Elephant Themed Baby Shower Party

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It is the time for joy and presents!

Human life covers several tangible and intangible aspects. The tangible elements are home, foods, beverages, dress, job, jewelry, and nowadays, extra things. Examples of intangible factors, on the other hand, are parties, entertainment, feast, special day commemoration, celebrations, rest and relaxation, culture, escape, and adventure. These are the things you experience and perhaps even more important than the tangible ones.

When you look back, you always remember these memories. You regret the special memories you didn’t do. You are fretting and dazed by saying I wish I ever did.

These are great memories, especially parties. Because you celebrate parties with many people and have collective memories with them. Examples are Tea, Costume, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Bachelor, and Housewarming, Back to School, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Craft, Cooking, Carnival, and Mother Day Parties. And then there are parties such as when I Grow Up, Decades, 21st, 30th, 50th, and 90s and never to be missed Baby Shower Party.

The mother’s close friends and her neighbors organize not only for entertainment but also to contribute to the upcoming expenses for both the mother and her kid.  

Baby Shower Parties, celebrated before birth, is a special day for celebrating the role of friends in one’s life and for paying tribute to them. So, it is a time of joy and presents. Yes, the spirit of giving! You’ll feel the love of baby shower parties. 

It is the grandmother’s and mother’s best friend’s job to organize a party around the most significant theme and buy or make a special gift based on the theme of the party for mother. It is a baby shower party tradition. 

There are many ways to make your close friends feel special on Baby Shower Party. Do think something different, do it something exciting. If you are a grandmother or close friend of a mother, use this guide to make sure the organization, decoration, gifts, games, favors, centerpiece, candy wrapper is as memorable as the matchless.

Let’s go over your plan step by step

Step one: Set a theme. A hardworking mom considering her daughter’s life from childhood to present should realize the theme for this baby shower party. It’s not a mystery. And the grandmother can create an elephant story on the safari to remind her of the safari where her daughter met her groom.

Step two: First of all, you’re inviting all of her friends. Send out invitations three to four weeks in advance. Decorate them with sand deserts, elephants, and sun or print them on paper.

Step three: You should decorate the party home. Decorate your house as a safari style. Different colored beads, decorative African ornaments, and balloons make great decorations. 

For example, fill in any empty spaces you see with small decorative items. You can throw in some cute grey elephant rattle toys. And then for ambience, you just add Andaz Press Hanging Paper Lantern Party Decor Trio Kit. These are actually very realistic-looking LED lights. If you have a mirror and you’ve got candles in front of it, and you’ve got a lot of silver and maybe some mixed metals that creates all that sparkle and reflection. Andaz Press Hanging Paper Lantern Party Decor Trio Kit nurtures the gift of life. It can give birth to confidence and entertainment and it feels so festive.

Step four: Plan the menu. Maybe corned beef and cabbage, a hearty African stew made with lamb, or fish and chips, chips being desert fries. Include some crowd-pleasing appetizers. Cakes should not be forgotten. Use Blue Elephant Baby Shower Party Package for party foods and beverages.

Step five: Play music by Cool African Safari Music’s from African artists like Derek & Brandon Fiechter and James Newton Howard. Keep your guests moving by playing upbeat African safari music throughout the party.

Step six: Pop on YouTube and hold an African step-dancing contest. 

Step seven: Mother can sing a beautiful lullaby as “Hush Little Baby” to her baby.

Step eight: Serve everyone an African coffee with whipped cream before they leave with Blue Elephant Baby Shower Party cup.

Step nine: You should plan gifts. Every mother knows that girls love Bearington Baby Lil’ Spout Plush Stuffed Animal Gray Elephant Shaker Toy Ring Rattle. So, grandmother can buy her daughter a cute and fun elephant made with luxuriously soft gray velour plush material.

Step ten: You can do all kinds of creative and exciting games and activities for this party to make it unforgettable.

Give them the world!

You will need a wall map, a timeline, ultrasound pictures, a frame, board games, a tree, a star, and a sympathy note for unforgettable moments. Get mother a wall map and timeline to hang on the wall, a fun way to chronicle all mother and baby both past and future adventures with together. Use pushpins to mark all your pictures.

Blow up funny ultrasound pictures of different months of the baby and mother and frame it. Mark and attach the report that shows she is pregnant for the first time and the photograph of the hospital that issued the report and frame it. Every time mother and kid walk by the picture, they will both smile for a lifetime.

Get a collection of board games so the mother can play or with her friends and family for the party. Plant a tree together in her backyard in memory of this Baby Shower Party. Watch your baby grow, and the tree grows over the years.

Write a love note for your spouse and a good wish for your child and store it in the location map. Add a new note and remembrance to the map each year from different geographic locations.

Serve the famous Elephants Baby Shower Candy wrapper for dessert and transform your entryway table into a candy bar. Among the most popular baby shower, party decoration, and confectionery are the delicious candy cane. You can choose a table runner for glass jars with colorful candy wrappers just for show.

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