Essential Things To Do When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

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As a mom, nothing makes you happier than getting to know that you are pregnant. I felt the same way when I got my pregnancy test positive. With all the dreams come true, I was excited to tell my family members and especially my husband.

When I told them, they were equally happy and congratulated me on this. But you have to take good care of some things while you are pregnant. If you ignore those things, they will not only cost you but also to your baby who is not yet born.

Have a look at these things tips and techniques that helped me a lot during my pregnancy, and that will help you too in a great way.

Taking a second pregnancy test:

Although one pregnancy test is enough in most cases, yet taking a second test is never a bad idea for you. GYNS have reported that they found the results of the pregnancy test incorrect many times.

For example, there could be a problem in the urine sample or even in the testing kits. Once you get your two positive pregnancy results, congratulations, you are pregnant.

Call your OB-GYN:

Calling your gynecologist should be your first job after getting to know about your pregnancy. I did the same thing and scheduled a meeting with my GYN.

Usually, OB-GYN will make you wait until your eight weeks of pregnancy. So, just inform her and ask for some precautionary measures from her.

A good GYN can change your experience.

A first Trimester checklist:

You may get a little bit emotional after getting to know about your pregnancy. You can also start getting panic, but believe me, everything is normal.

You don’t have to worry at all in any sense. Complete your first Trimester checklist, and you will be more than happy to know that everything will be organized.

When I did this, everything became easy and organized for me. Try to avoid junk food, avoid toxins, and try to keep your calm. And yeah, be ready to get a GYN for you.

You can also follow this checklist in your pregnancy.

Making a new Diet plan:

Making a new diet plan is one of the essential things you should look for during your pregnancy. Remember, everything you eat or drink will have a direct impact on your upcoming child.

Make a regular diet plan and stick to that strictly.

I did the same thing. When I discovered that I was pregnant, I made sure to include more vitamins in my diet. Fruits and milk should be your priority, and they will take good care of you as well as your child.

Also, make sure to use more and more prenatal vitamins as they are made specifically for this purpose.

Remember, while you are pregnant, do not drink alcohol in any case. It will not only harm you but also to the baby present in your tummy. Below is the list of some other things which you must avoid in pregnancy.

  • Fish, eggs and raw meat
  • Unpasteurized milk
  • Too much caffeine. Avoid taking more than two cups of coffee or tea during pregnancy.

Stay Fit and do exercises regularly:

Doing regular exercise is one of the most essential things in your pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I consulted my GYN about the types of exercises that are good for me.

Remember, you cannot do every kind of exercise in pregnancy. Some of the exercises are dangerous for you, and they will put you in trouble. But doing no exercise is equally worse. So, you should include small exercises in your daily routines.

Some pregnancy exercises which will keep you motivated, engaged, and healthy throughout your pregnancy can be found here.

One of my colleagues described to me that she never did exercise in her pregnancy, and she used to have so many negative thoughts in her mind having no energy at all.

Thus, making this your routine will be the best thing you would do as a mother to your child.

Reduce stress level:

Stressing so much during your pregnancy affects your child’s health directly. According to scientific studies, mothers who take stress are more likely to give birth to a depressed child. Ask your partner to cooperate with you in every manner. Most of the partners also understand this; at least my husband did.

Try to stay away from negative thoughts, and you will be able to stay fit throughout your journey of pregnancy. Also, try to avoid watching too much television as watching it has detrimental effects on your child’s health.

Some of the other significant things which you can do to remain stress-free are

  • Doing light exercises daily.
  • Meditation
  • Listening to music
  • Try to avoid social media.
  • Try not to watch television.
  • Follow your hobby
  • Try not to be angry over small things.

Avoid too much Physical hustle:

When you are pregnant, you have to avoid too much physical activities. For example, try to avoid going upstairs and downstairs again and again.

This can affect your health. Always remember, your child’s health depends upon your health. So, if you do not take care of your health, the little kid in your tummy can be in danger.

Avoid to do physical activities involving jumping and running. Although small exercises are never a bad idea, however, too many activities and also not recommended.

Take prenatal Testing:

Prenatal Testing is very important for many reasons. They will help you to know whether your child will have any birth defects or not.

Many mothers ignore it because they are afraid of many things. But, do not afraid, it’s a natural thing, and many doctors recommend it.

When I was pregnant, my doctor recommended it to me, and I was happy to know that my child was physically fit.

Check all of your medicines:

When you find out that you are pregnant, you should check all of your medicines instantly. There are many medicines which are not allowed to a pregnant woman.

If there is no mention of pregnancy on the medicine, try to contact you GYN to find out that if any of the medicines is bad for you.

Never take those medicines which are not allowed in pregnancy. They are harmful to you as well as for your children.

Try to avoid harmful toxins:

Toxins are hazardous for your health, even in your daily life. When you are pregnant, always make sure that you avoid exposure to toxins, so you unintentionally do not harm your child.

Also, make sure that you do not go in a polluted environment. The discharge of vehicles can be consequential for your health. Some other toxins which you need to avoid are

  • Lead
  • Perfluorinated chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Parabens

Also, make sure that there is no allergic substance present in your house. Make sure that your dishwashers, soaps, creams, and lotions are well suited to your skin.

Prepare yourself for the upcoming baby:

When you know that you are pregnant, you have to make sure that you do your research for the upcoming baby properly.

I had no idea about a child’s upbringing back in my pregnancy days. The only thing I knew was that being a mother is not easy at all.

So, I had an extensive research on the internet. Some of the things which you should know are

  • Basics of breastfeeding
  • How to keep your infants busy
  • How to adjust your sleep patterns with your child
  • Eating habits of infants
  • What things irritate infants

When you do research, never hesitate to ask for help from any of your colleagues who were in this phase somewhere in the past.

Decide when to announce your pregnancy:

Announcing your pregnancy can be a tricky thing. Many mothers prefer to announce it as early as they get their positive pregnancy test. Some mothers don’t announce it until the 6th or 7th month.

I always prefer not to disclose it early to avoid potential hustles. Anyways, it is up to you that when you decide this. You can also ask your husband about his opinion about the pregnancy announcement.

There are many ways with which you can tell your partner bout your pregnancy.

Download a pregnancy app:

Having a pregnancy app will help you to manage your pregnancy better. I had the app named Ovia. It helped me a lot in my pregnancy days.

It will help you to make a do to list through which you will be able to do the tasks without any delay. It will also help you to make a better diet plan and exercise plan.

In short, you will get a complete guide about the dos and don’t of the pregnancy with the help of this app.

Some of the other apps which can help you in having a memorable pregnancy are as follow.

  • What to expect
  • Glow nurture
  • The Bump

Start Documentation of your Pregnancy:

It is never too late to start documenting your pregnancy. All you have to do is to manage an online album. Take a picture of yourself with your partner every day and give the number to that picture.

Fortunately, I also acted upon this advice from one of my friends, and today I have many memories to cherish. You will also be thankful to you when you will look in your memories again.

You can also try to document your food cravings; pregnancy symptoms and daily routine stop gather some unforgettable memories.

Read Pregnancy books:

Reading some pregnancy books is a great way to keep yourself engaged and motivated during pregnancy. It will help you to not focus on the things of lesser importance. Besides, you will also be able to get insights about the pregnancy and its tips and techniques. One of the books that helped me a lot was “What To Expect When You’re Expecting.” My friend recommended it to me, and it transformed my journey. It will give you information about how your child is developing, how mom feels at different stages of the pregnancy, and what to expect in the next stages of pregnancy. To be honest, I would recommend this book to every mom who is having a pregnancy.

Enjoy every moment:

Enjoying each and every moment of your pregnancy is the only way to keep yourself motivated. Happiness and motivation are the only way to pass the time comfortably in your pregnancy.

Without this, the health of your child will not be good. Have a good chit chat with your husband, and other family members can keep you motivated and happy.

I used to give one hour daily to my family members regularly, and it helped me a lot in the process.

Start Taking before pictures:

A before picture is a must for every mom. When I found out that I am pregnant, I started taking daily pictures, and they helped me a lot in keeping my memories alive. You can also manage an album of you and your partner to re-feel the memories later in your life.

Prepare yourself for some tough time:

Pregnancy is one of the challenging periods in mom’s life. There will be times when you will feel demotivated. Your health will go down, and you will have no clue about it. Whenever I faced this situation, I kept reminding me that my newborn will give new happiness to me. I started to embrace pain with joy, and in no time, I gave birth to the beautiful soul.

Getting a pregnancy is the dream of every mom. While the whole process is a little bit challenging, the rewards are higher.

If you do not follow the proper guides, you can land you and your kid in trouble. Always follow these things mentioned above, and I am sure that they will help you in the same way they did to me, and yes, congratulations, you are going to have a little soul soon.

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