Baby shower book instead of card

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Your baby shower is an event that you are going to want to remember for the rest of your life. People used to make a big card for everyone at the event to sign. The card is a sweet idea but doesn’t always have enough space for everyone to say what they want to say.  There is a new way for you to get every moment and good thoughts onto one item… create a baby shower book!

There are a few things that you are going to want to make space for in this book so you are going to want to buy a biggish book. Rather have too much space than too little.

Make sure that the book that you buy is covered nicely so that everyday elements such as the sun and dust will not damage the precious memories that are held within that book.

You can buy a readymade book that you just need to fill in online or you can even download an app and get an album made with only pictures once the baby shower is over. These books will be delivered to your door and might save you some time.

The ideas below are for a blank book that you can buy online or at your local stationery store. This does require more time an effort but you will have everyone’s handwriting in this book as well as it can be a calming exercise for you to do while you get ready for your baby to come.

Front page

Your front page, you are going to want to have the word, “Baby” and then the surname of the baby as well as the date. Some people like to paste a picture of the Sonogram on the front page as well.

If you have other kids already, you can place a picture of your other kids on the next page with soon to be your older sibling heading.

You might also want to add a picture in the front with the whole family and you with your pregnant belly showing.

Pictures of the food

Make a heading in nice writing with a gorgeous pen. You are going to want to remember all the food and drinks that you served at your baby shower. This might seem like a silly idea now but later on, you will realize that these small details are what made your baby shower so special and meaningful. You might want to have a picture of the cake your grandma made or your favorite tart your aunt used to make.

Pictures of the decor

The decorations and theme of your baby shower is something you do not want to forget. Take pictures of it all and place it in your baby shower scrapbook. You could even paste a themed serviette in the book or even cut out the pictures of the paper cups. This book will be something you and your kids will look at all the time so you want to make sure you get as much detail into the book as possible.

Good thoughts, prayers and messages from your guests

There is nothing more meaningful than leaving space for your guests to write some kind words to you and your soon to be family. These words will get you through the hard times as well as the good times.

Leave some pens out in the front. I like to leave pens out that match the theme of the party so that everything can be tied together in a little perfect bow but that’s just me. Ask your guests to write a note and leave their names at the bottom. Your kids will love to hear all the nice things people had to say about their parents and themselves before they were even born.

Pictures of your guests at the baby shower

This section can only be filled once you have printed all your pictures and made the memories. After the kind words, you are going to want to have a visual memory of the people that were at your party. Label the pictures with the names of the guests that came.

I know that it might seem like a bit of a mission to sit and print out the pictures, stick them in and then write underneath them. It might seem easier to just paste the pictures onto your social media pages. Sometimes though you need to remember and realise that social media is not always the right answer. Sometimes it is more meaningful to be able to have this physical book with pictures on that you can have a coffee table book. It will start up conversations and memories and give your children a new tradition to do when they have children. You can sit and compare picture quality and what the trends were back in the day.

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