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Dinosaur Parties are as unique as they come. Children love these parties because of how exotic this animal is. You would be assured that your little one wouldn’t forget this party quickly.

So, to your question—”How do you organize a dinosaur themed party?” Let’s get right into it.


Decorations are essential because they set the mood and get the event rolling. So, here are some decorations you can make use of.

  1. Dinosaur Balloons:

What is a birthday party without balloons? The Dinosaur balloons even make the whole thing better. Remember, it’s all about the imagination.

Try to make this day memorable for them with dinosaur balloons.

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  • Foam Dinosaur Masks

Give your guests a feel of being in Jurassic Park for a day. You would be surprised how excited your Son and his guests would get when they all wear Dinosaur Masks.

Try to set them in a tray and hand it to them as they enter. Ensure that everyone gets one. You don’t want anyone to be left-out in the action. We love this product because it can double as party favors.

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  • Dinosaur Themed Utensils

One of the things that bring people together at events is the food. Don’t be boring by using regular white utensils.

Be different. Make the memory of your party be in the Children’s minds till they are 50. Use Dinosaur themed utensils.

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  • Dinosaur Happy Birthday Banner

Think about how excited the Kids would be. This 3D Dinosaur Banner is easy to set up. It would be the talk of the town because of how unique it is.

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  • Dinosaur Water Melons

All you need to make this is a knife. Just cut your watermelons, Poke holes in it, put the cut fruits inside the watermelon, and use toothpicks as the teeth.

It would serve as a creative way to store fruits. Watch a Tutorial Here


  • Serve finger foods like fruit salads, sausage rolls, pizza, bite-sized cheeses, breadsticks, or small veg sticks
  • Get a Dinosaur themed photo booths
  • Serve Green and Red drinks. They remind the guests of lava and swamps.
  • Decorate the Cake with Dinosaur Toys
  • Create a Dinosaur Mural with the guests
  • Organize a Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt
  • Buy a Dinosaur pinata
  • Keep things Simple
  • Keep the guest list small
  • Line the venue with Dinosaur Footprints


The perfect end to every birthday party is with party favors. This post promised to give you everything you would need to organize a dinosaur themed party, and we would do just that.

Here are some party favor ideas;

  1. POKONBOY 24 Pack Dinosaur Party Favors

With this Bag, you get enough space to store all the goodies. Like Dinosaur Stencils, Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Key Chains, etc.

We love this product because of how it was designed. Another advantage of this bag is how reusable it is. Your guests would be thankful because of this feature.

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  • Dinosaur Action Figures

This comes with 12 Animal dinosaur figures and a sound book. Your guests would be kept busy with this toy for a long time.

This book is a tool for learning that teaches the children about the different species of dinosaurs and the sounds they make. It is entertaining and educative.

We love this product because it can be a Christmas gift too.

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  • Dinosaur Kid’s Party Favor Bundle Pack 

This party favor idea has many items that the kids would enjoy. You get 12 Dino Dig Treat Boxes, 12 Dinosaur Notepads, 24 Dino Eggs Dinosaur inside, 1 Dinosaur Sticker Roll – 100 pc, and 12 Mini Dinosaur Stampers, ink already in stamps.

This product is excellent because you can share the items into different packages; Which makes you save money.

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  • 84-Pieces Dinosaur party favor pack

This product is another bundle pack that comes with lots of goodies for the kids. Many Moms like bundle packs because of how cost-efficient they are. With a Dinosaur themed drawstring bag, you can mix all these into individual packages for the kids.

This pack comes with 6 Dinosaur Hatch and Grow Eggs, 6 Large Vinyl Dino Figures, 3 Plastic Trees, 2 Plastic Dino Eggs, 1 Village Hill, 12 units 4” Dino Fossil Skeletons, and 12 mini Vinyl Dinosaur miniatures.

The kids would enjoy playing with this.

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  • Dinosaur Cars Toys with Big Tire Wheels

The boys and girls would love this Dinosaur toy car because of its popularity The grip is comfortable for their little hands and has a durable, non-toxic thick plastic finishing.

They come in a pack of 6, so you can give out the whole package as a souvenir.

It has a pump-and-go feature where you pull it back, and it moves forward itself.

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  • Rhode Island Novelty Dinosaurs Mugs Assorted Colors

Which Kid wouldn’t love drinking water, tea, milk, or juice with a Dinosaur Mug? They would love it because they can use it every day.

There are a dozen mugs in the pack. So, you can decide to distribute it individually and let each guest have one in his party pack. Or you can give out a whole dozen–Your choice.

They come in different models with 4 dinosaurs in different colors.

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  • Dinosaur Party Bags

Our last item on the list is the Dinosaur Party BAG. Put all the party items like; Jurassic World Glider Plane, Water Growing Dinosaurs, etc.

They come in a pack of 20. We love this product because of the designs they come in. It is not just in one model but comes in four different dinosaur species.

Crown your party with this beauty!

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