Fun & Unique Ideas for Easter Baskets for Boys

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Events like Easter and Christmas hold a special place in the heart of people. But kids anticipate these events more than anything else.

Easter marks the get together of families and hence fun for the kids. Not only that, but kids also look forward to Easter baskets. What could make a kid excited more than gifts?

Easter baskets are a once in a year thing.

Kids anticipate them all year long. Choosing the right Easter basket stuffers can be tricky. 

So, it would be best if you were careful enough to make sure that the Easter baskets for boys are unique.

Here are some fun Easter basket ideas for your boys:

5 Creative Bigger Boys’ Easter Basket Ideas for Under $20 – Above three years  

1. Sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses can never go out of trend.

Sunglasses are an appropriate gift for all ages.

Sunglasses are not too out of trend for a 10-year-old OR too big for a 2-year-old. Sunglasses are appropriate for both.

Not only that, but sunglasses are also vibrant and colorful. They attract the attention of boys like nothing else.

Boys love to wear sunglasses and pretend as if they came straight out of a James bond movie.

2. Bubblegum

Who doesn’t like a good gum?

So, what about a gum as a gift?

Bubblegum mini Easter eggs are great for Easter egg basket.

Bubblegum will kill two birds with one stone. You will not have to buy eggs separately from the gift. 

You can have gifts and eggs as two in one.

The egg cartons are like surprising little balls as they contain twelve bubblegum’s each. Watch your kid when they love the bubblegum.

3. Tools

Obviously, by tools, we don’t mean real tools. These plastic tools make as a great Easter gift.

If you are someone who keeps tools in their house, then your boy would surely love to use those tools.

You can make their dream come true by gifting them plastic tools. 

These will not only make the kids happy, but these playing tools are entirely safe for your kid. 

If your boy is into repairing and breaking stuff, then you should include these plastic tools in your Easter basket this year.

Boys love to enact Bob, the builder, and they can use these tools to do so.

EASTER BASKET IDEAS FOR TODDLERS – 1 year to 3 years of age 

4. Candies 

I don’t think sweets as a gift can ever go out of trend. 

Kids will love to have candies like jelly beans for Easter.

Kids, candies, and Easter go hand in hand.  

You don’t have to worry about candies being an inappropriate gift for any age. Candies make appropriate Easter baskets for kids and adults as well. 

5. High-bounce ball

We are talking about boys, then how could we forget balls?

Balls are one of the most popular gift items for boys.

IF your boy is just a toddler, then you can gift him a high-bounce ball.

If your boy is above seven, then you can gift him a tennis or cricket ball.

Balls make Easter egg hunts even more fun. 

6. Markers

If your kid is into art, then markers can excite him like nothing else.

Gift him markers and watch him spring into action.

Such kind of thoughtful gifts can help to develop the creative side of your kid. 

Markers are cute basket fillers as they colorfully fill the basket. 

Easter Basket Stuffers for baby boy – Below one year   

7. Baby shark song cube

Baby shark song has undoubtedly taken the whole baby world by storm.

It is not only popular among the babies but the adults as well.

Turn on baby shark song in a room full of babies and watch as the babies start dancing to the beat.

If you are looking for baby Easter baskets ideas, then stop and get a baby shark song cube. 

Your baby can squeeze this cube to play the song. Great, right?

8. Squishy toys

Babies love to play with squishy toys. 

They are not only fun to play with but also pretty harmless. 

Squishy toys come in various vibrant colors and cute shapes. These elements tend to attract babies. 

9. Touch and feel book

What if I tell you that you can gift a book full of cuddly bunnies to your baby?

Yes! You heard it right.

Touch and feel book is a unique book that ensures that your baby learns new things in a fun manner.

This book is padded as per the soft hands of the baby so that he can hold it rightly. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take your pick from these Easter basket ideas for kids of all ages. 

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