace a design.

The best part is that it’s completely safe and non-toxic.


The design is minimalistic and straightforward.

This stands in sharp contrast to most drawing tablets. The board consists of built-in marker storage, which allows for more organization.

Six mini gel FX markers are included to draw on the light-up board.

Key Features:

  • Six mini gel FX markers for glowing designs
  • Built-in marker storage encourages better organization
  • Allows both tracing of designs and creation of original ones
  • Non-toxic

Why would you like it?

It provides a safe way for your daughter to express her creativity. It will also stimulate her imagination.

Why would you not like it?

It might compel your daughter to spend an unhealthy amount of time indoors.

  • PicassoTiles 100 Piece Magnetic Building Tiles

There are no limitations when it comes to this brilliant building set.

Your daughter can build structures as high as she wants!

By adding more and more pieces, she can build some very awe-inspiring things.

Since these 3D pieces are magnetic, they can be put together very quickly indeed.


The magnetic building pieces come in a wide range of colors.

They also come in a variety of geometric shapes. The 3D structure makes it very easy to handle and store them.

Key Features:

  • Building pieces are 3D and magnetic in nature
  • Pieces are easy to store and handle
  • Pieces are available in many geometric shapes and colors

Why would you like it?

It will allow your daughter to develop her creative and motor skills.

She’ll be able to improve her sense of color, 3D forms, and architectural design. She’ll also be able to learn in a fun way.

Why would you not like it?

You don’t want to step on one of those pieces.

  • Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Dropping stuff into a water play table might not sound like fun to you.

However, it’s bound to make your daughter happy.

hat’s because six-year-olds are still in the process of developing their motor skills. Simple yet entertaining “put-and-take” toys help them in that process.


The play table consists of a spiral and a Ferris wheel.

The spiral sends balls going down in a circular manner until they splash into the water. The Ferris wheel allows kids to scoop those balls up.

The twin water wheel is powered by water poured through a funnel. The whole product consists of a cup and 5 round characters.

Key Features:

  • Spiral for sending balls splashing into the water
  • Ferris wheel for scooping the balls out of the water
  • Five round characters capable of squirting water

Why would you like it?

It will enable your daughter to develop her motor skills in a fun way.

Why would you not like it?

Things placed close to this toy are likely to get wet.

  • Doctor Unicorn Soft Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe Sleepwear

Once again, you know that girls just love unicorns.

Imagine your daughter’s delight if she got the chance to become one?

This super soft and cozy unicorn bathrobe will allow her to do just that. Not only is it a bathrobe, but it serves as a great fashion statement as well.

Watch your girl take more baths just to find an excuse to wear this!


The bathrobe has been designed using premium quality polyester

Key Features:

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Made with premium polyester
  • Adorable unicorn theme
  • Hooded bathrobe

Why would you like it?

If nothing else, it’ll convince your daughter to bath more often!

Why would you not like it?

Your daughter might get attached to it and refuse any other bathrobe or towel.

  • Hatchimals Mystery – Hatch 1 of 4 Fluffy Characters from Cloud Cove

This adorable gift is a true surprise.

It’s an egg that can hold any cute little fluffy animal from Cloud Cove.

This means that you can expect to find a bunwee, a pandor, Hedgehog, or an elefly. The best part is that you can record your name with the toy so that it can use it in everyday chat with you.

No matter what your Hatchimal, it will be a great companion to you!


The egg that holds your Hatchimal is speckled. The Hatchimal itself is super fluffy with patterned fur. An instruction sheet is also included.

Key Features:

  • Speckled egg holds surprise Hatchimal
  • Hatchimal can record your name multiple times

Why would you like it?

It will allow your daughter to have moments of wholesome fun.

Why would you not like it?

It requires AA batteries which might need to be changed regularly.

This is an incredible collection of toys. However, there is one that takes the cake.


Best toy Reason?
PicassoTiles 100 Piece Magnet Building Tiles Promotes motor skills, creativity, and understanding of critical concepts

Parenting a six-year-old daughter is fun and intimidating in equal measure.

It is an adventure in its own right!

With the right set of toys, you can do a lot for your daughter’s development.

She will have bags of fun combined with a great learning experience. As a parent, what more could you ask for?

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