Cool Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

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I know how excited people get when their pregnancy results positive are positive. They go through a roller coaster of mixed emotions. A combination of utter happiness combined with nostalgia and a rush of adrenaline. The overall feeling is a unique kind of feeling. And you will relate to it if you are a Prego mother or were at any point in your life. 

If you are someone who is expecting a baby, then you will agree with my next statement. You want to shout the good news at the top of your lungs. As soon as you know your pregnancy result is positive, you want to tell the world about it.

But here comes your problem. You don’t know how to tell the world. You are probably looking for a cool and creative idea.

It is an idea that is wholesome. By that, I mean something that is simple, comfortable and will do its job in the best way possible.

So don’t worry. I’m here to share with you a bunch of cool ways that you can use to announce the arrival of your new baby.

The announcement with Sonogram:

This idea is basic yet very cool. You can hold a sonogram of your expected baby with your partner and capture the moment. You can also frame a family picture and leave a little space. In that space, you attach the Sonogram and capture it.

Elder child Promotion:

If you already have a child, you can announce your pregnancy through them. Let them tell the world that now they have been promoted to big sister/brother.

Make everyone eat:

Send a box of doughnuts or chocolates to your friends and family. Place this message inside: Eat and grow up your tummies because my MomMom does not want to be the only one with a big belly.

What’s your superpower?

Announce your pregnancy through your superpower. And what’s your superpower right now? You got it right! It’s growing a human.

you can customize your t-shirt with a saying as shown in the picture above.

Or even with ‘My superpower is growing a human. What’s yours?’

 Just some Pregnancy problems:

this picture just blew me up. It is funny how this Mom has portrayed her problems to announce the good news.

You can also capture one problem or moments related to pregnancy life. Next, upload them with a sweet caption and let the world know about it.

Growing Family:

How about you think of an innovative caption to show how your family is growing. Just the way this couple has done.

family growing by two feet and they have placed baby shoes in the picture. Isn’t that incredible?

Crack Me:

I found this ‘crack me’ gift very cool. You can customize any of your messages. Then, you can send it to your husband, parents or friends.Let them know when you are expecting the little munchkin.

Mom n Dad hats:

customize mom and dad hats like ones shown. You can even customize mom and dad mugs. Take cute pictures with your partner while holding these objects. Now, you are set to announce it to everyone.

This idea is easy, cute and requires a very little investment.

Bun in the oven:

Everyone knows you are talking about pregnancy when you say ‘bun in the oven’. This is yet another cool way to announce your pregnancy.

You can add ‘timer set to [due date]’ for people to immediately click to that you are pregnant.

We love scrabble:

Who knew scrabble could be used in so many productive ways. And even to announce your pregnancy.

you can think out of the box and add more to this idea.

 ‘Expectant Mother’ Parking Spot:

I think you just need to find a parking spot reserved for Pregnant mothers. This is a decent yet very attention-grabbing idea.

Pizza for two:

Another cool way is to announce your pregnancy at a pizza party. All you have to do is gather friends and order pizza. Ask the Pizza guy to write with your name that you are eating for two now. This will make everyone curious. After a few guesses, you can announce the good news and then celebrate with everyone.

What am I?

Pregnancy riddles are cool and oftentimes hilarious.

They make everyone curious but are simple to guess. Once everyone reaches there, they are celebrating the riddle then.

Big brother/sister’s to-do-list:

This is another cool idea if its not your first child. You can write a to-do list on a chalkboard and ask your elder child to check the list. Capture all of it and show it to the world.

Twins in the Pod:

I think it’s a cool way to announce when you are expecting twins. All you have to do is hold two peas in a pod. Then you can act like opening the pod in front of your friends and family. Take out the two peas and show them. I hope it doesn’t take them much to reach there.

We are Due:

If you are looking for a way to express love for your partner, then this idea is perfect. You can also pick a famous song or poem, make little changes and share it with everyone.

The Chill went too far:

I must say any person who came up with this quote has really funny bones.

Is there any other hilarious way you can think of to express newly blessed parent’s problems?

Baby Balloons:

baby balloons is another cool way to announce your pregnancy. And let’s be honest, we all find them really cute as well. They are easily available. You can buy them ready or order customized balloons. It’s up to you how you want to capture holding them.

I hope you were able to find a few ideas that match your taste. All these ideas are very simple but lowkey very cool. Sometimes simple wins over extravagant. However, I believe it depends on you how you want to announce your pregnancy. After all, it’s your choice and your baby. We respect your decision and wish you and your family good luck.

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