Spa Party Favors Ideas for Kids

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How to Decorate for a Spa Party at Home ??

As your daughter gets older, she may start to get curious and wonder what it would feel like to feel pampered like Mummy. She would start trying out your make-up and wearing your stuff. Don’t stop her because It’s normal because all she wants is to be like you. She has watched you pamper yourself, which has got her wondering how it would feel like to be dolled and pampered just like you.

For her next birthday, a great way to make her dreams come true is to give her a taste of the pampering she craves. This creates a mother-daughter bond that both of you cherish for long.
A step is to organize a Spa themed birthday party in your house where she and her friends can get dolled up and made to feel like little princesses. The good thing about this is that it would be fun and an excellent way to give her the feeling of being a grown-up. Here are things you would need to know to organize a Spa themed party

Party Items That Set the Mood Right

Spa party kids relax

Putting the children in the right mood for the length of the party is essential.

The point of a Spa-themed party is for the kids to spend time together treating themselves and getting pampered. These activities can range from getting facemasks, massages, manicure, pedicure, skincare routines, makeovers, etc.

How you decorate your home and the things the girls wear are crucial because they help to set their mood. It doesn’t have to be much, just a few things here and there would be fine

1. Make-Up Backdrop

It is vital to capture these little moments for the future. A Make-Up backdrop would help you decipher what was going down when you look at the pictures 10 years from now.

It should have a vivid color to brighten the whole place. When you’re done with it, you can easily store it for a slumber party or another Spa party in the future.  

2. Bow Headbands or Tiaras

Bow Headbands and Tiaras bring style to the party. It makes all the girls look fancy. Girls like that.

When they feel pretty, they feel happy and isn’t that what you want?

Spa themed Birthday Party Supplies Set

While the girls have their meals, why not have them eat it with Spa-themed plate, napkin, and cup. As I said, it is all about the mood.

The more you do things that set the mood, the more excited they get about the whole thing. A different product you can try is this, from Birthday Express.


What is a party without balloons? These balloons are nail polish shaped, and they spell out–Spa party. Wouldn’t that be great?


It’s cute seeing them walk around with cotton robes getting their nails done. You can buy a robe for everyone, or you can have their parents get one for them.

Pedicure Slippers

Pedicure slippers are comfortable. They help to protect them from messing up their newly polished nails.

Tips to Entertaining Guests at a Spa Party

  • Serve finger foods like sandwiches, cookies, and cupcakes
  • Play board games
  • Set up a Photobooth. Very Important!
  • Teach them how to make DIY products
  • Keep their Hygiene in Mind. Make sure you’re not using any toxic product that may be cause reactions.
  • Let your daughter contribute to the planning.

4 Best Party Favors for Spa Themed Parties

kids spa party refreshments

After the girls may have had fun painting their nails, applying make-up, and making themselves look like Cindarella, Party favors help to cement the whole experience for them. These party favors are not limited to kids alone. Adults can use them for Baby Showers, Slumber Parties, etc.

My work is to make things easier for you. So out of thousands of Spa themed party favors, here are the 4 top-best rated party favors.

Spa Party Favors for Girls Multiple Spa Party Supplies.

This particular pack comes with a Bundle of 6 Girls Spa Party Favors Items: Spa Party Supplies for Girls – 12 MINI Emery Boards, 24 Colored Hair Clip Braids,12 Body Jewels,12 Unicorn Nail Decal Sets, 12 Pink Tote Bags, 24 Toe Separators and 1 secret gift, a total of 85 Pieces.

This is a perfect party favor for your daughter’s birthday. With its cute design and packaging, you are sure your daughter would love it!

To order, Click Here

Liberty Imports Petite Girls Cosmetics Play Set

It is a great party favor for kids aged 5 and above.

It includes a Crown / Butterfly shaped make-up palette that has a blush powder, eye shadow powder, and lipstick. All these give her the impression of owning her little make-up kit.

This product can be easily carried around, so little girls can take it wherever they please, keeping them occupied for hours. It is easily washable and non-toxic.  You are assured of no harm coming to your little girl’s skin when she applies this product. To Order, Click Here

LARZN Premium Spa Party Bags

These bags bring in the heat to any birthday party.

A pack contains 12 bags. It gives you the luxury of putting whatever party favors you have into them. Thanks to the design, it would provide the girls with a hint of what is in the bag,

No need to worry about it ripping apart. Thanks to its sturdy and yet, lightweight design that can be used for Spa themed parties, baby showers, and arts and crafts activities.

To Order, Click Here

Spa Party Favors 48 Piece Set for Girls mani and Pedi.

This full-sized party favor has lots of stuff for your guests. It is suitable for kids as well as adults who want to stay home and get dolled up without wasting money on a salon. It’s great for sleepover parties, slumber party kits, party favors, and bridal showers.

It comes with 8 Mini Emery Boards, 16 Toe Separators, 8 Brushes, and 8 6-way Nail Buffer. Giving you the best Spa party for a girls’ night out. Or for a Spa Party for your daughter.

To Order, Click Here

It all boils down to making your daughter happy. Spar themed parties help to give your daughter a taste of Adulthood. Because really, she cannot wait to be like you.

This kind of party is straightforward because the children would be kept busy with their makeovers. Your Job would be to overlook and prepare their food. No one really outgrows Spa parties. That’s the beauty of it. It can be done at all ages. So, the more you do it, the better you would be at setting the activities you would carry out at the party

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