Girls Easter Basket Ideas (Baby Girl, toddler, and Kids)

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Choosing a gift is a tricky task. 

But choosing a gift for your little girl is even more tricky. That’s because you want the best for her. 

Secondly, you must also be considerate of your budget.

Thirdly, you should also keep the likes and dislikes of your baby girl in mind. 

That’s a lot of work at your part.

That’s why we have collected some great Easter basket ideas for babies, especially for your baby girl. So, you can sit back and relax. 

Easter basket ideas for baby girl (0 – 1 year)

1. Teething toys

Teething is quite a milestone in a baby’s life. It is painful, as well.

If your baby is near to teething, then get him a teething toy. 

A themed teething toy will help to keep your baby distracted. It is one of the great Easter basket ideas for toddlers.

You can gift her a Dinosaur’s egg-shaped teether. It is not only comfortable to hold, but it will also help calm the baby’s swollen gums. 

2. Rattle ball

No baby Easter basket is complete without rattles.

Babies love to make noise.

A ball rattle will have a ball inside.

Whenever your baby girl shakes the rattle, the ball will also move. 

3. Baby food treats

A baby younger than one year doesn’t have much food choices.

You can include whatever food items a one-year-old can is allowed to have in your Easter basket. 

4. Baby pull-along toys

Babies at the end of their first year are just learning to walk. 

You can gift the soon-to-walk babies a pull along toy. 

These toys will tempt your baby to walk over and over again.

In this way, your baby will learn walking and enjoy as well.

Make sure the pull-along toys are safe and attractive. 

Easter basket ideas for toddler (Girls 1 – 3 years)

1. Find and match Easter egg toy

Considering the occasion of Easter, what could better fill an Easter basket other than eggs?

Girls love to play with find and match toys. 

The toys set comes with eggs and their cover, all in a variety of colours. 

This toy will promote the STEM development of your baby girl.

So, who wouldn’t want their babies to have a healthy brain development while playing?

2. Play-doh

Let your baby girls’ imagination run wild and gift her a play-doh set. 

Watch her create cute little creations out of the play-doh.

The best thing is that she can recreate things whenever she gets bored with the old ones.

3. Crayons

Kids whether they are artsy or not, love to mess around with pencils in their hand.

If you don’t mind a little mess at the host of your baby girl’s joy, then you can buy her a pack of crayons. 

Crayons can fill up your basket quite well. So, it is great for baby girl Easter baskets. It will also fit your budget as it is quite cheap.

Make sure the crayons are non-toxic.

Easter basket ideas for Kids (Girls 3 to 12 years)

1. Dollhouse set

Girls and dolls go hand in hand.

I don’t think there’ll be many girls who don’t like dolls.

Then what could make a girl happier than a dollhouse set?

She will feel like the dollhouse is her little kingdom. She can do whatever she wants in that house. 

A themed dollhouse is even better. Girls these days are crazy over Frozen-themed dollhouses. 

2. Lip gloss/balm

Girls of school-going age love it when they have cute pieces of cosmetics.

An age-appropriate cosmetic gift for your baby girl can be a lip balm or lip gloss. 

You don’t have to worry about your girl lacking behind in fashion. And you also don’t have to worry about giving her age-inappropriate cosmetics under societal pressure. 

3. Personalized jewelry

Jewelry is a girls’ best friend.

And a little touch of personalization never hurts. 

Gift a personalized jewelry item to your girl and watch her get all excited. 

You can even get matching mother-daughter necklace sets. 

4. Statement water bottle

School going girls love to have cute items in their bag. 

A cute addition can be a statement water bottle.

Kids these days are going crazy over the statement glass water bottles.

Surprise your girl by gifting her the water bottle that is all over the trends these days. 

5. Unicorn Easter basket

Finally, you can gift her a basket filled with all sorts of unicorn themed stuff.

Unicorn themed stuff is the new trend in town.

Be assured that your little girl will love all the Unicorn stuff.

Some things that you can add in a Unicorn Easter basket are:

  • Pencil cases
  • Water bottle
  • Hair accessories
  • T-shirt

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