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Congratulations on the good news!

A woman’s life gets a major change when she finds out that she is going to have a baby. This is the moment when you are overwhelmed with different emotions. You feel excited yet a little scared about how would you manage things.

Don’t worry! It is all natural. All women feel the same way when it’s their first pregnancy. But things get to settle down, and with all the roller coaster of emotions and odd time cravings, you start to enjoy these days.

The thought of giving birth to a new life from your body sometimes can give you stress. I have been through this. Like the postpartum depression, stress and anxiety throughout the pregnancy period is also real. But with all support and proper guidance, you will overcome this. And these days will also become memorable and full of excitement.

That is why I am writing this blog for all the new mommies so their first trimester can become enjoyable.

Pregnancy Books

Some to be moms seek knowledge through websites which is definitely fine for their interest.

But I preferably go towards the traditional way, books. While in the first trimester of fun and frightening, I found books to calm me down. There will be lots of questions and curiosities popping into your mind and ringing your gynecologist every other day would be so clingy.

Instead, dig in by yourself and research to get your answers!

You can ask your doctor to suggest some good books. It is the perfect time to adopt the hobby of reading.

During this period, when our body goes through so many physical and hormonal changes, we sometimes get panicked what to do and what not to do. Reading pregnancy-related books will help you to recognize those changes and also guide how to deal with them. In my first trimester, I brought some books that made the time easy for me.

I got some books related to yoga and healthy exercises I could do to keep myself active in pregnancy, to deal with my mood swings and some to release stress. I also bought some quick-cooking books that satisfied my cravings.

You can buy according to your interest!

Pregnancy Subscription Boxes

Why not celebrate and enjoy this valuable time of your life?

Pregnancy subscription boxes and fun. Every month when I used to receive the subscription box, it was like a surprise gift to myself.

There are so many online brands who deliver these pregnancy subscription boxes at your home. These boxes are available in different rates so future mothers can grab one according to their budget.

In my subscription boxes of first trimester, I received;

  • An adorable pregnancy journal to keep track of my routine and consume a healthy diet.
  • Weekly bump photo stickers.
  • Pressure bracelets to deal with morning sickness
  • Candies and chocolates
  • Nausea drops
  • A Mommy To Be tanktop

I felt lucky to have them in the box. It was so reasonable, if you purchase all of the above individually, it will cost you more than the subscription box.

Good Pregnancy Apps

Installing a pregnancy application will be helpful to keep a lot of things in track.

The app will tell you the size of your baby every week that is really exciting. It will also explain the progress and development changes in the baby. It also tells you the common symptoms you face during this period meanwhile also tells you how to deal with them.

Another exciting thing about pregnancy apps is that you can connect with other pregnant women who are having the same due month as yours and the similar condition as yours. So it would be beneficial to have a chat and detail conversations.

Through one of these apps, I have found a really good friend. We were having a regular conversation in the chatroom of the app we both used in our pregnancy time, turned how she was from my city, and we had the same interests.

Even we shopped for our babies together. It was really fun!

Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are a must-have for you and your baby’s health. They cover up the deficiencies that occur due to the lack of vitamins and minerals.

To fulfil food cravings is good but sometimes mothers miss nutrients and start eating junk food. The best way to control your diet is to make a timetable.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables; after all, they are the natural source of vitamins for you. But with your OBGYN prescription, it would be better if you take some prenatal vitamins as well. Since in pregnancy, you don’t only need vitamins for you but your baby as well.

Water Bottles

You might be thinking that why a water bottle is even in the list?!

Keeping yourself hydrated is always important in normal days, but in pregnancy and especially in the first trimester, it becomes super essential.

The consequences of dehydration can take you to a hospital bed, hooked up to an IV which you would definitely wouldn’t want. So drink water as much as you can!!

Keeping a water bottle with you night and day will make you drink enough water. Also, sometimes when we skip drinking water because of the laziness to get up and grab a glass, it won’t happen again.

Plus a cute bottle motivates you to drink more!

I received a really pretty bottle in my subscription box, which I used to keep with me 24/7 and even after the baby, it is still in my good habits. Can’t thank anymore to the subscription box brand.

Comfortable Shoes

It is important to be in a relaxed state when you are standing and walking. I really never get this, how some ladies can still walk in pencil heels while they are pregnant.

I can’t even bear them usually. It’s always your choice to wear whatever you like. But I would prefer to go easy and rather than fashion, choose comfort over it. Tripped over with the wrong shoe can cause you irreversible harm.

It is better to go with comforting flats and pumps. Due to hormonal changes in the body, sometimes your feet get swell, and you cannot wear your size of the shoe.

You can with borrow or buy new footwear of a bigger size than yours. In my time, I used to wear my husband’s joggers since mine felt too fit due to swelling feet. And I also bought some super cute pumps and flat sole sandals.

Now with the baby, I still prefer to wear them.

A Cozzy Pregnancy Pillow

Yeah you read it right, this is the number one favorite purchase for most of the women!

At nights when no sleep position would be comforting, this amazing pregnancy pillow helps to provide a peaceful sound sleep.

It is manufactured in a shape that fully supports the body. Your back and growing belly will never have to face any discomfort after you have this amazing product in your life.

Not only in the first trimester, but throughout the whole duration of 9 months, it will offer you coziness and good sleep.

You can easily find it online or any maternity shop.

Thank me later after getting this.

Comfortable Maternity Leggings

Maternity pants are highly recommended. Some women start to gain weight as soon as they get a positive pregnancy report. It is good to acknowledge the change.

If your jeans and skirts are getting tighter, stop being harsh on yourself by forcefully putting them on.

Keep them aside for some months or a year!

You will definitely get more chances to wear them after the arrival of the baby. What is more important right now is that you are comfortable, every way possible.

Your body must not feel any type of stress and so neither your mind.

Maternity pants will serve you well in all the stages of pregnancy, even in postpartum.

The best thing about them that they are super soft and stretchy. And no matter how much bigger your belly grows, they will stretch out to the maximum, and you will always find them comforting. They are a good investment for your first and other pregnancies.

I am still keeping my maternity leggings and use them as pajamas.

Morning Sickness Solution

If you suffer from nausea or morning sickness, you should not just let it be.

An empty stomach can make your nausea worst. Many women make this mistake of quitting breakfast when they experience nausea.

I’m not only talking about the pregnancy days but on regular days as well!

Long before I got the good news, I developed the habit of quitting breakfast just because of nausea, which made the situation worst.

I got diagnosed with calcium and iron deficiencies and also lost vitamin. So my doctor gave me a solution, and I said goodbye to morning sickness.

Let me share the secret.

Either you are pregnant or not, If you experience nausea, munch on salty crackers. Saltish taste deal with the morning sickness effectively like nothing else.

Keep some packets in your bedside table drawer so you would not even have to get up to grab them.

I recommend you keep them in your purse, study table and in the nearest shelves as well. I’s fun to play hide and seek with food.

Body Moisturizers

Skincare products are a must. Your skin needs as much hydration as your inner organs. With lots and lots of water inside, use a good moisturizer outside daily.

As it is a saying that “prevention is the key”, using moisturizer will help you to get less stretch marks.

When it is about skincare, inventing in a cost-effective moisturizer becomes the first rule. It does not only hydrates your body well, but you will also feel relaxed and refresh after a hectic day.

Most women stop taking care of themselves physically after they hear the good news and this habit of avoiding yourself becomes stubborn.

Gradually they stop giving themselves attention. This is not a good thing!

You need to be your first priority. It is difficult to take some time for yourself after all the mood swings and tiring routines, but a quick body massage will calm you and help to get better sleep.

Toothcare Products

Not everyone will tell this, but your teeth need as much care in this duration as any other thing. If you develop a tooth issue, it will make it harder for you to suffer.

Plus the pain feels double.

Doctors suggest to avoid dental work in pregnancy. And second trimester is said to be the safe period to go for a treatment. Cavity filling can be done, but no major tooth surgery is good in these days.

Due to hormonal changes, it is normal for gums to swell or bleed. It would be better to give a visit to your dentist and ask them to prescribe the best solution and tooth care routine to reduce irritation in your gums and to avoid pain.

Nursing Bra

With all other changes, your breast also becomes tender. Though you don’t need a maternity bra in the first trimester, but it is suggested to wear a wireless, soft cotton one like the sports or nursing bra.

It comes without underwire and gives gentle support in this period. This with the maternity pants will surely become your favorite outfit for the rest of your life.


Being a woman, this is the most important time for your life as well as your baby’s too. So invest in your health as much as you can.

All the mood swings, late-night cravings and body changes are normal.

One thing that every woman needs to understand is that every pregnancy is different from one lady to another.

Even the same woman can have a different experience in her next one. Do not be panic and keep away from the stress.

Listen to your daughter rather than searching for tips on the internet! And just live a normal life like you always do with a little extra care.

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