Decorate Easter Eggs with Kids – Fun and Easy Ideas

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All year long, we are so busy in our day to day chores that we ignore our family.

Easter is one of the few events where you get the chance to spend time with your family. Most importantly, you get to spend time with your kids.

You should make sure that that time is well spent. 

Easter egg decorating for toddlers is one great way to make use of the Easter vacation.

Activities like dying Easter eggs with toddlers are not only fun but will also stimulate the creative side of your kid.  

Some of the best way to decorate Easter eggs OR how to make Easter eggs at home are:

1. Marbled Easter eggs

Like everyone else, I am sure you and your toddler love Marble cake.

Then what about marbled eggs?

Take a baking sheet. Flatten it to remove any creases.

Spread a thick layer of shaving cream or any such cream on the sheet.

Now take colors/dyes or drops of food coloring of your choice. Add a few drops of the desired color on the shaving cream (on a specific portion only).

Take a toothpick to mix the dye.

You will get a marbling pattern.

Now roll the egg in the marbled shaving cream. Let it dry.

Pat dry any excess cream.

2. Volcano egg dyeing

Toddlers always get in awe after watching a volcano, even if it’s on a TV!

What will be their reaction when they do a volcano inspired Easter egg dyeing at home?

You will need to mix baking soda with food coloring of your choice and some water.

Your egg paint is ready. Paint the egg with it. You can also drop some other colored paints on the egg. 

Pour some vinegar on the baking soda painted egg. Then watch the magic. The result will amaze you and your toddler as well.

3. Button Flower Easter eggs

This idea needs minimum effort and investment.

Grab whatever spare buttons you have at your home.

Paint your egg with a primary base color.

Attach buttons in a random pattern on the egg with the help of hot glue. Let your toddler use their imagination. 

For example, a simple idea can be to make a flower out of buttons and use paper leaves around it.

Don’t leave your kid alone with the hot glue! Do all the hot glue activity on your own.

4. Fingerprint Easter eggs

A fingerprint paint craft can never go out of trend.

It is a great way to make toddlers learn about colors and hands at the same time.

Make your toddler dip their finger in a cute paint. Let them leave a print on the egg. 

After that, you can give different shapes to the prints. You can add eyes and ears to make it look like a bunny.

5. Tie-dyed eggs

Who doesn’t like tie-dyed clothes? Then what about tie-dyed Easter eggs?

Dying Easter eggs with toddlers is no-doubt a great idea.

Get your toddler to make a pattern of their choice on a paper towel with color dyes OR you can buy Easter egg dye kits for toddlers.

Spray a mixture of water and vinegar on the paper towel. Wrap the egg in the towel and secure it with a rubber band.

Let it sit in a plastic bag for 4-6 hours. 

The results are surely worth the wait. The patterns of tie-dying are mesmerizing.

6. Melted Crayon Easter eggs

Crayons are a kid’s favorite. They love to use them everywhere.

For this Easter egg coloring ideas for toddlers, you will need a pack of crayons and hot eggs.

Sprinkle crayon shavings on hot boiled eggs. 

The heat will melt the crayons to produce beautiful patterns.

You can make use of the toddler’s favorite colors to create patterns. 

You can end it off by sprinkling some glitter or party sprinkles.

7. Watercolor Easter eggs

You can let your toddler take complete control with this egg decoration idea. 

Give your kid a paintbrush and watercolors. Let them do whatever they want with the eggs.

This activity will make your kid polish their motor and creativity skills. 

But keep in mind that things can get a bit messy.

Choose your toddler’s clothes and workstation wisely for this activity. 

8.Sticker Easter eggs

This idea is another minimum effort and investment idea.

Just buy some stickers or washi tape OR make use of supplies already present at home.

Let your toddler stick the stickers in different patterns.

You can help your kid to arrange the stickers in a proper design. 

9. Easter egg chick

A little practical demonstration never hurts. It is proven that watching videos will help you to understand in a better way.

Watch this video to decorate Easter eggs like a chick with your toddler.

10. Unicorn DIY Easter egg

Kids love unicorns. What could be better than having your toddler to decorate eggs as Unicorns?

This video will guide you on how to decorate an egg as a unicorn quickly. 

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