DIY Creative Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

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Looking for ideas to make your Easter Sunday a fun day?

Congratulations you are at the right place.

Easter holidays are one of the most captivating days of the year. And we want you to showcase your creative skills in the best way you can.

And isn’t it amazing to decorate your easter eggs in a fun and alluring routine?

Well, yes, it is

We recognize your thrill and excitement for this occasion. We want you to enjoy fresh and fun-filled festivities of easter. Thus it’s a delight to present you some innovative ideas for your easter eggs decoration. The aim is to provide you with themes that are amazing and easy on the pocket and suitable for every sort of audience.

Let us have a look.

Easter egg basket

You can never go wrong with the idea of preparing baskets of Easter eggs. Paint your eggs with different colours and arrange them in a basket. Fill the basket with pom-poms along with jelly beans and chocolates. Decorate the basket with flowers and ribbons giving it a more fresh look.

You can look for some fantastic baskets from the link below

Water color inspired creativity on eggs

Water colors are easy to handle, and eggshells are patent to paint. With a need for a paintbrush, you are good to display your painting skills. Whether it be gingham or any flower design. You can create as many designs as you want. We suggest to select a theme and then paint the eggs according to it. It will be fascinating. For example, emojis or avenger theme.

you can get some amazing watercolours which will enhance your painting skills from the link above.

Rickrack inspired creativity on eggs

Create beautiful eggs by hot glueing a rick rack along with some beads on it. Dye your eggs with a single dye and decorate it with rickrack of different colours. Addition of Beads can make it more attractive.

Get an idea of rickrack from the link below

Spray painting of the eggs

Make your Easter festivities royal by spray painting the eggs with gold and silver. It is the most exquisite ideas to have a royal easter Sunday. Spray paints your eggs with gold or silver and arranges them in an egg tray. It will look cool. You can also crack open some eggs and insert tiny little flowers to enhance the beauty of your egg tray.

You can get spray paints from the link given

Animal painting eggs

Thinking of an idea to decorate eggs with your kids. Well, this is the best idea. Create a mini zoo with eggs by converting your eggs into tiny creatures of animals by crafty paints. 

It will be amusing for your kids and as well as for you. You just need to have a set of crafty acrylic paints which you can get from the link below

Pineapple and strawberry eggs

Create the eggs in the form of a favourite fruit. With simple DIY techniques of converting eggs in pineapples and strawberries. It will look captivating and attractive. It can lighten up your easter decorating table with its bright colours.

You need to have spun cotton eggs, a few paints and green cardstock to make your egg cum fruits more delightful and natural. Can get your required items from the following link

Personalized name eggs

You can customize your eggs with the names of your guests and family members. It’s a classic, and an eye-catching idea as everyone will love to search the eggs with their name or name initials. You can either highlight it or paint it and can even use markers for the name writing. Arrange these eggs on egg holders and settle them on the decorating table. It will give a classic look to your decoration and idea.

The accessories needed for this DIY idea are available on the following link:

By following the upper given ideas, you can produce many other diverse ideas as you want to make your easter holidays creative and worth remembering.

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