Best Themes to Decorate Your Boy’s Nursery

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A nursery is an essential part of the house as your child will grow in. He will spend most of his time laying and playing in the nursery. He will adapt to its environment. Thus, you should put your deep thoughts while deciding on a theme.

We know you have confusions.

You need help.

You need ideas.

That’s what we are here for.

We have opted some of the best nursery themes that your boy will love and enjoy living in. And you will like transforming your boy’s nursery.

Theme: an essence of a voyage

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Travelling and discovering is a peculiar phenomenon. They appear pretty appealing to eyes when used as a theme for room décor. And maybe your boy can become fond of such amazing aspect by adapting the ambience of his room.

Source: Pinterest images

place a few wallboards of some fantastic cities around the world to complement the theme. The cities you have visited or wish to visit. Inspire your boy with the beauty of those cities through wall hangings. You can check amazon for fantastic wall décor components related to the travel theme.

 It will feel like you have brought the whole world to your boy’s nursery.

Theme: safari

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The boys from a very early age are fond of animals and jungles. They love to have animal toys. They wish to visit the zoo. You can transform the nursery of your little boy by giving it a touch of safari. A beautiful zoo themed wallpaper will work wonders in this theme.


 You can place medium-sized stuffed animals like a lion, giraffe, or an elephant to enhance the ambience. It will be an excellent attraction for your little boy.

Assemble the whole nursery with animal customized accessories to finish the look.

Theme: adventurous

Big Baby Room Decal Adventure Theme Decor Huge Mountain Cloud Bird ...source: AliExpress

Adventures in life depict the example of cherry on top of the cake. Only the luckiest ones have the chance to taste it. So make your boy among those luckiest ones by adding a touch of adventures in his life. You can start with his nursery. 

Decorate his room with wallpapers anticipating adventure. It will build a sense of exploration from an early age. And the boy can grow to be an adventurous one.

You can also find many adventure related room, décor ideas and accessories by clicking here.

Theme: superspace

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A baby’s mind thinks like a scientist (we can say this). Give your boy’s nursery a sparkling and a peaceful atmosphere by giving it a space theme décor.

Your boy will develop an urge to know more about the universe by learning a lot from his room. And who knows might become a scientist as well.

Have a beautiful space-themed wallpaper for the walls or even for the roof as well. Design and place space themed room accessories to give the universe feel to the room. Get the perfect colour for the curtains and furniture. And you are good to rock the theme.

Theme: go green

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Green is a happy colour. Green gives a signal of positivity and life. And you can manage to build a positive vibe in your boy starting from the green look of his nursery.

The environment has a significant effect on our souls. The green background will give your little boy a refreshing feel to grow. And a mind that will develop a positive attitude.

Find green-themed related room products to decorate the room. Have beautiful complementing colours for curtains and pillowcases. Design and customize furniture on the theme. And the nursery will showcase the same as you imagined.

Theme: monochrome

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an idea to have a monochrome themed nursery is never dull. A variety of creativity is possible with a single colour. And it looks pretty much engaging to the eyes.

You can select and design the furniture that will be readily available everywhere. The colours will not give you a hard time in planning the décor. The inspirational quotes will add extra charm to the room. You can even make wall hangings at home or can get from amazon.

There are a variety of designs and stickers available to give your imagination a real picture. And it will be soft and simple look with not much hassle.

Theme: educational

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if you are a parent who wants his children to learn everything from the very start, you can give your nursery an educational theme.

Decorate walls with English alphabets. Try to do it with different colours to help learn your child alphabet and colour recognition. You can even write nursery rhymes on the wall. A music player playing soft and slow nursery rhymes in the background can work best for you. 

Design and craft the nursery with the essence of education. You can even place educational toys and stickers to give your nursery a finished look.

Theme: maritime

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dazzle the look of your boy’s nursery by displacing the old look with a maritime theme. The theme itself is quite impactful. And it is best to design any boy’s nursery. Because from colour to accessories, everything will complement a typical boy’s nature.

You can find some fantastic items on amazon related to this theme.

It will be a décor your little boy love to grow in.

While deciding a theme for your boy’s nursery, consider every aspect of his growth and your compatibility. This way, you can develop a fantastic nursery for your boy to live and play happily. We hope that you have gained an idea from our choices and we will also love to know about it. 

Good luck with decorating your little prince room.

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