Non-Toys Gifts For Kids

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Non-Toys Gifts For Kids

With or without any occasion, it is not necessary to gift toys to your kids. And it happens in some homes that kids’ room is full of every kind of toy and your options to choose more comes to a dead-end. Just like I faced a similar situation when every cabinet of my house was loaded with my kids’ toys. Believe me! It was everywhere. So I sorted them out and donated most of them to an orphanage home and strictly forbid everyone, not to gift more toys.

But I need to find a solution for what to gift to engage and encourage children. Therefore I came up with some ideas which resulted in beneficial for me. I’m sharing them with you with a hope it will work out for you too.

Get them a pet

It’s not obligatory to always gift some material toys. The best gift that a child can get is a pet. Be it a puppy, kitten, parrot, or fish. Your kid will love to have it as a birthday present. On my boy’s seventh birthday, I got him a small budgie parrot. He stated that its the best ever present he received. Now he solely takes care of its feed and all. And I believe it is a good trick for parents to up-bring a responsible person.

Ticket to an even

Its cliche to celebrate a party with decorative balloons, confetti, and a happy birthday song. Next time do a little different. Surprise your child with a ticket to an event or place where he/she dreams of going and enjoys the most. Such as a theme park, a museum, an aquarium, or it could be a puppet show. You can also go to see your children’s favorite movie in HD.

Books are the best choice.

Gifting good books can develop an interest in reading, learn, and explore. This new generation is more into video games than bedtime stories. And it is our job to introduce the magic of books to our children. When I was a kid, the gift that I so wanted to receive on Christmas was the new edition of harry potter series.

Musical instrument

If your kid is into music and he wishes to have a guitar, piano, or flute, well, that a hint for you to gift it on his birthday or whatever occasion is coming. Also, getting him into music class will be a double treat.

Favorite food item

One sweet gift for your kid is to cook their favorite food, or you can also take them to their favorite restaurant. Kids love cookies. You can also get them a mini baking kit so they can join in while you’re baking.

New clothes

You can also gift your kids some cool clothes. A princess dress for your little princess, an awesome shirt of the favorite cartoon or movie character for your boy will be good options.

Renovation of their room

If you have a good budget, you can renovate kids’ room with new furniture, kids, themed wallpaper, and curtains. Also, you can just add more fun with some bean bags and cute cushions. Fairy lights and canopy over the bed will be fancying the atmosphere of the room.

Art & craft products

Your child loves to paint, color, or craft? Great because it will improve his or her creativity. So you can have new paints or coloring books, whatever your kids prefer. There are many varieties of art and craft supplies you can choose from. And kids will also be liked to get surprised with new stuff.

A trip

Plan a trip to your kid’s favorite place on a special day will be an ultimate gift. Memories are more special than material things. You can either take the kids to their grandparents’ house or somewhere, where they can have the most exciting things.

Subscription box

Subscription boxes are so much trending. You can subscribe one on a monthly basis for your kids. There are boxes with stationery, books, art supplies, and much more. You can get one as per your kids want.

Their favorite scents

Perfumes and scents are not only adults things. Your little one also deserves to have his favorite cologne. It is also a different gift for birthday, Christmas, or any occasion. And since there is a wide range in the market, you can easily buy the best one. Just make sure if you are gifting it to some other kid, it is not allergic.

A fancy bathrobes

Did you buy bath toys last year for your baby to encourage him to take a bath? Well, it will help you more if this time, you get a bathrobe. Am adorable bathrobe, such as one with bunny ears, will definitely something no one would have gifted.

Accessories they need

Take note if your kid’s headphones broke and Christmas is around the corner. New headphones, wrapped tidily in gift sheets with a sweet greetings card, will worth a pleasant gift. Other good options are; watch, hat, and glasses.

Sleeping Bag

If your kid enjoys night stays and sleep-over with friends, you can also get him a sleeping bag. Buy the one which is great for outdoor. So if the kid gets to go camping, the bag is all comfy and waterproof.

A cycle

A bicycle is always a winning gift. Either your kid is 2 years old or 12 years, getting a bicycle as a birthday or Christmas present is still delightful. Kids have to do real fun, and playing outside with bikes is far better than locking themselves in the room with video games.

Back to school gifts

School supplies and stationeries are good ways to encourage people when their new session starts in school. Kids love to enter into the new class with all the fresh stuff. New clothes, new shoes, new bag, lunchbox, water flask, even the stationery pouch. I practice this every year.

Though toys are wonderful gifts for kids, and they are not going to have more toys and play with them once they grow up. But it is also necessary to teach them that gifts never mean to be expensive or unusual. They intended to be special because we share memories through them.

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