The More you Hug your Kids, the More Their Brain Develops

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Love can work in different ways to please children. For physical development and positive development in emotions, affection, and respect are critical factors for human beings as humans were born to love and care. There is a great feeling when a person hugs you, or you are embracing the person that creates a mutual sense of love and care. and it is also helpful in creating beautiful relationship either it can be between partners or children and this mutual feeling is a secret ingredient for living a longer life because it brings joy in life and it is also very beneficial in another ways. It helps in development of your children with sense of responsibility.

Oxytocin’s Role in the process

The pituitary gland secretes which produce by oxytocin, which is a hormone. It is a neurotransmitter that is the production of pituitary gland emits and the hypothalamus. In 1906 scientists found and observe that in the process of childbirth in mammals, oxytocin acts as a catalyst, which stimulates lactation and uterine contractions. It affects bonding and social interaction with people as studies find that it has a more significant role in the promotion of bonding and social interaction.

According to Psychology, oxytocin is a catalyst for creating a bond between people having same characteristics.

In both male & female, oxytocin is present, and its primary function is to stimulate all reproduction process from the start with sexual arousal and trust. It helps boost pleasure and feel content that forms the basis for psychology regarding bonding with very close with people.

Oxytocin increases the level of trust that maintains a relationship with people for long time and also creating feeling of mutual understanding.

Social Animals as Humans

There is difference between animals and humans as humans love to live together. For our survival, social interaction is necessary for us. Depression and other diseases came when we start to live socially isolate with other people.

There is a beautiful circle of attachment and love in which humans fall in love; then, the child is born from their intercourse; they nourish child with affection & love, & then process continues.
There are emotional and physiological manifestations that create bonding, and the attraction between human beings that assist in reproducing. It is very helpful to nourish children and also help in regulating their emotions with love and care that will bring good feeling and create understanding between two people.

For the development of the brain, oxytocin is the most powerful element for humans. In the pituitary gland, it plays an affirmative role in the formation of the blood vessel, which assists in controlling several issues and aspects like reproduction, stress, and growth of human beings.

Satisfaction for child and parents in hugging

Parents have endless concerns, and they are busy in their lives as earning bread and butter for family, but we all need to give time to our children and hug them with love. Various studies show that skin to skin has benefits for toddlers.

The benefits of hugging for toddlers

1.     It makes them feel good

There is no doubt that hugging makes you feel good. It is a perfect medicine to eliminate any pain that comes from depression or sadness. Hugs are functional medicine because when we feel happy or joy, we love to give a hug that brings good vibes. According to research, there are certain benefits of hugging a child as hugging for 20 seconds can assist the child in growing smart, happy, healthy, and close to parents.

Hugging is an important element to feel good, and there is no doubt about it. It is important for the medicine to feel good when humans are sad.

There are specific facts about hugging, which are:

2.     Smartness brought from hugging

According to research, when a child receives a minimum of 20 minutes of contact per day, they score high in assessments related to development. But not every touch needs to benefit the child. Hugging is an only vital element in boosting development in children and develop the brain with capabilities to learn and grow.

In research in eastern Europe, orphanage babies do not care about love. They spend 23 hours a day in their cords.  There is minimum human interaction, and they fed with propelled bottles of milk. However, the children face many issues like incomplete development of pairing.

3.     Kids grow by hug

Normal intake of nutrients will not help in growing children if we do not provide them with a touch of affection and kindness. The children suffer from failure and thrive to succeed.  The growth resume when they got any gentle touch, such as hugging.

Humans hug to release oxytocin, which is a hormone for love. There are many essential aspects of oxytocin, and growth simulation is one of them. As per research, hugging is an essential element in boosting oxytocin because there are several hormones of growth release after an increase in oxytocin, like nerve growth factors and insulin-like growth factors, which increase proportionally. They grow equally by a little touch of a hug and enhance the growth of the child.

4.     Hug keeps kids healthy and strong

Hugs are an important element for health. They increase the oxytocin level, which helps the immune system to become strong. It lowers thyroid hormones’ plasma levels which heal wound fast. Hugging is a strong element to keep the nervous system calm; it relieves anxiety and reduces stress. Hug releases oxytocin, which is the hormone of feeling good. It lowers the stress level of hormone and also lower effects of anxiety side by side. Hugging is like stepping on the brake while releasing the gas pedal of the car.

5.     The antidote for Tantrum and Temper

Hugs are the antidote for children’s emotional quotient. They are calm by a hug, which helps them throwing their temper and tantrum. Although, parents think that hugging a child will assist him/ her in nourishing lousy behavior, which is not permissible.

The regulations of emotion are similar to a car, just like brake and gas pedal works differently to control the car’s speed. The calming branch and arousal branch in our nervous system works differently in controlling emotions.

When a child is crying, the calming branch is not fully active, but the arousal branch is fully functioning. It is just like you are not applying the brake, but you are pressing the gas pedal. It will result in brake failure of the car.

The runaway car exactly has the same scenario as children in a tantrum. When the calming branch is not engaged, then the arousal branch is very active.

It is very similar to car as it has all the mechanism that match with the child’s emotions and they need to cater all requirements. So when the child disobeys parents, he is going in the wrong direction, and he/she needs your attention, so it is better to rescue them by stopping the car and talk with them. All they need is love and care.

A hug helps in avoiding an emotional crash. A hug is a vital element to save a child throwing tantrums or losing control of emotions. It is essential to save children and discuss issues with them and gently hug them to boost their capability.

6.     Definite Kids shape by hugging

At the time of birth, the nervous system of the child is not secure, and they are helpless in regulating emotions by themselves. It is the reason they have a hard time controlling their emotions.

At the time of stress, cortisol release at a high level, which circulates in the brain and the entire body. The stress hormone will create an impact in the mind of a child that will increase the inability to regulate their emotions as they left for a long time. It affects both mentally and physically.

As per research, the greater exposure to hormones will affect the memory of the child, and it will compromise the immune system of children. It will result in depression during the growth of a child.

Oxytocin release when we hug the child, and it lowers the hormone of stress and helps in the prevention of terrible effects. When we embrace the child, the oxytocin acts as a catalyst in regulating emotions.

7.     Give and Take Lesson

It is tough for children to understand the importance of sharing and giving their toys can create joy in some one’s life then the hug establishes emotional ability to indulge with each other. There are certain circumstances that a child doesn’t want a hug, so you do not need to be sad, and you can give a hug some additional time. A hug is an act to provide someone with something while others will receive that particular thing. It brings both people on the same line.

8.     Making Body Immunity Strong

It is not alternative medicine but a medical fact that the pattern of hug affects the entire immune system. When human beings hug, they are exerting pressure on the sternum and the force, which stimulates the gland in the same location.

The gland is required to maintain the level of white and red cells of blood which are flowing internally and also serve as a protection shield from any sort of disease and infection.

So these are the significant aspects of hugging that human beings should know so that they should embrace each other.

9.     Happiness comes in kids from the hug

A hug helps in enhancing self-esteem and increasing confidence. It creates bonding between children and parents Hugs reduce fear, improves the relationship, and build trust.

Hugging has numerous benefits, and the autonomy of the body is significant. We need to teach kids how to handle uncomfortable situations and refuse hugs in such cases.


Hugging is a way to express that you care and love. Kids repeat what they experience. Teaching them little acts of kindness is super beneficial to carve their personalities. Make a routine to kiss and hug your children daily when they leave for school when they come home and at their bedtime. And also teach them to hug their friends when they are sad. What you teach them today is what they will teach others.

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