How to Play the Price is Right Baby Shower Game

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As much fun planning a baby shower is, they can be tricky as well. It would be best if you made sure that the guests are well entertained and the mommy to be is comfortable.

These days there is a constant change in trends. Due to which you can get confused. What to include in the baby shower and what not to.

We understand that. 

One activity that is not only fun but also way too easy to organize is the price is right baby shower game.

What is the price is right baby shower game?

The name indicates that the game is about guessing the price. 

Does it sound plain? Don’t let the name fool you. 

This game is one of the most fun baby shower games.

It is so because it keeps the guests engaged all the time, making sure that they are not getting bored.

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In this game, you make the guests guess the price of certain baby items. These items can be anything ranging from clothes to baby furniture. The guests get to bid the cost of the items. The one with the right or the closest bid wins. 

You can ask the guests to bid by speaking out loud or by writing their quote on a paper. It all depends on your choice.

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How to plan the price is right baby shower game?

  • First of all, you need to decide the items/products that you will display in the game.
  • These items can be anything baby related. You can decide the number of baby items as per choice.
  • For instance, you can choose ten products or twenty.
  • Make a list of all the baby items that you finally decide on.
  • In case you can’t think of anything, you can search for baby shower price is right template on the internet.
  • After making a list, you can either go for shopping and buy those things or find those things online. 
  • If you buy those things, then you can ultimately gift that to the mother to be. These gifts will reduce the burden off the parent’s shoulders.
  • While buying the things, keep a notepad with you and write down the piece of each item.
  • Buying those baby items might exceed your budget; if you are already low on budget.
  • In this case, you can get the product details and pictures from the internet.  
  • Get clear printable pictures of the products OR you can get them in a USB and display them on a TV. 
  • Search for their prices from the official website or the catalogs. Note them down somewhere.
  • Get price is right baby shower game printable pictures from the internet. The guests can fill out the prices on these printables.

After doing the pre-planning, there is nothing to worry about except the gift. 

It would be best if you gifted prizes to the guests that guess the price right.

Keeping in mind your budget, settle for a gift. It doesn’t have to be something fancy.

You can gift:

  • Gift cards
  • Spa voucher
  • Customized gift basket
  • Home-baked cookies or cupcakes
  • Handwoven sweaters

So, in short, you can gift anything. Just think through the gift and make sure that it is of any use to the other person. 

Some of the baby items for the price is right baby shower game answers are:

  1. Baby clothes
  2. Baby cot
  3. Diapers
  4. Pacifiers
  5. Baby food
  6. Baby Toys
  7. Baby blankets
  8. Milk bottle
  9. Shoes
  10. Wipes

Finally, when the day of the game comes, go with the plan.

Display the items that you bought or the pictures. 

Let the guests guess the price on the price is right baby shower game free printable.  

The one with the highest number of right guesses wins the prize.

Interesting, right?

If you still need ideas, then watch this fun video.

Watch this video to get a complete idea of this game.

So, wait no more. Start planning price is right game for your baby shower. You won’t regret it, for sure.

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