Third-trimester catalog of non-baby related things

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I am sure you don’t want to spoil your early motherhood time by stressing out for the things you could have done earlier.

Therefore, to lessen the time of your postnatal adjustments and increase the enjoyment of motherhood, few things must be done before the baby arrives. And the third trimester is the best time to get yourself prepared for the upcoming challenges.

My experience of pregnancy and motherhood has taught me significant ways to face the issues arising soon after the baby birth. Hence, for you to have peaceful early motherhood days, I have made a catalogue of problems that can arise postnatal along with their solutions.

Don’t miss out these points to have a postnatal balance in your life.

Prepare yourself for the hospital stay

Although the weeks are counted, the induction of labour can occur anytime in the last month. Maybe you can get admitted to the hospital at your last appointment, or you can get in your labour just at the start of your 9th month. This sudden onset of hospital stay could be a problem if you didn’t prepare for it beforehand.

Prepare for your hospital visit a month earlier. Yes, you hear me, right! I made the same mistake in my first labour and faced numerous issues, but after that, I made sure to arrange my goodies and pack my bags in the 8th month. It gave me a sigh of relief and a much time to think of the things I’ll be needing in my hospital stay.

Labour bag essentials are one great example of the goodies you require at your labour hospital stay. 

Make up a relaxation plan

The one thing that you will miss after becoming a mother is a self-time. And believe me, this will be the last thing in your mind with all the excitement of the upcoming baby. You won’t even be thinking about it. But let me tell you the newborns enjoy good long hour naps. And that time will be yours; you will feel empty if you do not prepare for it.

Stock up on your favourite book series or get a Netflix subscription. Get some books subscription on your tab or phone. In between the chaos of motherhood, you will love to have some self-time entertainment sessions while your baby enjoys his sleep. You can have tips by giving a read to self-care for moms.

I love reading, so I got a few of the books of my favourite authors while my husband stock up on more video games. Well, it sounds funny now, but this will be the golden chance for you to relax. Find your interests and hobbies and be prepared with them before the baby arrives.

Prepare your postpartum care kit

Postpartum care requires a lot of essentials. Therefore prepare your kit earlier. Look out for the postpartum requirements and get them in your third trimester to avoid any distress at the required time.

I was wise enough to prepare my postpartum kits before delivery. It had lessened a considerable burden and make it easier for me to handle everything.

Backup your business and career

The time of your postpartum healing and maternity leave depends on you and the stabilization of your routine with your baby. It is not a matter of weeks; it requires months. Therefore, while adjusting your new routine with your baby and in between postpartum healing, avoid business or career backlash by getting a backup plan earlier.

If you are an employee, talk to your colleagues regarding workload and plan a schedule of your maternity leave period. Discuss with them and make the necessary arrangements before you leave.

If you own a business, then hire your substitute to manage the errands in the postpartum healing period. Or you can make the necessary arrangements by talking to your manager and set a routine.

By making prior arrangements, you won’t be facing a backlash in your career or business soon after your return from maternity period.

Plan your finances

In between the chaos of motherhood, there is a lot of chance that you can forget your bill payments and many other essential subscriptions that are needed to be done on time.

Other than the bill payments, your excitement of motherhood can lead you to extra shopping of already shopped things. Well, this irresponsibility will create a significant imbalance in your finance routine. And you may end up having problems in your essential finance management.

The simple solution is to automate your finance. Set your monthly bill payments to your debit card. In this way, you won’t have to worry about manual payments. You can even set plans for up to six months and separate your money for the automated payments every month.

For the shopping purpose, I made a planner for the things I need for the baby and things I wish to have for myself and the baby. The planner helped me to manage my finances, and I was even able to shop a lot of extra and useful things rather than stocking up on the same essentials every time.

I am pretty sure this will work for you as well. You can also have a look at money-saving tips for mommies, they have shared excellent advice for new mommies to help manage their finances efficiently.

Immaculate and sanitize your home

The newborns are more prone to germs and pollutants. And it may increase your worries and hassle of deep cleaning and sanitization because you want to provide a clean environment for your baby. But managing deep cleaning and sanitization along with a new life right beside you can be a challenging task.

The third trimester is the right time to make deep cleaning of your house. Manage it with a house help to avoid any pubic dysfunction pain. Clean your carpets, cabinets, bathrooms to be free of cleaning hassle after the baby arrives.

Give task of house sanitization to your husband in the last weeks so that the newborn can enter a new germ-free environment. In this way, your mind will be relaxed and out of cleaning thoughts. You will enjoy a great time with your baby without being worried about the sanitization and cleaning.

Care plan for the pet

Your pets require care, and you are providing efficient care to your pets up till now. But the shift of your priority curve can occur soon after the arrival of your baby. And unintentionally your pets can start feeling ignored and lonely.

The solution is to make all the necessary arrangements before your delivery. Make a veterinary clinic appointment and get the yearly procedures done. You need a plan for your pet care while you get stabilize with your new motherhood routine. Call a friend for help or give your pet for the time being to your neighbour.

I remember having a hard time with my pet at the time of my first baby. To get far away from this hassle, I made necessary arrangements during my 2nd and 3rd time of pregnancy and gave my pet to a friend for the time being.

Educate yourself about labour and breastfeeding

If you are someone experiencing pregnancy for the first time, then the anxiety of labour pain and delivery is quite real. Some of you may also get anxious about breastfeeding techniques and routines. Well. I won’t give you false hope, but these things are huge issues when it comes to the first time. You would suffer a lot if you didn’t get prepared for it.

Firstly, you need to be relaxed. Don’t get your mind overhyped with future thoughts about labour or breastfeeding. Just be relax and enjoy your pregnancy time. Everything will get in order in its particular time regardless of your anxiety. So be calm and keep your mind in a peaceful state.

Else there are numerous online courses available for labour/delivery and breastfeeding which you can benefit from in your last trimester. They will help you understand the procedure and eventually lower your anxiety.

Milkology has a fantastic course on breastfeeding, in case you would like to have one. For labour and delivery, I took this pulling curls course. No doubt, the course contains immense knowledge and information regarding the whole procedure. I got high confidence and relief from my anxiety after taking it in my last trimester of the first baby. I am sure if you are someone becoming a mother for the first time, this course will be a great help for you.

Give time to friends and family.

Soon after the baby arrives, your time and attention all will be diverted to the little creature. To make good memories, spend quality time with your friends and family as much as you can. Because making memories with the best people around is the best time to remember afterwards.

So before the responsibilities get a hold on you, cherish the beautiful moments as much as you can.

Meal strategy

I remember my first time while suffering from postpartum healing and adjusting to the new life routine. Grocery and meal preparation were the last thing to spend my remaining energy on. My husband and I often end up filling snacks in our stomach or ordering home delivery of food after the hectic daily routine. Although we both were okay with it, it kind of gets exhausting after a few days, and we needed proper meals to refresh our minds and bodies. 

During my second pregnancy, my husband got a meal box subscription for us for the postpartum time. Although I did not like the idea at first but believed me, it was lifesaving. It had saved us a lot of time and energy of meal planning and grocery shopping. And it had provided us with proper meals every time.

The thing I did in my last pregnancy is to stock up on the freezer items. As my husband and I were running low on our budget, and meal box subscriptions were quite pricey for us. The frozen items stock were also quite helpful, saved me a lot of time and energy. No extra efforts were needed, and meals were prepared in minimal time.

Therefore, plan your meal schedules, as you won’t be wanting your remaining energy and time to be spent in the kitchen. You can even prepare healthy freezer meals for breastfeeding and postpartum care.

Get some great meal ideas for your 1st month of postpartum from freezer meals for new moms.

Manage household

Managing a household with postpartum recovery is no easy task. And when you are new to motherhood, all your attention is diverted to the cute little creature, and you often forget about your health and household. And the problem arises when you start lacking something from your home and your health won’t allow you to manage.

I know you are a superwoman and can handle everything. But it is better to get prepared earlier for most of the things to be ready for the upcoming challenges along with motherhood.

Stock up your household essentials in the last trimester. It includes detergents, soap, sanitizers, shampoo, toilet paper, kitchen essentials along with grocery. By doing this in the last trimester, you will be free from the hassle for up to two months, and it is quite a significant relief.

Postpartum is a no joke. The body requires extra care after the nine months of pregnancy stress and birth difficulty. The body needs time and energy to recover. Have a look at postpartum essentials to be prepared for it.

My last words to you

Pregnancy and childbirth is a beautiful phenomenon in a woman’s life. And the motherhood is one great journey. To have a taste of its wonders and joy, it is significant to prepare for yourself earlier. Because along with the excitement and joy, there come significant life challenges with it as well. And I hope you wish to conquer those challenges by proving yourself a better mother and a better human being.

I wish you all the best for life’s most beautiful journey of motherhood.

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