Toddler Craft Activities For Under 2 – Indoor Activities

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11 Stay at home craft Activities for kids under 2

Everyone at the moment are staying in doors to keep their family and loved ones safe from everything that is going on around us outside. One of the biggest challenges that we are facing as parents is how to keep our kids active and entertained for the duration of the lockdowns and isolation periods. Here are some craft ideas that you can do with your kids under the age of 2. Keep in mind that some of these ideas are going to make a mess but they will create lovely memories for you to share with your children as we as decorate your house with.

Craft activities

Finger painting

Finger painting is fun for the whole family to do. Just make sure that you put newspaper on the floor or do this outside. You do not want paint all over your house!

Plastic cup flowers

Get your child to paint a plastic cup and a wooden stick. You will then cut the cup about halfway until you can bend the strips to look like petals. Place the stick through the cup and there you have it! A plastic cup bunch of flowers.

Yogurt cup wind chimes

This craft works the same way as the plastic cup flowers. All you need to do is gather old yogurt cups, rinse them out. Get your child to decorate them. Then, you will punch holes down the middle of each cup. Thread a string through the cups and hang them around the garden.

Blowing paint through a straw

Who didn’t love doing this as a child? Pour some edible paint onto a plate. Get a straw and dip the end of the straw into the paint. Then ask your child to blow into the straw and onto a piece of paper.

Create a little pond with boats

Make paper boats out of old news papers. Then take blue paper and place on the floor. Let your child make some flowers and trees and place around the pond. You can then have an indoor little pond with boats and you can even add some fish.

Nature collage

This is a fun way to teach your kids about textures. Go out into the garden and pick some leaves, flowers and even some sand. Make sure you get a bit of everything. Come back inside and on a big piece of paper, rearrange the items you got from outside onto the page. You can glue them down if you want.

Painting a tree with your hands

Finger prints look a lot like leaves don’t you think? Dip your fingers into some paint and create leaves for your trees with them. Draw the bark of the tree with 3 fingers and use 1 finger for the branches.

News paper hats

This is an all-time classic that we have all done once or twice in our lives. Create your own hats using old newspaper and let your child’s imagination take over. You can make a pirates hat, princess crown or even a birthday crown.

Edible jewellery

Fruit loops, candies and other edible items can be strung onto a string to create edible jewellery. Be careful to only use items that your child can eat and will not choke on.

Create an indoor exercise track

We are all worried about our kids getting lazy and bored so… why not turn your living room into an indoor exercise track where they have to follow different instructions to get to the other side of the room.

Make colored rice

This will show your kids that there are different textures when it comes to turning things in different colors. They can make colored rice using food coloring and then you can use rice to decorate pictures.

Being in isolation might seem like a daunting thought however, you can take this time to bond with your child during their developmental stages and create memories that will last a lifetime. By the end of this, you will all become inspiring artists and your house will be filled with artwork and imagination stations.

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