Gorgeous Gender Neutral Baby Nursery Ideas

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Many people look forward to having a gender-neutral nursery for their baby. Reason can be different for everyone. Some want to keep the baby’s gender a surprise. Some wish to break gender stereotypes. Some will be expecting twins, and others want their kids to share the room.

Whatever the reason, nurseries unspecific to any gender are a thing.

Are you looking for the possibility of the gender-neutral nursery? Then let us ensure you will get the best ideas here. Below are the top ideas that will work for a baby girl and just as well for the baby boy.

Light Colors with White Background:

White is always safe. A hint of yellow, peach, or green with white will make for a great nursery. Like you see in the image, how the room looks light, lovely, and peaceful. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, this will look lovely for both.

Baby Shades of Grey:

Perhaps one can never go wrong with a grey theme. Grey is beautiful, neutral, and aesthetically pleasing. It gives you a calm and soothing vibe that both the mother and baby need.

Hardwood Flooring:

Hardwood flooring will make quite a place for both girls and boys. Such floors are never associated with any gender or age as they work for all. You can select the furniture in a neutral color to compliment your wood flooring.

Colorful and Beautiful:

This mother played safe by designing the nursery with all colors.

How else is a nursey supposed to look like if not colorful? Just make sure you don’t overdo the nursery. Keep a good balance with the colors. Make the nursery look decent and subtle.

White Walls with Linoleum Flooring:

Lino flooring with any design of your choice is a great idea for a baby nursery. This idea especially works if you don’t know the baby’s gender or you want to play neutral. 

Nurseries Based on Dino Themes:

Babies find Dinosaurs and Tigers very fascinating. We thought it would be good if the nursery is based on such animals. Also, this option fits for a gender-neutral nursery.

Wall Decals and Wallpapers:

If you don’t want to associate the baby’s nursery with any gender, go for this idea. Select wallpaper with cute and decent graphics. Then add wall Decals based on kid’s theme. You can use decals of numbers, letters, or even cartoons.

Blues and Pinks Together:

How about you use both blue and pink in the nursery just like this picture shows? When you give anything a hint of blue and pink, it is no longer associated with one gender. Also, blue and pink make a great combination.

Dark Walls and Rug:

The nursery in the picture looks bold and beautiful. If you like yours to be the same, choose a dark shade. Paint the most visible wall with that and buy a matching rug. You can keep the furniture and other walls white or any light color.

Good Jungle Nursery:

You want to keep it natural and neutral? Well, go for a wild theme. Desing the walls that it gives a forest vibe. Choose wood flooring or a brown carpet. Fill the nursery with stuffed toys of animals. 

Black and White:

A black and white theme is probably your safest option when it comes to gender-neutral nurseries. Paint the walls white with details of black. Design the furniture in the same way and get a predominantly black rug.

Night themed Gender Neutral Nursery:

A night themed wallpaper with stars and moons is not related to any gender. You can go with this classic look for your nursery. It is perfect for both boys and girls.

Modern Nurseries:

If you don’t want a nursery to look entirely kiddish, we get you. You can go for this theme, where the nursery is just an extension of your house theme. There is nothing extra in the picture above. Just a baby crib with modern style furniture unrelated to any gender.

Gender Neutral Navy:

Navy is the new charm unrelated to any color. In fact, it is unspecific for any age too. Design your baby’s nursery with navy blue to give it an elegant look.

Keep it, Natural:

If you are a nature lover, this way of designing the nursery is perfect. The flooring should be the imitation of the earth floor. The walls and furniture should represent natural wood. Introduce flashes of green to make the room pleasing. 

A Classy, Vintage Nursery:

Many of us love vintage themes and want to design our houses the same way. If you are someone who is attracted to classic looks, then this nursery idea is for you.

Pastels and Furs:


Pastel colors are cool and soothing. If you are worried that choosing a pastel color will make it specific to one gender, then here’s a solution. Throw in fur pillows and rugs of dark shades. Keep the dark shades in the furniture too as the paint will be light. This combination will not make the nursery specific to one gender.

Music Themed Nursery:


A musical nursery is a great idea because you can never associate one gender with it. To make this idea work, you should paint the walls with a neutral color. Next, select wall stickers picturing musical instruments and symbols.

We loved compiling these ideas for you. We hope you enjoyed them as much while reading. We think these ideas are complete on their own. But we also believe in creativity. You can pick any one of these ideas and make it more brilliant with your imagination.

We wish you all the luck in your journey of parenthood. Take good care of yourself and your baby.


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