Princess Themed Baby Shower

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Celebrating your Bundle of Joy

Pregnancy is very tough for every woman, but it is worth celebrating. Every woman needs a change in the environment while she is pregnant. A mom to be is happy and sad at the same time because of her hormonal changes. She can crave something to eat, but she can throw up any moment as well. 

Pregnancy is very tricky and it can be stressful too. That’s why it has been advised that if the mom is happy, then the baby will be healthy, too. Being positive in pregnancy isn’t always easy; you have to indulge yourself in many activities that can relieve your stress. 

When you see a positive sign of your pregnancy, you start carrying a bundle of joy in you and in order to make it smooth, a baby shower is an emerging trend of sharing your happiness with your friends and family. 

The baby shower does not just gather people around you, but it can also be a support for you to receive gifts openly and happily without any hesitation just like your birthday party, where you don’t feel awkward for taking something and feeling special at the same time. 

With a new arrival in your family, your expenses increase, and your lifestyles change also. You might be in need of something that you can’t afford but can’t express to your friends and family. The baby shower allows you to make a list and share it with your loved ones so they can get you useful items. It is a very normal trend of a baby shower and it is very supportive for parents where they gather joy, happiness, good wishes and gifts.

Impress your guests

Baby showers are exciting events for everyone. There are games, food, different kind of decorations, and announcing the baby’s gender, which people find the most interesting part of baby showers.

If you are expecting a girl, then she deserves a princess themed baby shower and you can decorate one part of your house with the announcement decoration set from NICROLANDEE and cover that part with a black backdrop, after gathering friends and family, then remove it to reveal the gender of your baby.

You can never run out ideas to flaunt your baby bump in a baby shower. You can use “Little Princess Baby Shower Invitation Cards” to invite your guests and impress them right from the start. 

After all, it’s a baby welcoming party and being innovative is the best thing you can do. You should amaze your guest right at the time you send your invitation card, so they all will be excited to join you in your princess theme baby shower.

For the unique atmosphere

There should be a unique ambiance on this special occasion and the theme of the decoration should be solely dedicated to your baby. For example, you can get “BRT Pink and White Confetti Balloons”, which contains a pack of 90 pieces and spread them all over the floor in your house, creating a fun atmosphere for other kids as well. Anyways when it comes to balloons age doesn’t even matter!

Don’t let your balloon break

Game brings thrill so make your baby shower joyful by mingling with your friends and family in different exciting games. You can play “don’t let your balloon (water) break or big belly twister with balloons.” Balloons are the safest way when you are avoiding any risk that concerns your baby and therefore “BRT Pink and White Confetti Balloons” can be an important prop of your baby shower.

Make your baby shower memorable 

Do you know the best part of the party? Favors are the most memorable part of baby showers. Big or small doesn’t matter when it comes to favors, but there must be something to make your event special and more memorable. 

Guests expect something in return, especially in baby showers, especially when they win the games. In order to make it nostalgic to your guests, you can prepare little gift hampers of “Pacifier Princess Necklace” along with some candies. Chocolates are also a perfect choice attached to a thank you note.

The Centerpiece, what is it gonna be?

The decoration of a baby shower is challenging itself, but the centerpiece is a hard nut to crack. Party is just not about decoration. There are many chores to do if you are throwing a party everything should look up to the mark. 

The centerpiece is something where you and your friends will spend half of your time to click memorable moments so” NICROLANDEE” is all in one solution with a whole package of princess theme baby shower that includes balloons, tissues, and table cloth and photo booth props. This bundle of cheerfulness will give you the reality of your imagination. 

Who doesn’t love candy? 

Age doesn’t matter when there is a candy to tender because sweet goes to the heart, and anything that goes to heart makes you happy. Candy wrapper is just like a souvenir that always reminds you of beautiful reminiscences. It is a delicious touch to a beautiful remembrance. 

You can be more creative in this segment if you can craft a little pink box of princess theme with “BRT Confetti Balloons” in it along with your favorite candy/chocolate and a “Pacifier Necklace of Baby Shower Party Land” it will complete your princess theme baby shower.

Happiness always increases when it’s shared. If you are happy, you celebrate to make your loved ones even happier. Regardless of the occasion, if happiness is shared its multiples, and if sorrow is shared, it decreases. 

Indeed welcoming a baby is a miracle and this event is definitely worth celebrating for parents through baby shower parties. Enjoy your pregnancy and rejoice every moment of it because later on, you will have more stories to tell your baby other than fairy tales.

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