Pool Party Favor Ideas

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how to organise a pool party for your children.

Are you planning on organizing a pool party for your kids for a birthday celebration? Many parents get worked up because of a party like this.

They have no idea about the food, decoration, and activities, but with the right information, it wouldn’t be so stressful. We are here to show you how.

How to Plan a Pool Party for Children

It all starts with a plan. So, we decided to come up with a list of things to sort out.

Decide on a Location

 Not everyone has a pool in their backyard. If you don’t have one, you can find a venue to rent for the event.

Set a Time and Date

Children have loads of energy, and a pool party is best in the afternoon while the sun is out. Consider holding the party between 1-4 pm.

While picking a date, try not to set it around any big holidays. If your kid’s birthday falls around a big holiday weekend, try to reschedule. Then do something small on his/her actual birthday.

Plan a Guestlists and Send out Invites

You should try to plan your gets list earlier and send them out at exactly one month to the date. This would give you enough time to plan the event correctly and for your guests to clear the date. The invitation cards should highlight the theme of the party. Here are some ideas for Pool party Invitation cards

Selecting the Party Favors

Thanking the kids for coming with party favors is important. It’s an excellent way to round off the whole birthday celebrations.

But many Mums get confused because picking the right party favor can be a tad bit confusing because of its wide variations.

Here are some of the best party favors that you can choose from

Mini Bubble Wands Assortment Party Favors Toys for Kids

This multicolor bubble toy is an item that must be included in party favors. It is 4 inches tall and can be used by children who are three years and above.

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Mega Pool Party and Beach Party Favors

This product contains many items, that’s why we love it. It is cost-effective and sturdy. You get sunglasses, squirt guns, inflatable beach balls, and a water bottle.

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Fun Express Flip Flop Notepads (24 Count)

We chose this item because it brings back memories to the kids, long after the party is over.

It is nice to buy these and add to the Pack

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Fun Express Beach Ball Party Favor Treat Boxes

You can use these during a party and afterward. They come in different colors of yellow, green, red, orange, and blue.

 It is a treat box where you can store candy. Or as a bag to carry party favors.

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Fun Express Canvas Flip Flop Tote Bags. Multicolor (12 Pack)

Another great gift bag. This tote bag can be used as a goody bag for your guests, keeping all the thank-you gifts.

It has a cute image of flipflops that your daughter can take to the beach.

Mini Beach Bucket and Shovel Set

You save your guests from spending extra when going to the beach. This is a thoughtful gift that would be remembered by the guests’ parents.

It has a pack of 12, with different bright colors that little kids can use to build their sandcastles on the beach.

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Pool Party Invitations

This quality of this product is remarkable. You get enough space to write out a personalized message to your guests.

They are A6 sized and can fit envelopes perfectly.

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30 Summer Swim Pool Party Invitations with Envelopes

30 envelopes and 30 cards, come with this product. You save money when you by this product because of how sturdy it is. This Invitation card is a popular choice among Moms due to its unique design.

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50 Blue Summer Swim Pool Party Invitations

We love this product because of how easy it is to write on. Thanks to the blank page at the back, you can send them as postcards.

With its flawless design, all your guests would be impressed.

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Pool Party Invitations, Summer Birthday Pool Party Bash, Splash Pad, Water Park Invites

We love this product because of its versatility. It is high in quality and has 25 emojis leaving your guests excited when they get their invitations.

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Making Waves – Swim Team – Shaped Fill-in Invitations

The size of this product allows you to write the Time, Date, and Venue for your event. This product is a favorite to Mums because of its high quality.

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30 Pool Party Invitations with Envelopes (30 Pack)

You are sure of creating a buzz in the minds of your guests with this product. The envelopes come in a superior A7 format, giving you enough room to wrap the card.

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Games and Activities

The reason for games is to keep the children engaged. Try to focus on items they can use in the water.

Some items they can use in the water are;

For people outside the pool, here are some activities they can get busy with;

  • Limbo
  • Coloring
  • Flip Flop Fun
  • Marco Polo
  • Edible sand art

People in the pool can do these;

Food and Drinks

Remember, it’s a pool party, and you don’t want anyone overfed. So, try to keep things light.

  •  Smoothies
  •  Popsicles
  •  Candy bars
  •  Hotdogs
  •  Hamburgers
  •  Pool noodles
  •  Cupcakes
  •  Cookies
  •  Fruit punch
  •  Pool party themed cake


Decorations help to set the mood for every party. Your decoration goes a long way to make the day unique and fun.

Decorate the location with these ideas;

  1. Balloons in the pool and hang some on the fences around the party area.
  2. Floaters in the pool
  3. A banner signifying the theme of the party
  4. Different shapes of balloons
  5. Form a balloon garland
  6. Use bright colors while decorating
  7. Use Jellyfish Lanterns
  8. Make Tissue Paper Pineapples
  9. Prepare a Snack Table
  10. Set up a Photobooth

Additional Tips for the Party

  1. Ensure there’s a lifeguard present
  2. No breakable bottles around the pool. Ensure that you use plastic
  3. Use sunscreen to avoid skin burn
  4. No heavy food to avoid kids throwing up.
  5. Remember to have Fun

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