How to Survive the First Week with a Newborn

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Coming back to your home after the childbirth can be an emotional feeling for a mother. At least I became emotional when I gave birth to my first child. Many mothers have no idea that how they should behave after giving birth.

They find it difficult to adjust their routines with the newborn child. Many of the mothers also start to mess up the things in case of a lack of guidance.

I have listed down some things for you, which helped me a lot to survive my week with my child, and they will help you too.

Prepare your meals in advance:

Having the meals for the whole week in advance is never a bad idea. I did the same thing and prepared the meals for the entire week beforehand.

It helped me a lot as I did not have to prepare daily meals with the newborn child. But make sure that you take proper care of your diet as you have to eat special meals in your initial days. Avoid consuming junk food or meals having no nutrition.

Never reject the offers of help:

One of the biggest mistakes which new mothers make is rejecting the helping hands of other people. When I became a first-time mother, I refused the help of a couple of people because I was too shy to take it.

However, now I realize that I should have taken those helps. I will recommend every mother to never reject the help of someone because of shyness. It will significantly reduce your burden, and you will feel good.

Keep visitors to a minimum:

Nothing creates more mess than having a house full of visitors in the initial days of the baby. When I first became a mother, I had this experience, and almost everyone rushed into my house.

I had no idea back then that having a house full of visitors will make a house messy. Newborn also cry more in the congested environment, so you will have to struggle more with the care of the baby and visitors.

One of my friends told me that she kept the visitors to a minimum, and she organized everything well. She took all the greeting on the phone, and it was easy for her to manage things this way.

Try to keep your visitors to a minimum and you will feel the difference.s

Share your load with your partner:

Sharing your load with your partner is the best thing that you can do as a new mother. When my pregnancy was in the last stage, I discussed with my partner that we would share the work.

He instantly agreed with me, and he took all the responsibility of the household work. So, you should also try to discuss with your partner before the childbirth, and your partners will help you in this thins. After all, he will also be excited to be the father.

Adjust your sleeping patterns with the newborn:

When you have a newborn in your lap, it becomes difficult for you to find time for your sleep. The best thing which you can do is to adjust your sleeping patterns with your newborn child.

So, whenever your child sleeps, you should also try to sleep. In this way, you will be able to have a sound sleep.

Always remember that without a sound sleep, you will have extreme mood swings and other mental health issues, which are neither good for you nor your child.

Learn how to improve the sleeping habits of you children.

Observe the signs of the newborn child:

Observing the signs of a newborn child can be a challenging thing. If you have become a mom for the first time, you will have to struggle to observe those signs.

For example, whenever your child is putting his thumb in the mouth, it could mean that he is feeling hungry. When you observe these signs, you will realize that that half of your burden will be reduced, and you will get to know your child better.

Keep yourself calm:

Keeping yourself calm is one of the toughest things to do with a newborn child. If you have no experience in children breeding, you will be tensed in almost everything.

Remember, a tensed brain will never be able to breed the child properly, and it will directly affect the mental health of your child.

Try to ignore every negative thing and make sure to forgive those who make mistakes. Gaining mental peace should be your priority, and you will find out how much it will help you later on.

So, keeping your calm is the key to be happy

Take pictures and make your time memorable:

Always remember that you won’t get this time back. Make memories and make your time pleasant. Taking pictures will help you to keep yourself diverted from negative things.

Never miss the daily selfie with your newborn child as you will cherish these things later. Your child will also feel nostalgic when he/she will see these pictures later.

Eat healthy:

Many moms do not take care of their health after their delivery. I also made the same mistake once. Always remember that you should rely on fruits more than anything else.

Fruits will keep you energetic, and it will take good care of your body. Consulting your doctor for a diet plan is also a good idea.

I also asked my doctor who gave me a diet plan in printed form, which helped me maintain my health in the initial days.

These diets will help you to keep yourself healthy.

Swaddle your baby:

Babies love swaddling, and they enjoy it. The newborn babies get a great feeling when you swaddle them, and they love it. But always remember that swaddle the baby in the blanket only if you know about it.

Their soft skins can also get rashes quickly if you do not do it properly. You can also ask your doctor some of the swaddling techniques, and you will be more than happy to learn the new methods.

I also tried a few swaddles, and this comes out to be my favorite swaddle. I absolutely love this idea because my child is comfortable with it.

Learn new baby hacks:

Congratulation! You are a mom now. It’s time to learn some new baby hacks which will help you in the upbringing of the newborn child.

You have to learn the things which make your newborn child happy. For example, your baby may feel satisfied when he sees some specific faces. Try to make him happy by making those faces.

Similarly, he may feel more energetic by some specific gestures. You can also do that to make him energetic. Remember, your child’s mental health should be your top priority in his initial days, as these days are crucial for him. You can learn some amazing hacks here.

Prepare to breastfeeding:

If you just became a first-time mom, breastfeeding can hurt you. It may not come naturally to you. Do not worry about these situations as everyone faces this.

I also faced the same situation until my friend told me that it was natural. Your baby has no idea of breastfeeding, so he may put you in trouble while doing it.

Both of you need some time to adjust to each other. You should also try to learn some breastfeeding hacks.

Never forget to have a daily shower:

When you are in the last stages of your pregnancy, you may feel that taking a daily shower after your childbirth is not a big deal.

However, when you become a new mom, taking showers can become a difficult task. At least I never preferred to leave my infant alone for even a second. But then I found a hack, and I used to get a daily shower when my baby used to sleep.

It kept me fresh and motivated, and I felt more energetic after taking a shower. I will recommend every mom to follow this, and you will find out that how helpful this tip is.

Make a daily schedule and follow it strictly:

Making a daily schedule is very important when you get a newborn child. Never deny the importance of a written schedule. It helped me like other mothers, and I bet you that it will also help you much. But when you make a schedule, do follow it because otherwise it will be inefficient.

Keep your house in order:

When you get a newborn child, you don’t get enough time to keep your house in order. But believe me, it is the must thing to do to remain calm and focused.

Try to create as little mess as possible. Also, make sure to organize the house at a time when your child is sleeping. It will help you to become more productive, and the messy home will not make you worry.

Do things in your own way:

Always make sure that you do things in a way that suits you best. There are thousands of tips out there, and acting upon all of them can make things messy.

I always had my strategy to cope with my newborn child’s issue, which helped me a lot. Remember, if none of the tips work for you, always make your own strategy, and it will surely work in your way.

Keep baby’s supplies organized:

Nothing makes you more worried than the unorganized stuff of your baby. Are you concerned about the clothes and other belongings of your baby?

Well, you don’t have to worry about it more. Whenever I faced the same situation, I used to buy a basket and put the child’s clothes in that basket.

In this way, I kept the child’s stuff organized. I also had a small wardrobe for placing the child’s shoes, socks, and blankets in it. In this way, I kept my room clear and I would also recommend you to do the same.

Take time for yourself:

When you become a new mother, sometimes you feel frustrated. Because if you do not plan it, your routine will be disturbed. It is your responsibility to take some time for yourself out of your busy schedule. Some of the things which you can do to keep yourself focused, motivated, and calm are as follow.

  • Never ignore proper mediation
  • Yoga
  • Daily exercises
  • Listening Music
  • Watching your favorite TV show
  • Reading your favorite book

Remember, maintaining yourself healthy in this phase is a big challenge that most of the mothers ignored. These things helped me much, and I am sure they will help you too.

Hire a professional Postpartum Doulas:

More and more mothers are hiring postpartum doulas today. When I became the mother for the first time, I also hired one, and she was so encouraging that I forgot half of my worries.

I always encourage moms, especially those having the first child to hire them. They will support you emotionally, physically, and will fill all the necessary gaps.

She will also assist you in breastfeeding and take good care of your newborn when you have to do other work.

Never speak loud in front of the child:

Your newborn can get disturbed by little things. One of the important things to note is that you should never speak loud in front of your child.

It impacts their mind directly. When I became a mother, my friend showed me research, which suggested that speaking loud in front of your children will weaken their minds. They will grow as intolerable, and this would be the last thing you would expect from your child.

Ask your partner too to cooperate because your child’s mental health is important than anything else.

Take care of your baby’s diet:

Your baby’s food in the initial day of his birth is vital. You have to make sure that you properly breastfeed him. You should never try to make them eat any other thing.

Remember, they have no teethes, and they cannot eat anything. Milk is all they need, and it will help them to get enough nutrition. So, always make sure that you just feed him the things recommended by your doctors.

Whenever you become mom, you have a new set of responsibilities. This phase is entirely different from the pregnancy phase, and you will have to face different challenges. All of the things mentioned above helped me a lot when I first became a mother, and if you follow them, they will help you too.

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