Best Toys and Gifts for 6-year-old Boys

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You must be thinking that what shall you bring for your 6 years old baby?

Well now you don’t need to worry because you will get to know about best toys. These are not only be fun for children but also it will be educational as well!

The toys will help to improve hand and eye coordination skill and improving self-esteem and social control.

So you will get to know about different type of toys and what type of skills they try to improve the necessary skills which help in growth of your child and shaping skills that will assist in providing good atmosphere for learning and observing.

So now let’s talk about the toys which you really need to consider as toys for kids!

The Stomp Rocket

Who does not love flying toys?

Well you all love it when you were very young!

The toy I am talking about is basically a great flying toy and it comes with foam tip shape 4 legs that can shoot right to the sky.

Don’t worry it will not shoot to the moon! Just Kidding

It will only shoot to 10 meters above land.

Now, Let’s see what attributes we have regarding this toy:


It is the best toy for kids. Why?

 Because it can be energize by self-power. It has 4 leg stomp that enables the rocket to fly up in the sky.

So now, you must be thinking that what does this toy actually promotes?


The toy promotes science enthusiasm among kids that they love to learn about STEM activities and it will encourage them to participate in such programs that shape their skills.


It helps in development of coordination of muscles as it improves fine motor skills.

Key Features

  • It does not require batteries so no need to worry
  • It provides opportunities for kids to learn and grow
  • It is medium to enhance fine motor skills and development of child
Likes Dislikes
It needs very few parts to combineIt does not need any kind of batteries It may break the rocket because children might break the rocketKids might take parts in their mouth which will cause choking hazard

Marble Set

Does your kid loves playing with marbles?

If yes then this will be right choice for you!

It will engage both children and adults. It comes with complete set and the set includes around 100 multiple pieces in single layout.

The best part about marble set is that there are multiple projects that you can prepare from this marble set because it will assist your child in enhancing their creativity and also improving their fine motor skills.


It is based on lego style structure in which children can build and play marbles.


The toy basically enhances picking and eye and hand coordination skills.


It helps in shaping children creativity and enhance their fine motor skills which is vital for their development.

Key Features

  • It is compatible with other marble toys
  • It comes with application that serves as guidance which is compatible with both android and apple operating system
Likes Dislikes
It enhances creativity and fine motor skills   Pieces are small and children might take it in their mouth

Tracing Pad

If you are looking for child to enhance it’s learning and creativity.

Then Crayola light up tracing pad blue is perfect choice for you!

It is gift for both boys and girls. It will help your child to create different types of images and enhance capability of drawing and imagining constructive things that will help your child in shaping cognitive skills.

Key Features

  • The best thing about tracing pad is that it can glow when there is no light in room
  • The tracing pad has around more than 100 images that child can trace easily.
  • The lit surface makes it very much easy to see the traces in low lighting environment like tents etc.
Likes Dislikes
It enhances children cognitive skills developmentIt is non-toxic & safe   Pieces are small and children might take it in their mouth

Magic Science Kit

If you are fan of science but at the same time you want fun then gift your child magic science kit!

Sound’s Amazing! Let’s proceed with it.

The science kit helps to enhance your child learning skills and at the same time it serves as educational kit.

It has some chemicals which are made from vegetable oil and powder from cabbage. If your child loves magic and science in both way then it is also convenient for them to learn magic and also get to know that what is science behind the magic?

The magic is obviously not dangerous because the kit belongs to children at the age of six so it will not be harmful.

Key Features

  • There can be multiple projects which can be made by yourself as it serves as diy kit.
  • It contains test tubes and few chemicals.
Likes Dislikes
It enhances child’s brain development. Chemicals might harm child’s health if it is not watch by adults

Lego Heavy Transport Cargo

If you child loves building things and he/she has flair of innovation then this gift is best for you.

The heavy cargo combines trailer along with helicopter and cock pit. It also includes two small figures acting as truck driver and pilot for chopper.

So what’s the best thing about the kit?

Well it will enhance the capability of your child and shape their skills in building different types of themes according to their imagination and they will love introducing new things in the toy and also you can play with them.

Key Features

  • They are compatible with all other lego toys.
  • They contain around more than 300 pieces that are helpful for construction of different type of masterpiece.
Likes Dislikes
It enhances child’s brain development and fine motor skills Children might displace some parts and they are small which cannot be search easily.

Leap Frog Learning Tablet

If your child loves surfing and get knowledge from internet then this toy is best for your child.

Hmm seems interesting Right?

Let’s Proceed with the further details.

It contains multiple games, educational information and ebooks which will help to enhance reading and writing skills of your children which will also develop your child’s brain and prepare him/her for multiple challenges.

Key Features

  • They are available with Wifi
  • They came with batteries
  • They came with memory card upto 4 GB
Likes Dislikes
It enhances child’s brain development and fine motor skills Children will be engaged in games which  might affect their eyes

Smart Watch

Want your child to learn Maths skills?

Or you want them to learn the Art skills of picturing?

If you want both within the same toy, then here you go!

Smart watch is the best suitable gadget for their learning and math’s skills.

It comes with calculator, calendar, videos and a small tiny camera in which the child your child can see and take multiple photos and also do their homework by using calculator.

In short it serves as a magical device that contain enjoyable and best learning features for your kids.

Key Features

  • It comes with 50 different designs
  • It comes with batteries
  • The best part is that you don’t need to worry if your watch is dead by drowning in water because it comes as splash proof.
Likes Dislikes
It enhances fine motor skills Children might misuse it and sometimes get it misplace due to small negligence


In short, after viewing all the gadgets we need to declare the product as winner.

Hmm So here we Go!

Lego Heavy Transport is the best toy among all the discussed ones.

Best Toy Among All Best Features Among All
Lego Heavy Transport Lego Heavy will help them to shape their skills. Provide them a great opportunity to produce small clay building projects. Enhance their motor skills and support them for enhancing their skills sharply and smartly.

In the end I hope this article will help you a lot for enhancing skills of your child.

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