Life hacks for moms

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Being a mom is a full-time job. It can be overwhelming, and it is a considerable adjustment in your life. We are here to help you come up with life hacks that are going to make your life as well as your baby’s life a lot easier for the day to day activities. 

These life hacks can help you through your baby years, toddler years, and even a bit older. No matter how old we get, we are always going to need our mommy!

Keep shoes in the car.

 Getting a toddler to put shoes on can be a struggle. If you keep a few pairs of shoes in the car, you can save time and let your child put their shoes on in the car on the way to your destination.

Place bins strategically

 This is a life hack that you can use for the rest of your life. Think about where you place your bins carefully. You want to save time and energy. So place bins in every room so that you can throw away things quickly. 

Have an everything box for your partner

 As a mom, you are continually worried about choking hazards. In the front room, you can place an everything box for you and your partner. In this box, you can place golf tees that are lying in his pocket or loose screws that might be lying around. This will reduce the amount of small stuff lying around the house. 

Create a daily priority list 

 It can be overwhelming when your baby comes into your life. Create a daily list that needs to be done so that you do not have to worry about what to remember or what you have forgotten about. Soon this list will become your daily routine. 

Put a fussy baby in the bath.

 A crying baby or toddler can be hard to calm down. Water is calming for children and can also be entertaining for them. A bath will help calm them and keep them occupied. Do not leave your child unattended in the bath. 

Save your Amazon boxes. 

 A box is like an imagination chamber for your child! Keep all your boxes so that your child can have a place to allow their imagination to grow and flourish. Your child can be taking off in their spaceship or flying their airplane while you cook or do some stuff around the house. 

Keep scissors in your diaper bag. 

 This is going to change your world! Keep a pair of scissors in your diaper bag. This is going to help you cut up your child’s food quickly when you are out and about. 

Keep snacks in your car. 

 We all get hungry once in a while, but we can wait it out until we get some food. Your kids will go from hungry to hangry in 3 seconds. Keep a few snacks in your car that you can give your child while you travel. 

Use chalk paint on your walls. 

 Kids like to express their creativity all the time! Drawing on the walls is something that all parents have to deal with. You can buy some chalk paint and paint a wall or two in the house. This will allow your child to draw on the walls, and you can simply wipe it off with ease. 

No such thing as too many bibs 

 There is no such thing as having too many bibs. You can keep some in your car, in the kitchen, baby bag and everywhere else you can think of. You can always use a bib to help keep your child and their clothes clean throughout the day. 

Don’t stress about cleaning out your car. 

 Before you were a mom, cleaning your car was part of your routine; however, now a car filled with shoes, extra clothes, and diapers is not a bad thing. You can always use some spare things in your car in case your child gets dirty. 

Star charts 

 We all loved the star charts as children, and now your kids can enjoy them too. Create a star chart or two to encourage your child to help out around the house. Once the star chart is complete, your child gets a present. 

We all need some help every once in a while. These life hacks are going to help you stay on top of things and enjoy being in the moment with your children instead of worrying about the small stuff. 

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