Star wars baby shower and birthday ideas

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Star Wars has been around for generations. It is one of those themes that can really bring you and your child together. Everyone has watched at least one of these movies and a Star Wars themed party is something everyone can enjoy! 

Your party should be fun and your theme should be well known. You want to walk into your party and feel like you are being transformed into another Galaxy. 

Planning a baby shower or birthday party can be a bit overwhelming. We are going to give you a few ideas that you can use for both a birthday party as well as a baby shower for your little one. 

Star Wars themed Invitations

Your invitation will get the mode for your party. You want to make sure that your invite fits your theme as well as showcases your humor. Make your invite light-hearted and fun. You can also add some glitter into the invitation envelope to give your guests a sparkly surprise.

Star Wars classic postcard invitations– These invites can be bought on Amazon. They are cute and will fit both a birthday or baby shower invitation. There are 8 invites in a pack and they are written in Yoda’s language! 

Star Wars themed decorations

A party is not complete without the area being decorated to fit the theme. This process can be scary and time-consuming for some parents. Still, I assure you that decorating the space will help you get excited about the party. You might also find that it can be fun. You can turn it into a game for your other children so that they help you.

  1. Black and gold cutlery and crockery 
  2. Gold stars for you to sprinkle along with the tables
  3. Black and gold balloons 
  4. You can find different shape and sized lanterns to hang outside
  5. Black table cloths with gold runners
  6. You can create a backdrop for your guests to take pictures in front of. Get some black cloth and you can add some stars to them. This will create the illusion of a night sky and give your guests something fun to do at your party. 

Star Wars themed party favors 

Party favors are a great gift to give to your guests to thank them for coming to your party. You do not need to spend a lot of money on these gifts. End of the day, it is the thought that counts. 

  1. A plastic tube that is filled with little chocolates that are covered in gold paper.
  2. Gold popcorn favor boxes that are filled with gold-wrapped chocolates. You can place them at the entrance for your guests to grab on the way out. 
  3. A little party pack that is filled with Star War themed goodies that you can get from your local party shop. 

Star Wars centerpieces

My favorite part of a party is adding the final touches onto your table. Star Wars provides you with different elements that you can turn into a gorgeous centerpiece:

  1. Lightsabers in a tall vase can light up your table and give the kids at the party something to play with as well. This is ideal for a party that might happen at night. 
  2. Kylo Ren masks lying on the table is a great conversation starter piece. 
  3. A flame trooper face mask on the table will represent the force awakening in men. This is a great idea to show daddy that it is time for him to wake up and get ready for your little Jedi that is on the way. 

Star Wars cake and cupcakes 

Black and gold are the colors of Star Wars, so it is only fitting that you make your cake and cupcakes fit that theme. 

You can make a black cake which is colored with charcoal so that its natural coloring. If you want, you can even make the cakes green for Yoda. Your icing can be white icing with gold dusting. This will make your cake and cupcakes look like they are something form out of this world.

Star War themed cupcake toppers are a great addition to add to your cupcakes. 

You can also add some Star Wars figurines onto your cake or cupcakes. These are cute, and all you need to do is stick the toothpick into your cupcakes. It is as simple as that. 

Star war is a great theme that can be enjoyed by everyone. It has a universal language and is a great way to welcome your baby into this world. You can show your family that no matter what language you speak, if you are a stormtrooper or even an educated person like Yoda, there is always a way that you can all come together and enjoy a piece of cake. 

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