11 Stay at Home Educational Activities for Kids under 2

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Schools are closed and parents are turning into a stay at home teachers as well as their usual titles as well. Thinking of ideas to keep your children entertained and still help them learn can be tricky. We have come up with a few ideas that you can do with your children to help them learn as well as keep them entertained at the same time.

Educational activities:

Make Maracas to Shake

This might be a bit of a noisy activity but it will help teach your child hand-eye coordination as well as help develop their motor skills. All you need to do is get some dry pasta, a cup and a piece of cardboard. Place the pasta into the cup and glue on the piece of cardboard so that it does not spill everywhere. Then ask your child to decorate the cup and you have a maraca! You can also use these during exercise time.

Simon Says

Simon says is a fun game for everyone to play. This game will teach your child the importance of listening to instructions. Make sure that every time you play, you make the game a little bit harder and spice things up so that it does not become repetitive.

Dress Up Time

It is very important that you allow your child to spread their imagination wigs. Make time for dress-up. Put on shows for everyone in the house and maybe even host a tea party with the friendly teddy bears. Imagination time will keep them from getting board and acting out.

Paint By Numbers

Paint by numbers is one of the oldest tricks in the book. This activity will start to teach your child numbers as well as colors. They will also learn to follow instructions which will come in handy at a later stage in life.



Exercise is very important for everyone. Throw a dance party every day. This will teach your kids to follow instructions and you can use this time to teach them about their body parts… head, shoulders, knees and toes…

Sink or Float

This is a fun game to play with everyone in the house. Find a few toys and grab a few items from outside. Make sure that the items that you choose have different weights so that your toddler will learn the difference between the two.  Fill a bucket with water and slowly but surely place the objects into the water and see if it will sink or float. This will teach cognition as well as help develop early scientific development.

Matching Game

This is a great learning tool. Draw a few pictures onto a sheet of paper. You can also draw numbers and letters. Cut them out and let the child match them together. This is going to teach hand-eye coordination as well as cognitive skills.

Count Everything

Turn your house into a math classroom. Count everything and anything that you can find to teach your child about numbers. You can turn this into a fun game and every time they get it right, they can get a star on their star chart or something.

Build Towers

This never went down well with my siblings as they always tried to knock down each other’s towers however, it was a great learning skill. By making your child build towers, they will learn patience and it helps improve their hand-eye coordination as well.

Color Sorting

Colors are a vital tool we use on a daily basis. We need to learn how to match colors when we get dressed and learn the colors of the traffic light so that we can obey the law. Let your child help you sort through the washing and put the items into the different color groups.

Pour Water into a Cup

This might seem like a basic idea but it is very educational for your 2-year-old. Give your child a few plastic cups and a pitcher. Fill the pitcher with water and ask your child to fill the cups with water. This will help develop their fine-motor skills as well as their hand-eye coordination.

Having to educate your child at home might seem like a scary task at first. Truth of the matter is your children are learning all the time! All you need to do is turn activities into games and have fun with it. You can learn while having fun and become closer at the same time.

Have fun!

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