Home Safety – Room by Room Guide to Childproof Your Home

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Are you expecting a baby?


Are you already a parent? 

In either case, your child’s safety should be your priority. 

And I am sure that it is!

Sometimes we tend to ignore small and insignificant things. Ultimately those little things end up rendering the most damage to us. 

Let’s have a look at what such small things can be. And what damage can they inflict?

  1. The baby toys: Many of us think that toys are designed especially for kids. So, what damage can they inflict? That’s where we are wrong. Toys can pose serious choking hazards to kids. Always check the instructions on the toy manual. Check out if the toy is suitable for your kid. Almost every toy has an age limit mentioned on it. Pay special attention to that. 
  1. The baby furniture: Look around your child’s room. Are you sure that the furniture is safe and secure? If no, then it’s never too late. Start with the crib. Check for any poking nails. They can end up hurting your child. If your child uses a baby chair, then check it as well. Make sure that the furniture is strong enough. If the crib and baby chair is way too high, then the baby may fall out of it. So, keep the height moderate. Not too low, not too high. 

Have you ever thought that your child’s furniture and toys can become a threat? 

No, right? 

But if you handle the toys and furniture with care, they will never pose a threat to your child’s security. To make them safe for the use of your child, childproof your home.

But first, let’s get to know more about childproofing.

What is childproofing? 

Childproofing is a practice to make things safe for your child’s use. Now you will start thinking that childproofing is limited to the child’s items only. 

But, No!

Childproofing is done for each and everything in your home, from the kitchen to the bathrooms.

Childproofing has become a widespread thing these days. But it has been present for ages. Every parent always takes measures to ensure their kid’s safety. All those measures to make the house safe for the kids constitute childproofing. 

So, childproofing is nothing new. 

It has just adopted a proper name and become a proper technique these days. Other than that, it is the same as your parents putting tapes on the un-used electrical sockets; when you were young. 

Importance of childproofing:

When a child is about to be born, you start looking for proper names. You buy clothes and other necessities for the baby. You design a nursery for your child. Similarly, as the child begins growing, you start looking for preschools. Why is this done?

You do this to ensure that you provide your child with the best. You try to ensure that your child is well protected and well-fed. You do all this to prepare for your child’s arrival. Then, why leave your house? 

Why wouldn’t you prepare your home as per the needs of your baby? 

Your baby will spend all day in the house. Then why not make sure that the house is safe for your baby? 

If you opt for childproofing then, that means you are doing your best to ensure your child’s safety. You will not walk around eggshells all day if your home is childproofed. 

Have you developed a childproofing checklist? 

You go for grocery shopping. But you forget to take the list with you. What will happen? 

You will end up forgetting many essential grocery items. So, what will you do next time? Make a proper list and take it with you.

Similarly, if you have made up your mind to baby proof your home, then make a checklist. Without a list, you will forget many essential things.

You wouldn’t want that, right?

But worry no more! We have made your life easier. We have developed a baby-proofing checklist for you. 

Child’s Room

  • The child is going to spend most of the time in his/her room. Start with it.
  • Make sure that the room has nothing sharp and harmful to it. Close all the unnecessary electrical sockets with tape or a cardboard piece.
  • Install a childproof light switch. Keep the toys in a safe toy box.
  • Remove anything that the baby can swallow.

Master Room

  • Other than the child’s room, you need to get your room childproof as well.
  • Turn off all the electrical appliances after use.
  • Install childproofing cabinets. 

Change table

  • A change table is usually very high. Try to get a moderate height changing table.
  • Make sure that you make use of the safety straps.
  • These safety straps will prevent your baby from falling off the table.
  • Never make the mistake of leaving the baby unattended on the changing table.
  • Your one-second distraction may cause the baby to fall off the table.
  • Keep all the changing supplies either on the table or somewhere high.

The kitchen

  • The kitchen has many hazardous items.
  • The first harmful thing in the kitchen that comes into the mind is the knives and forks.
  • But let’s not forget the oven and the stove. 
  • Get childproof locks in the kitchen so that the child stays away from sharp and harmful objects.
  • Always turn off the oven after use.
  • Spices of different colors look very tempting to the child. Try to keep them out of plain sight.
  • Dispose of the garbage as soon as possible. Keep the garbage cans out of the reach of the child. It’s better to designate a locked cabinet for placing garbage cans only. 
  • Never keep aluminum foil and cling wrap dispensers in the child’s line of sight. You may think that such dispensers are pretty harmless. But they have very sharp cutting edges that may harm your child. 
  • Keep the lighters and matchsticks in a cabinet all the time.
  • Get smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors installed.
  • Monitor the gas pipelines. This monitoring will allow you to catch any leakage in the earlier stages. 

The bathroom

  • Install a childproofing lock in your bathrooms.
  • Kids get attracted to bathrooms way too much.
  • Keep the taps tightly closed.
  • Keep the temperature of water in check all the time.
  • Make sure to keep the bathroom cleaners and other cleaners out of plain sight.
  • Never leave a bathtub filled with water.
  • Keep all the daily use bathroom items such as scissors, razors, nail cutters, and other such things in a locked cabinet. 
  • Always switch off the bathroom accessories such as the hairdryer and straightener after use. They can cause nasty burns if left unattended.  
  • Don’t forget to wipe off the wet bathroom floor. Place non-slip bathroom mats in the bathroom and outside the toilet to prevent any sort of falls. 

The fireplace

  • Fireplaces are one of the most hazardous places for a child.
  • Even if you supervise your child all the time, you can’t control as to where he will go next.
  • Get a childproofing fireplace. To make sure that the fireplace does not pose any visible threat to your child.
  • If you can, get an electrical heating system as it heats the whole house. The electrical heating system also poses less threat. They are less hazardous as well.

The stairs

  • Get small doors installed at the exit and start of the stairs. Secure them with childproof doorknobs.
  • Hundreds of kids fall from stairs every year. Such accidents happen because of a lack of precaution at the parent’s end.
  • If you are moving houses, then prefer the one without stairs over the one with stairs.

The medical supply

  • Don’t commit the mistake of keeping the first aid box in plain sight.
  • You never know when your child, out of curiosity, starts playing with the first aid box.
  • The colorful and small medicines and tablets also attract little kids a lot.
  • Try to get childproofing cabinets. Keep all the medicinal supplies and first aid items in locked cabinets. 

The gates

  • Get proper childproof gates. 
  • Childproof gates will help you to keep your child guarded.
  • Children tend to sneak out into the street. So, these gates will also prevent the curious kids from sneaking out of the house. 
  • Similarly, get the childproofing the front door to ensure the maximum security of your child.

Your child is, no doubt, your most significant possession. You work all your life to provide your child with the best.


Then how can you ignore the little things around you that can harm your child? Ignorance is, no doubt, a bliss. But in the case of your child, ignorance can cause severe damage to your child. 

Will you want that?

Not at all, I know 

So, take a secure and safe path. And Childproof your home so that you can be at peace that you not only provided your child with the best. But you also took all the necessary precautionary measures to ensure the maximum safety of your child. 

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