Duck Baby Shower Ideas

Who doesn’t love ducks?

Duck themed baby showers are in trend these days.

You can see many people following this trend.

But can we blame them for following this trend?

No, right?

Who can resist a cute duck baby shower theme party?

In case you don’t know the baby’s gender, then a duck themed baby shower can be even more delightful. A duck themed baby shower gives neutral vibes; if you don’t want to reveal the gender as of now.

In addition to that, duck themed baby showers can give you a lot of space to invent and innovate. You can play around with many things. You can come up with many new duck baby shower ideas. You can use duck baby shower decorations.

Some rubber duck themed baby shower ideas of games and activities are:

Name that Duck

One of the most popular and easy games that are played in a duck themed party is Name that Duck.

  • Give a pen and paper to every guest.
  • Ask them to write the name of every duck that they can remember. For starters, the most famous duck is Donald duck and cute rubber ducky.
  • The game goes on.
  • The guest with the highest number of names wins.  

Isn’t it amazing?

It requires zero investment. Plus, it is too much fun to play.

Great, right?

How many ducks?

This game is also entertaining to play. All you need to put this game into action is some ducks (rubber ducks obviously) and a container.

  • Before the party starts, put all the ducks into the container.
  • You can use a glass container or a plastic one.
  • After that, you can ask the guests to guess the number of ducks in the container.
  • The one who guesses the number right wins.
  • In case no one guesses the number right, the one with the closest guess wins.

Duck themed printable advice cards

The parents-to-be are treading new waters. They are just entering parenthood. They lack the experience. Parents-to-be need words of advice and encouragement.

  • The shower planner can incorporate this aspect into the shower.
  • For this, get printable plain duck themed cards.
  • Get some fancy pens.
  • Set them onto a table.
  • Ask the experienced parents to write in their words of advice on the advice cards.
  • These words are even more precious than anything else.
  • It is not only fun to do, but it will benefit the parents to be as well.  

Rubber duckie baby shower cake and cupcake

What party is complete without cakes?

Did you think that we forgot to mention cake and rubber duckies party supplies?

We didn’t!

  • To give a cute yet aesthetic touch to your baby shower, get a duck-shaped cake.
  • If you are a pro-baker, you can bake one yourself.
  • One of your friends or relatives can bake a cake for you.
  • Or you can buy one from a customized bakery.

Going for yellow or specifically, duck themed eatables such as cookies will enhance your game even more.

Baby shower bingo

Baby shower bingo is a Bingo, but it is altered, especially for a rubber ducky baby shower theme.

  • All you need to do is to provide the guests with paper and a pen.
  • Ask the guests to guess the gifts that the parents to be shall receive.
  • Keep the pages safe with you.
  • Later on, when the gift opening session starts, take out those pages.
  • The guests will cross out the right guesses.
  • The guest who crosses the first four or five right guesses wins.

This game makes sure that you are trying to incorporate guests in every part of the shower. The guests are genuinely indulged in the gift opening session.

Duck baby shower theme diaper cake

  • Diapers are going to become an essential part of the life of mommy to be.
  • You can incorporate diapers in the baby shower.
  • You can set up a competition to design a duck themed diaper cake.
  • The judge of the contest will be the parents to be.
  • The guest with the best diaper cake wins.
  • The diaper cakes can act as an excellent rubber ducky baby shower centerpieces.
  • Later on, the mommy-to-be gets to keep the diapers, which is part of baby shower favors. 
  • Win-win, right?

Rubber ducky baby shower centerpieces

This video will give you great DIY ideas to plan a duck themed birthday along with Rubber ducky baby shower centerpieces.

On budget baby shower ideas 

If you are on a budget, then this video will guide you on planning a baby shower by staying in your budget.

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