Boys Easter Basket Ideas (Baby, Toddler, and Kids)

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Boys love gifts as much as girls do.

But buying gifts for boys is quite a difficult task. It is so because the gift items for boys are quite limited.

You can’t deny the fact that markets are full of girly things. There isn’t much variety in boy stuff. 

There are only a few things in the market, and you can’t gift those over and over again. 

You never know what your boy will like and what they won’t.

That’s why we have developed a carefully observed baby boy Easter basket ideas, only for you. 

Easter basket ideas for baby boy (0 – 1 year)

1. Bouncing balls

Balls are the safest Easter basket ideas for babies.

For a little boy under one, you can buy bouncing balls. 

Bouncing balls come in a variety of colours that your kid will love.

It is the best thing to take along for picnics or even for backyard playtime.

2. Bath toys

I, as a kid, dreaded bath time the most. I am sure most of the kids do.

If that’s the case with your baby, then buy bath toys for him this Easter.

He will have something to look forward to during the bath.

So, let’s make bath time fun for your little one with bath toys. 

3. Stuffed animals

Little kids love to snuggle and cuddle with a stuffed animal.

If the stuffed toy is large, then they love it, even more, considering it as a baby, just like them.

I have seen people who have their childhood stuffed toys with them till now. 

That’s how much sentimental value a toy can hold on a person. So, gift wisely.

4. The soft baby book first year

The brain development that takes place in the first year is the most significant.

A baby book can help you immensely in this regard. 

A soft baby book is made up of incredibly soft material

that is well suited for a baby’s skin. It has a “Touch and feel” activity that interactively teaches your kid.

Easter basket ideas for Toddler (Boys 1 – 3 years)

1. Lego

Lego toys are best for growing kids.

Let your kid’s creativity run wild. 

You will be amazed by what the little kids can produce out of their sheer creativity.

Kids can spend hours and hours while playing with Lego and not get bored.

This way, you will not be worried about keeping your kids engaged all the time.

2. Toy cars

It’s not possible to imagine a boy without a toy car.

This Easter, add another car in your little boy’s car

collection. Because “I have too many cars” said no boy ever.

You can choose from an array of cars depending on the age of your boy. 

Buying a set of 12 or 24 small cars are great Toddler

Easter basket ideas.

3. Superhero costumes

Kids imitate the superheroes all the time. 

They love to be like them because they watch their glory on the TV. 

You can make your kid’s dream come true. 

Buy a superhero costume for your boy this year.

You will be genuinely shocked to see how happy your kid will get by this little act.

4. Puzzles

Puzzles are the best way to stimulate and enhance the problem-solving skills of your kid.

Kids love to solve puzzles all on their own.

This problem solving also gives them a sense of control and responsibility. 

Easter basket ideas for Kids (Boys 3 to 12 years)

1. Wristwatch

You can gift a wristwatch to your kid.

A wristwatch will help your boy to learn how to see the time on his own.

It will also help your boy to learn the importance of time

2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential part of a cool boys’ starter pack.

Glasses come in various colors, shapes, and designs.

You can buy sun-glasses based on the age and likes-dislikes of your kid.

It is a budget-friendly yet cool gift idea for your boy.

3. Wallet

When boys watch their parents take out money from their

wallets, they wish to have wallets like that.

If your kid is above five, you can add a wallet in his

Easter basket.

Don’t forget to add some money in the wallet to surprise him even more.

4. Earphones

If your kid is around ten, then you can gift him earphones or earbuds. 

They will love this gift and will like to show this off to their friends.

Please make sure that you gift earphones keeping in mind the age of your kid.

5. Video games

Lastly, video games are a boy’s best friend.

If you have a high budget, you can gift video games to your boy.

Try to look for the latest video games because kids these days don’t like classics or games of our times. 

Make sure that you keep your boy’s gaming time in check.

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