Safari Themed Baby Shower

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It’s time to celebrate!

Baby showers have become more and more popular over the years. Traditional baby showers were only held for the first baby. Still, they have evolved over the years and given for all pregnancies. 

Baby showers help families and friends become involved in a pregnancy as well as a chance for a reveal of the gender of the baby (some parents learn before the party). Baby showers bring people who are going to be an essential part of your child’s life together to celebrate. 

The best time to have a baby shower is usually between 24 and 32 weeks. It is also an excellent chance for the guests to help the new parents, as babies can be expensive! 

Baby showers can have lots of different themes, these can be anything from a color theme to a favorite book or even a favorite destination. A theme gives the party some interest and can help family and friends decide what to buy for the baby as well as having lots of fun!

One idea for a theme is a safari-based party. This is a gender-neutral theme that catches the imagination. You could have animal masks for your guests to wear or create beautiful centrepieces made out of wood, or planets. 

How can you make your baby shower memorable?

First, you need to send out the invites. There are many safari-themed options out there, but of course you want to choose an invite that clearly shows the theme. So, one with jungle animals and a black and white safari jeep would make it clear what the theme is.

What about the decoration?

A huge part of making a successful themed baby shower is, of course, the decoration. You should check out the 60-piece decoration set from Nana Flume. This set can be used as a starting point. It is gender-neutral and contains all the things you need from a banner, balloons (some which spell out the name baby) to vine leaf decorations and animal photo props. 

If you want to fill a larger space, another alternative is the 148-piece decoration set by Foci Cozi. This set has a lot of balloons in jungle colors along with a strip and ties to create a balloon arch. There are also some animal print balloons and lots of stickers to help you complete your theme.

Every party needs a backdrop, where else can we take those great selfies or family photos. The backdrop will make sure that lots of great photo memories are created and a great example of this is the backdrop by Mocsicka. This foldable product can be an excellent feature for your baby shower. Photos make a baby shower and a great reminder when your child gets older to show them who were at their party! A backdrop is a must!

Let play a game!

No baby shower is complete without games. There are many traditional games such as guessing which baby picture belongs to whom. This is a great game to break the ice if all the guests don’t know each other. 

Making babies out of playdough can be great fun for anyone! You can even give prizes for the cutest etc. Of course, you want to play games related to your theme. So, what can you do with a safari-themed party? Name the baby animal by Paper Clever Party fits the bill. Your guests will have great fun trying to guess what the baby animals are called. We all know a baby lion is called a cub, but what about a baby zebra or even an otter? The person who gets the most correct answers wins. The pack includes enough materials for 25 players, don’t worry; it has an answer key as well!

Let’s do some favours

Every party needs party favors. So, what do you give when it is a safari-themed party? How about a bag full of animal biscuits that has been closed with an animal peg? You can buy animal pegs in most stationery stores, or for a more personal touch, you can make the pegs yourself. 

Glue some felt to the pegs and add googly eyes. You could also buy pre-made boxes. As for goodies, animal biscuits are always going to be the favorite, but you could also add animal shaped sweets or if you want a healthier option, how about nuts, for the monkey!

And the centrepiece

Centrepieces for the table can be as natural as you like with this theme. Pot planets make a great center piece as would palm leaves. Or how about a glass bowl with leaves inside and some small plastic animals. Even something simple as a couple of palm leaves with a toy animal sat on top can look very effective. 

Every table will need plates, and that is where the greenery plates set by Sweet Baby Company can be useful. This 24-person service set is tastefully done with a stylish eucalyptus leaves design with a touch of gold foliage. The collection includes dinner plates, dessert plates as well as disposable napkins and cold beverage cups.

Candy Bar Wrappers

Animal candy wrappers look really cute, and people can have fun choosing the candy according to their favourite animal. To make life easier, you can find candy wrapper stickers that can be stuck over a regular candy bar. Or you can order candy wrappers that have the date of the baby shower on them, your guests can have these as a keepsake. These, of course, cost a little more. 

In conclusion, a baby shower is a time to celebrate. A time for family and friends to get together and celebrate the pregnancy as well as ‘shower’ gifts on the expectant parents. An occasion of excitement and joy. Whatever the theme, a baby shower is a fabulous way to spend time with family and friends, also new mothers can get lots of advice before the big day arrives!

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