Ice Skating Party Favor Ideas

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How to organise an ice-skating themed party

The fact that your child’s birthday falls during the winter should only make the celebration more fun.

A “birthday on the Ice” or “Ice-skating party” is easy to plan, and above all, it helps your Children Exercise. Boys and Girls of all ages would love this party. Who doesn’t enjoy ice-skating?

It is a common excuse to hear parents complain that not all guests can skate. But it is merely an excuse to get better at skating because there are professionals ready to teach whoever is willing to learn.

How to Organise an Ice-skating Themed Party

The first thing to consider when organizing an Ice-skating party is the venue. Depending on your location, you should make inquiries on the availability of the ice-skating rinks near you. When you have secured a date and a place, the invitation cards are the next thing.


Decorations are a great way to tell your guests they are in the right place. It affects their mood positively when you decorate the skating rink. Here are some ideas;

Skating Themed Balloons

These skating balloons have skating blades printed on both sides of the balloons. You can strategically position these balloons in the area your guests would be or where the food is being served.

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Ice Skating Birthday Party Supplies Set

A pack of this set can entertain up to 16 guests. It contains 16 Paper Plates, 16 9oz Paper Cups, and 16 Napkins.

It creates a fun environment for the guests seeing that everything matches the theme of the party.

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Happy Birthday Banner

Whatever banner you choose, make sure it resonates with the theme of the birthday. It would create a unique experience. But a banner for an ice-skating party could be white, blue, or pink. It all depends on what your kid wants.

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  • You can use an iced lake or pond near you if rent a skating rink would be expensive.
  • Ensure that there is a professional around.
  • You can use the private room for serving food, opening gifts, or cutting cakes.
  • Make sure everyone’s skates fit well.
  • Ensure that your guests come with a parent or guardian.
  • Let beginners stay in the areas meant for beginners.
  • Play music while the kids skate.
  • Serve hot-chocolate because of the cold.
  • Snow-shaped cookies would be cute.
  • Play Ice-skating Games with the Children.
  • Get Ice-skating themed cakes.
  • Make a photo booth with these Prop Kits
  • Remember to have fun.


Down to the part that makes many Ice-skating party organizers confused—Party Favors. We understand that people get confused, so we decide to help. Here are some of the best ice-skating themed party favors;

  1. Assorted Magnetic Ice Cream Cone Writing Pens

An ice cream pen would be an instant hit among your guests because who doesn’t love Ice cream? This product is excellent for Ages 3 and above. It comes in a pack of 12 pens. So, you can share it according to the number of guests you have.

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Warm Magic Gloves

Because it is winter, everyone would appreciate this gift. They come in a pack of 12 and are suitable for boys and girls.

These are stretchy and knitted to give you the most comfortable feeling. Your guests can wear this when they go camping, traveling, take a school commuting, have a stage performance, etc.

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Ice Skate Pulls

Boys and Girls can use this product. These ice skate designed keyholders are an essential addition to your party favors.

A pack comes with 72 of these bad boys. So, you can distribute them 2 to each person. It’s all your choice.

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Snowflake Stamps

The kids would love these snowflake stamps as they express their creativity. A pack comes with 24 stamps. We love this product because it can serve as a Christmas gift and a party favor.

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Super Z Outlet Tie-Dye Camouflage Drawstring Bags

We love this product because of how stylish it is. It has a tie-dye design that catches the eye every time.

A pack comes with 12 bags, letting you use them as storage units for the party favors.

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Ice Skating-Themed Thank-you Sticker

Say ‘thank you’ the old fashion way. This item is perfect for those using plain nylon to wrap their goodie bag. You can stick this message on it.

This product comes with 40 stickers, and they render your message.

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I aim to make everything perfect for you. Like our Dinosaur themed party {insert link}, Bowling themed party {insert link}, and Pool party {insert link}. We all suggested a themed based invitation. Yours shouldn’t be any different. Here are some Ice-skating Invitation Card ideas you can use.

Snowman Ice Skating Birthday Party Invitations

This invitation card was designed by a Mom too. A pack comes with 20 invitations and a white envelope.

The craftmanship on this card is off the charts. We highly recommend this product.

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Ice Skating Birthday Party Invitations for Boys

This card is another perfectly designed product by the same Mum. You get a space to signify the date, location, and time of the event.

It comes with 20 cards and 20 white envelopes.

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Winter Ice Skating Birthday Party Invitations for Girls

It’s only fair to point out that all the Invitation cards are from the same Manufacturer—Amanda Creation

This product was designed with Girls in mind.

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Ice Skating Invitations for Birthday Parties

This product from Koko Papers is the perfect Invitation card for the female guests. A pack comes with 25 cards designed with Pink, Turquoise, and Light Blue design with Skates, Snowflakes, and Chevron Stripes that your guests would love.

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