Indoor Activities at Home – For Toddler – Preschool – Elementary

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Keep Your Kids Entertained for Hours

Some days it feels as if our kids are racing through the activities that we have planned out for them. Instead of taking the while day, the activities seem to only last them for about an hour or two before they start screaming that they are bored and getting up to mischief. Here are some ideas for all age groups that are going to keep them entertained for hours on end.

Toddler Activities

Toddlers are a tricky bunch. Sometimes they have a lot of energy for a short amount of time and then want to sleep and other times seems like they can just go and go.

Toddler bowling

Who doesn’t love knocking things over and winning points for doing so? Set up an indoor bowling alley. Let the kids have fun knocking the pins over. If you do not have the bowling set, you can make it out of plastic bottles and find a ball that is lying around.

Sensory board games

This is an educational activity that you can do with your kids. Keep in mind that you can buy the sensory boards all over the show but if you do not want to buy one, and then you can make one. Get a piece of wood and glue, hammer and nail in some objects that will keep your kids busy for hours. If you do not want your child playing with wood then you can turn a pillow into a fidget pillow. Place eyes, zips, buttons and other objects on for your kids to play with.

Pretend camp

Turn your living room into a pretend camp site. Use flashlights and make yummy snacks. You can even do a sleepover with the whole family in the living room for that night.

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunts can keep the whole family busy for hours. All you need to do is hide a few items in the garden and around the house and let your kids have fun as they try to see who can find the most items.

Preschool Activities:

Preschool kids need a lot of guidance and supervision at this age. You can easy catch up on some you time while your kids do the activities below.

Life-size board games

Life-size chess is one of my family’s favourite things to do while we are on holiday. If you do not have these life size boards, get creative and use ordinary household items to create a life size board.

Pool noodle race track

This is going to keep your kids entertained as well as help them stay active during this worldwide lock down period. If you don’t have pool noodles then just use sticks that you find around the house.

Yarn maze

This is not going to be fun to clean up but turn a room in our house into a yarn maze. Your child can only win once she/he can get out the maze without touching the yarn.

Ice block treasure hunt

Make sure that when you give this to our child, you do this outside so that they can make a mess and get wet. Place cheap little toys in a bucket of water and freeze it. Your child is going to have to come up with ways to get the toys out of the ice.

Elementary Activities:

Your older children will be able keep themselves busy for longer periods of time. You are going to want to give them things to do so that they do not spend all their time on their electronics. These activities can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Pom-pom races

Pom-pom races will keep the family busy for hours. All you need to do is buy some pom-poms and have some straws. Create a start and finish line and let the players blow into the straw to move the pom-pom. First one to cross the finish line will win!

Obstacle course

You can build an obstacle course in your backyard to keep everyone active. Use things you have lying around the house and garden to create the obstacle course. Make sure that there are things to jump over, crawl through and changes directions to keep things interesting.

Make and fly kites

This activity is to bring in something from our parents childhood. Build your own kite and fly it in your backyard. Make it as colourful as possible and do not forget to add your ribbons!

Keeping your whole family busy and not bored can be a tricky thing for a parent to do. Now you have some ideas to keep the whole family busy and the nice thing about the ideas above is that everyone can join in and can turn these into family bonding times.

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