Best Ways to Improve Fine Motor Skills

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You will be curious to know what different methods of these vital skills are? Right, first, you need to know what excellent motor skills involve?

It involves children’s muscles, hands, fingers, toes, feet, and wrists. It involves muscles that coordinate with the brain between what the child sees and the action.

Sounds good, right? Well, you will be surprised that these skills have a beautiful impact on a child’s life. It includes some actions like holding, pressing, or grasping or grip by holding between thumb & forefinger.

So why is it very much more critical to improving fine motor skills in children? You must be thinking that it will develop thinking in children and helps in nourishment. Well, you are right.

 It is essential to develop exceptional motor skills in children of kindergarten and preschool at a very early age.

Are there any ways to improve fine motor skills? Well, I would say yes, there are skills which you as a teacher or parent can adopt to teach children.

Development of Living & Learning Skills From Fine Motor Skills

They are essential in both school and life as they particularly shape the mindset of children. If children are not able to write, eat, turn book’s pages, use a personal computer, groom or dress, then they are weak in fine motor skills.

Importance of Fine Motor Skills

These essential skills shape children and prepare them for activities in everyday life like how to use utensils, wear a dress or shirt, write and cut with tools. If the human being has correct knowledge of using fine motor skills, it will be beneficial as they require the use of specific muscles along with particular qualifications.

Now you must be thinking that what would be strategies for improvement? Well, there are specific strategies that we can follow to improve skills in children.

Strategies for improvement

 The specialist will use different methods of assessments for studying a child’s skills. It might create a negative impact if the case is not deal with efficiency, and it will require improvement in their abilities.


The major skills develop by using games & toys, which is popular in toddlers and infants. Board games are ideal for playing with pieces and placing parts together as it is trendy in school-going children. Scrabble can consider as good instance as it requires thinking strategy to develop words from the limited word resource.

Another famous toy is car control by remote control. There are also video games that can help your child to develop skills, but there is a precaution that age shall check by parents so that it will not create any negative impact on the mind of the child.

Coloring & Drawing

So how can you start?  Well, there are coloring kits available in the market. Kids love coloring. You can give them paper for creating drawings with markers having different colors. Ask them to use scissors to cut those drawings out and paste on walls or any coloring book. These activities will improve the skills of drawing with different materials and also use imagination to generate ways of drawing and coloring different characters and also bring realistic imagination in papers and walls. You can engage with your child to use his imagination while drawing.

Colorful papers that used for creating shapes known as origami. It is an exciting craft for children. They applied for decoration in creating different types of ways that will enhance fine motor skills.

As a beginner, your child can begin with small projects and then advancing to complicated projects. They are useful for building skills.

Playing dough

Have you ever heard about making shapes by dough? Well, here is the exciting part that they are among pioneer materials for improving skills in children.

It is an excellent material for enhancing the imagination of a child. It is not only helpful for children but also for parents because when you get involved in these activities, it will create a beautiful bond, and you can help the child in creating the craft and after that play with the child.

Solving Puzzles

You do like solving problems when you were a child, right?  The pincer grasp technique develops when you are solving problems, and placing the pieces together actually increase excellent motor skills.

Well, sometimes, your ward will feel that the puzzles are not solving, or they can get frustrated. But if you explain it with, he will learn and play with enthusiasm, they are perfect for shaping skills. When you are playing with your child, then it gives motivation to him. They will learn with you, which will improve their eye & hand skills. They will then coordinate for different pieces.


We cannot go without discussing art while thinking about improving fine motor skills.  Children love painting & drawing. It enhances their imagination & creativity. When you engage with your child in picture different shapes and different characters by using brush and colors, then it will help to improve your ward’s hand picking skills, which will be fruitful.

Planting & Gardening

Do you know gardening and farming also involve hand skills, and they are among parameters for improving fine motor skills in children because it consists of using small muscles and handpicking skills?

Gardening & digging may seem to be a dirty activity, and they can make your child’s hand dirty. They require eye & hand coordination skills for carrying seeds to digging hold in mud. They will be a useful activity to help the child learn pincer grasping in picking seeds and digging.

Play of Water

You would be thinking about how playing with water can improve fine motor skills in children? Well, you guess right, they can improve by doing small experiments. Take different cups of water with different colors and ask the child to fill empty containers with water by filling it with a syringe and pouring in separate containers. In this way, they will learn grasping skills and use their analytical skills to draw water from different containers.

Race of Rice

So how can a rice race improve fine motor skills? Well, you can use a small experiment to see how well your child is utilizing his/her grasping skills?

Here is a small experiment. Take two plastic bowls and divide the rice between two bowls. Take two empty bowls. Sit with your child and ask your child to transfer rice by using tweezers, and you both will be doing a race that who moves all rice to empty ball in a short period. In this way, your child will get motivation, and you will be able to see improvement in his/her skills.

These are other ways to improve these skills. Like making snowflakes, paper birds, or using different handicrafts as doing it yourself products that will help to improve Fine Motor Skills in children by using their muscles, hands, and practicing gripping of different materials. You can sit with your child and play with your child to encourage him/her to learn new skills with passion.


Every parent should consider the fine motor skills of a child. If fine muscles are left underdeveloped, it can cause problems in the future for your kid. Children with weak motor skills are not able to perform daily tasks efficiently. Observe the actions of your child, if gripping and holding things is challenging for him, take him to a good pediatric and also consult with a physiotherapist.

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