Easter Pregnancy Announcement Ideas – Baby Announcement Ideas

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Pregnancy in itself is a unique experience. You are on the seventh sky. Everything excites you.

What if your pregnancy announcement coincides with Easter holidays?

Then what could be better than Easter pregnancy reveal to family on Easter holidays?

It’s like the fun doubles, and the excitement level increases tenfold.

Every pregnancy is different from the other, and it is a once in a lifetime experience.

You should make sure that you enjoy it to the maximum.

So, the pregnancy announcement should be unique and special.

Keep reading to find out some great Easter baby announcement ideas.

1. Easter 2nd baby announcement

If it’s your 2nd pregnancy, then you can involve your other child in the reveal.

These days you can find Easter pregnancy announcement shirt or costumes everywhere.

Make your child wear the announcement shirt. The shirt can have something like “I am going to have a sibling” or “Big brother or Sister” written on it.

Reveal the announcement when everyone is present in one place.

2. Cookies

You can bake some pregnancy themed cookies and put them in a cute little basket.

Then make sure that the cookies are well hidden and covered until the very last moment.

In a random turn of events, ask your parents (or whoever you want to make the reveal to) to get that basket for you.

Watch them get shocked and then happy to see the cute announcement cookies.

It is, in the real sense, a sweet way to announce your pregnancy as the cookies are sweet. Cool, right?

3. Egg hunt

I am sure every home has an egg hunt game on Easter.

But what about an Egg hunt but with a twist?

You can get plastic eggs that are openable.

Then get small paper chits.

Then you can write in whatever way you want to announce your pregnancy on those paper chits.

 Place them in the eggs.

Ask the people to find the eggs.

If you want to reveal the secret to many people, then place many chits in the eggs.

If you only have to announce the pregnancy to one person then place the egg with the announcement in a specific place.

Then lead that person in a subtle way to that region.

4. Use your pets

If you have any pets like cats or dogs, then you can use them for the reveal.

The reveal couldn’t get any prettier than using pets to announce your pregnancy.

Get some props such as bunny ears for your dogs and cats.

Get some funny printable announcements from the internet.

Let your imagination and creativity go wild and do whatever you think is cool.

You can even get announcement shirts for your pets to wear.

The result will be exciting, for sure. Because who wouldn’t get all excited when a dog with bunny ears and wearing a customized shirt does the reveal?

5. A nest-y announcement

If you want a break from the traditional egg and pet announcements, then this idea is definitely for you.

It is a subtle yet fun way to announce your pregnancy.

You can get various nest-y ideas on the internet, but again it all comes down to your imagination.

You don’t have to follow things as it is. Add or remove some elements; it’s all up to you.

An effortless way is to use a furry blanket or rug to make the base of the nest.

Then add a brownish announcement poster on top of it to give a Nest-y feeling.

You can even add a small nest on top to complement the theme.

If you have any other kids, then you can make them sit on top of it at the time of the announcement.

6. Ultra-sound Reveal

Use your ultrasound results in a creative way to announce your pregnancy.

You can hang up all the ultrasounds that you had until now with strings in a specific part of your house.

Decorate that place even further with fairy lights. Add balloons with “ready to pop” written on them.

Keep the lights of that place off.

Creatively lead all the guests to that place and then turn on all the lights.

You can even play a light Easter music in the background.

Creative, right?

7. Text-y announcement

If you plan to announce your pregnancy to someone who lives far away, then texting is a great idea.

For a text-y announcement, you need to grab hold of some great Easter baby announcement text ideas.

One great idea is to make use of Easter baby announcement poems. You can write a poem to drop hints about the pregnancy.

In addition to that, you can search up some funny and punny texts to announce your pregnancy.

Or you can make use of an inside joke that only you and the other person knows.

Again, it all comes down to how you want things to be.

In all of the reveals, don’t forget to capture the priceless moment of the reveal. You will cherish those moments forever.

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