Gifts and toys for 3-year-old girls

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When baby girls get older, they become picky in terms of everything!

Either it is food, their clothes or toys. They demand things that are more realistic with additional features.

That’s why I am writing this for YOU!

Here, I will help you to select the perfect gift for a 3 year old baby girl, either she is your daughter, niece, sister, or from an acquaintance.

Before you select a gift for the little princess, have a little knowledge about her preferences, interest so you can buy the perfect present for her.

1. Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set

This is such an exciting gift box for a 3 years old baby girl.

As baby girls grow, they see their moms all adorning themselves with jewelry. And at times, they intrude into jewelry boxes.

If your daughter does the same, it’s time for you to get her this Necklace Activity Set!

Your daughter will love it, and this will also bring out her creativity.

Sound’s Good let’s proceed.


  • 5 rubber character charms
  • 5 silicon necklace wires
  • Multicolor beads
  • Plastic carry case

Reasons to like it

  • Never-ending fun and creativity
  • Your daughter gets to wear the jewelry she made
  • Plastic carry case stores everything neatly
  • Develops fine motor skills

Reasons not to like it

  • Choking hazards

2. My First Foam Pogo Jumper

Like all other naughty children, if your toddler baby is also fond of jumping on bed and sofa, don’t scold her.

Instead, get her this fun Pogo Stick!

So she can invest her energy in jumping high up and down on the ground. Not only will she quit the habit of jumping on the furniture, but also hopping on this pogo stick will help in her growth.


  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Safe and Fun jumping
  • Attractive color
  • Balancing stick
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Supports up to 250 lbs
  • Built-in squeaker

Reasons to like it

  • Kids utilize their energy the right way
  • Train your girl to maintain balance
  • Children can play with it indoor as well as outdoor
  • Helps to develop gross motor skills

Reasons not to like it

  • Not suitable for uneven surface
  • Squeaker cannot be turned off

3. Shimmer N Splash Mermaid

All little girls have an obsession with dolls.

You fill up their room with different kinds of dolls, yet there will be enough space for more.

Well, there is no harm gifting babies dolls.

Sometimes they want to take their doll everywhere, even while bathing. And not every doll is suitable for water play.

So here is the perfect doll with which your daughter can play in and out of water. And the best thing is that she can transform her doll into a mermaid Amazing Nah!


  • A doll that transforms into a mermaid
  • A bottle to feed her
  • A diaper to change her

Reasons to like it

  • It is cute and handy
  • Girls can take it to pool picnics
  • Can become a baby doll and a mermaid with the switch of the skirt

Reasons not to like it

  • Not cuddly
  • Not suitable to play in salt water, i.e., beach

4. Musical Rainbow Tea Set

Do you want to teach your children manners? and sharing?

Then this adorable tea set is a perfect choice for them!

2 girls can easily play with it at a time. It makes them share and communicate on a cup of tea. Also, they will learn about different colors and tastes.

The pouring sound of tea is so realistic and fun that it will cheer your babies, and they can pretend better to have a tea party with friends. Well maybe sometimes they invite you as well.


  • Teapot lights up in 6 colors and plays 7 tea-time songs
  • 6 colorful cake pieces
  • Tea pouring sound
  • Two teacups

Reasons to like it

  • Girls learn to share
  • It introduces them to guest serving manners
  • Teach them different tastes and colors

Reasons not to like it

  • Needs battery for the teapot music
  • Only two teacups

5. Radio Flyer Pink Rider

Kids love to ride cycles, and cycling is the favorite part of their childhood.

So why not get your baby a cycle of her dream?

Since it is difficult for a 3 year old to ride a bicycle, this Radio Flyer Pink Rider is here to give her a memorable experience of cycling on three wheels with a storage box in which she can keep her toys and snacks.


  • Storage bin with cover
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Comfort grip handles
  • Adjustable seat that grows with your child
  • Easy paddles

Reasons to like it

  • Easy to ride for baby girls
  • Quality material
  • Attractive colors

Reasons not to like it

  • Only suitable for girls with a tall height, age doesn’t matter
  • There is no bell

6. Aqua Magic Mat – Kids Painting Writing Doodle Board Toy

This magic mat is the coolest innovation in toyland!

Kids who love to doodle and they ruin walls get this full-sized mat just to draw.

Let your girl bring her inner artist out!

The best feature of this magical mat is that it is reusable. Whatever your baby draws on, it will disappear as soon as the rug gets dry, and up to 6 children can play on it.


  • 60″ x 40″ size doodle mat
  • 6 magic pens
  • 8 drawing molds
  • 4 drawing templates
  • 1 drawing booklet
  • 1 roller stamp set

Reasons to like it

  • Reuseable
  • No ink, no paint
  • Non-toxic
  • Hand-eye coordination skills
  • Develops imagination
  • Folds to compact
  • The drawing automatically disappears after 3-10 minutes

Reasons not to like it

  • To draw again, your child will need to wait until the mat gets dry.

7. 8-Piece Girls Pretend Play Purse

So your little girl has this bad habit of intruding into her mama’s purse?

Well you can get rid of that habit?

So here I am sharing you an idea of providing her this Pretend Play Purse.

Toddler girls like to copy their mother and they demand everything their mom has. This play purse will have all the things a lady carries in her bag. Gift this cute purse to your daughter or niece so she wouldn’t have to take her mother’s belongings.


  • An adorable purse
  • Real hairbrush
  • Toy smartphone
  • Fake cosmetic: lipstick and blush with puff
  • Toy credit card
  • Car keys with real sound

Reasons to like it

  • Enough space to keep toys in it
  • Pure girly
  • Realistic things

Reasons not to like it

  • Does not promotes creativity
  • Encourages girls toward fashion rather than originality

Winner Toy Gift

Best Gift Reason  
Aqua Magic Mat Kids can draw on it without using any inked markers, sharpen able pencil colors, or paints. Plus, it is reusable, and 6 kids can play on it together. It will also help them to increase their coordination skills and drawing skills.


As our baby grows, you need to take care of her more than you used to do when she was an infant. As age 2-5 is the period, their mind develops.

In order to shape her mind with creative ideas, positivity, and knowledge, give her access to the things that help her physical and mental growth. Just like not every food you eat is healthy, not every toy your girl plays is harmless.

So always keep an eye on the things your child plays with. Teach her not to accept gifts without your permission. Buy her toys, through which she could learn sharing and patience.

 If she demands something that is appropriate for her age, tell her politely why it is unsuitable for her. And when she gets to a certain age, you will surely get her that.

Kids are innocent angels, and it is us who raise them as either a good, kind person or a selfish and mean human being!

Think about it!!!

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