Friend Or Foe? Ultimate Screen Time Guide Lines For Kids

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Do you often see your children in front of the computer screen?

You must be wondering that what kind of addiction tools have you brought in your house?
That engaging or spoiling your children?

 You are right at your point, as if they are not productive then they are not good for use!

If you think that these screens are contribution for the carnage of your children then congratulations you deserve Oscar award.

The reason is that it makes you responsible parent that you recognize all things before getting too late!

We need to look at advantages and disadvantages of timing of screen. But do you think that telling both sides of the story will be sufficient for you?

I guess no so I would be telling you some recommendations that will be helpful for you.

So there is a burning question that how much time do children give to screens?


There is no estimate about number of devices as the technology is revolving at every corner of world.

Devices include smartphones, tablets and any other kind of tools that engage children. As they are easily available in every household.

Experts say that children below 18 months shall refrain from using devices that can affect their eyes and health. It is not only eyes and health but also there would be problems in sleeping and there would be no bond between parents and the child.

Yes, you heard it right!


According to research, if it shapes into habit then it will be dangerous because it is not possible for children to play game at only one time because next time they will think how they can do better by playing again.

But isn’t it alarming?

Well Yes! Because it will increase the time for engagement of child with the device.

So you must be thinking how we can overcome it?

Well the best way is to give less time to these devices. After that you must be thinking about like how? Well I will discuss this with you in recommendations section!

So no need to worry!

There are both aspects of screen they are both good and bad. So you must be thinking that how it will be good after hearing all bad points about screen time?

Logic of Science About Screen Time

Hold on!

Please don’t rush in banning your child watching the screen.

There are some aspects from science which you would like to hear.

Good Aspects About Screens

You must be thinking that how would it be good to utilize screen time?

So here I am enlisting few points according to my experience.

  • Encouraging physical activities to avoid obesity problems. Wii console introduced such games that prove to be physical exercise for children.
  • Literacy promote by selected programs that contribute towards learning of children.

After hearing all the good points now it’s time to see the dark side of screens. So for you, now I am enlisting again few points according to my experience.

Bad Aspects About Screens

Well there are a lot of bad aspects but these are few major ones, which I think must be under consideration.

Here you go, have a look!

  • It decreases reading time
  • It creates problems of vision
  • It will contribute towards bad behavior and depression


You may think that it might bring cracks in your relationship if you ask your child to not use devices.

Hmm Yes, You are thinking absolutely right!

But there are ways you can help your child to understand your concerns which are actually for betterment of your child.

Be Idol For Your Child

You might feel that there is glue between screen of your device and child but trust me you can handle the situation.

You might have heard that action speak louder than words, so be careful for your actions!

As your child is following you and copying all your actions.

Try doing some healthy activities that will engage children using their skills which will boost their analytical and cognitive skills.

Apply some limitations

Try applying limits for your child because if there are limits then it will help your child to engage in other fruitful activities.

You should take care of the screen as what they are watching currently?

The Stem education programs play vital role in shaping your children skills.

As your kids get older, you will also want to consider limiting the type of content they are able to access on their devices to protect them from inappropriate or dangerous situations.

Because as they grow they will get sense about what they need to watch. And as you know there are adverse effects of watching content that will harm them mentally and physically.

Time your Value

So what actually is time value I am talking about?

Well the thing is that you need to set up time and check their time and to see if your child is actually following proper time period which you designed for them or not.

This will help you to create a very good understanding environment about each channeling in complete and proper manner.

Active in all activities

It will be good for you to spend time with your children by challenging them in games or exercises that will help boosting their confidence and interest rather than spending time on screens.

You can also challenge them in console games, PS4 or Xbox.

This will help you to be more interactive with your child, spend good time together and also better knowledge about what they think about these games.

By this you will know the better idea of their mind sets and content!

Family together for meal in table

Well this idea will definitely work for you!

Because you will be sitting with entire family and having good time together.

By the help of this the children would be cut off from the screen and they will have chance to interact with all family members.

Avoid Devices in living room

So how to avoid devices in living room and bed room?

Well trust me it would be hard but you need to do it!

My question is why your child need a device in his/her room and has to watch it while the room is completely closed or Lock?

Well the advice is that:

Please keep your computer only for child either watching educational programs or doing homework. This will actually shape your child’s future and they will not have to actually involve in watching any bad content, because they will involve themselves watching good content. By the help of this they will actually able to shape their skills and it will also help them bringing innovation in their lives.

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