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Pregnancy is a dream journey for mothers. This is a long journey, though. So, you’ll be needing all the help you can get. Pregnancy pillows will ease you in those long days and nights when you can’t get to sleep or relax your body. Whatever changes your body may go through, pregnancy pillows have you covered.


Snoogle total body pillow- The best pregnancy pillow

Queen rose pregnancy pillow (double-sided)  – U shaped maternity body pillow – A proper nest

Meiz 55″  U shaped pregnancy pillow- The best lightweight pregnancy pillow

Hiccapop pregnant pillow wedge for maternity- The best pregnancy wedge

Boppy slipcovered total body pregnancy pillow-  The most versatile pregnancy pillow

Cozy Bump pregnancy pillow- The best stomach sleeper pillow

Leachco Back N Belly contoured pregnancy pillow – The best-contoured pregnancy pillow


Pregnancy pillows are pillows made to help you sleep better and give your body comfort. They mainly provide support for your baby bump, hip, back, and bottom.


It’s normal to doubt the need for a pregnancy pillow. Most users today will tell you they’d doubts at first too, but once you get one, you never go back. They’ve life-changing features that are the dream of any pregnant mom.

•They help you sleep better. You need a lot of rest to keep you and your baby healthy.

•They help you relax in positions that would have been risky.

•They support all the right areas to reduce body pains and swellings.


Different pregnancy pillows suit the needs of pregnant mothers. They come in different shapes and sizes to meet your sleeping needs.

• Pregnancy body pillows

These pillows will ease you through pregnancy. They are more like longer pillows designed to give you support from your head to your knees. Sleeping with them will bring the feeling of lying across your partner as they are body sized. A pregnancy pillow will help you relax with more peace, and we know this will be a joy for your partner. They take up very little space but are not so flexible.

• U-shaped pregnancy pillows

Back sleeper or a side sleeper, these pillows will help you a lot. They are the size of two body pillows so that they can provide cushions for both your back and front. They take up a whole lot of space, though, and you should consider that.

• Inflatable pregnancy pillows: This is for women who can’t sleep on their sides. The inflatable pregnancy body pillow comes in as a total game-changer. It has a hole in the middle to fit your belly. It feels like a life raft and will relieve you from body pains. You can carry them around with ease, meaning you can use them where you like. They’re not made for the bed, though, and we won’t want you to fall over.

• Pregnancy wedge pillow

They are small-sized, very portable, and cheaper. They support/ offer cushion for a particular body part, especially your baby bump and back. You can also use them to help your head. They have got a wide range of application, and you’ll find them useful even after pregnancy. For more comfort, you may want to get more pillows.


Before picking any product, you should consider a few factors:

• Bed size

The size of your bed matters as pregnancy pillows come in different shapes and sizes. You should get a pillow that leaves more room for you and your partner.

• Your sleeping position

Our work here is to help you get a product that helps you sleep better. We want you to be happy and satisfied with whatever product you choose. So, you should go for a pillow that suits your needs. For example, if you’re a stomach sleeper, you should pick a product with belly support.

• Shape

There are pillows made to support your whole body, and there are pillows made for a specific area. A wedge pillow is an excellent example of pillows made to support a particular area of your body.

• Height

If you’re to get full support and comfort, you should get a pillow whose length matches your height. This would avoid the need for extra pillows.

• Fill material

The material of each pregnancy pillow gives a unique feel. They can be:

Regular filled

Foam filled

Styro foam filled

Micro foam filled.

 Memory filled pillows will hold its original shape but can get rather hot. Regular filled pillows are more pocket-friendly but won’t last for so long.  Styrofoam filled pillows can be noisy. Microbeads filled pillows do not maintain their original form.

• Ease of use

To reduce stress, you should get a pillow that can be cleaned with ease. Some pillows are machine washable.

• Trimester

Some pregnancy pillows may not come in handy till you’re in your second or third trimester.

• Allergies

A pregnant body can react in a bad way to some materials. So, you should get a hypoallergenic pillow.

• Cost

We advise that you take your time going through the products with care so you can get the best deal. Also, high cost doesn’t equal a great user experience.



Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow (winner)


Filling: Polyester

Shape:  C-shape

Density: Medium Plush

Dimension: 152.4 × 62.9 × 18.4 cm

Warranty: check retailer

Why are we so in love with this pillow? The creation of a registered nurse and mother, it will never leave you wanting more. You won’t be needing an extra pillow as it will give you all you need in support and comfort. Its C-shape design allows it to provide support for your entire body at the same time. The pillow’s curved top is great for resting your head and helps you breathe fine while its length creates support for your back, tummy, and hip. It can also go through your knees for temperature control.

It is made of breathable cotton. It is very soft and long-lasting, so it can still be of good use to both mother and child after childbirth.

In a 5 star review, a new mom who’d been suffering from sciatica wrote about how she bought it to ease her pain. She went into early labor, which fractured her tailbone. The pillow arrived when she was in the hospital, and it was the only thing that made her comfortable. Another reviewer, a woman carrying her seventh child, calls it heaven-sent.


  • It provides full-body support
  • It controls your temperature, so you don’t get sweaty
  • It is useful with babies
  • It comes with changeable covers


  • Not portable
  • It takes up a lot of space


Queen Rose Pregnancy Body Pillow


Filling: Bionic Polyethylene

Dimension: 139.7 × 78.74 × 17.78 cm

Shape: U-shape

Density: Medium Plush

Warranty: 90 day

This pregnancy body pillow might very well turn you into a bed hog. Its U-shaped design helps you change your sleeping position without moving the pillow. This gives you a longer sleep time.  It gives the needed support to important body parts like your back, belly and joints. It is also great for pain relief and hence, be of use to people recovering from injuries.

Its full body design makes it a great body pillow as it is good for relaxing and body support. It is also good for babies

One pregnant reviewer who had doubts about getting it went on to call it her best pregnancy buy. In another review, a user in a bad health condition wrote about how she had been in pain and unable to sleep. The pillow changed her life, and she now sleeps with comfort without moving all night. It also solved her hip problem.


  • It is great for relaxation
  • It is good for relieving pain
  • Excellent back and body support
  • It’s washable


Its design doesn’t offer the best head support

You can’t move it around with ease.


Meiz 55″ U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow


Fill Material: Polyester

Weight: 3.1 pounds

Shape: U-shape

Density: Extra plush

Warranty: 90-day refund policy

Its 7D fiber filling makes it an upgrade from the normal filling. At about 3 pounds, its lightweight makes it a less bulky  U-shaped pillow. It’s very soft and cozy, allowing you to sleep in any position you could want. It comes with a double zippered cover that provides washability. You can use this pillow in more ways, and since it is light, it is flexible. You can use it for napping, relieving body pain, sitting up, and so on. It’s extra cozy features make it a great asset for relaxation.

A satisfied user wrote about how hard it was finding the right pregnancy pillow to buy. She settled for this product and has never regretted it. It is both firm and soft. It doesn’t overheat. It also comes in a removable and washable cover.


  • Fantastic for pain relief
  • It is versatile
  • It offers head to toe support


  • Some users have made complaints that it makes them sweaty


The Hiccapop Maternity Wedge Pillow


Weight: 0.0625 pounds

Dimension: 40 × 35 × 12 cm

Fill material: ventilated foam filling

This is a type of pillow that you can use anywhere. It has a two-sided design that gives a different feeling on each side. It is soft on one side and firmer on the other. So, whatever your comfort needs may be, all you’ve to do is flip.

Its high versatility makes it great for relieving stress, numbness, and pains in any part of your body at all. Also, the use of a wedge as belly support reduces the swelling associated with pregnancy. A very portable and compact product, you can use it anywhere. Indoor, outdoor, or traveling, this pillow will always be there. It comes packaged in a plush yet washable Velboa cover.

You might not find this one very useful while your stomach remains compact. Most reviewers seemed to find more value in this pillow when they were heavily pregnant. You can combine this pillow with another to create a magical combo.


  • It is portable
  • It is cheap
  • Its very soft cover makes it very washable
  • Two different textures in one product


  • You might need more than one pillow for more comfort.
  • Its small size means it can go missing.


Cozy Bump Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow


Weight: 4.75  pounds

Dimension: 36 ×  26 × 14 cm

Material Type: PVC

The  Cozy Bump Inflatable Pregnancy Pillow is a modern, award-winning pillow. It helps stomach sleepers sleep on their bellies with ease.  What’s more? You can adjust it to fit your baby bump as it increases with time. It also offers portability, with its inflatable feature, and the travel bag makes it easy to carry. You can inflate or deflate it with the use of an electronic pump. You can use a pillow to increase comfortability while you relax.

It offers a good number of applications. It’s suitable for exercising, massages, and it will float in your pool. Women with larger chests can now find it more suitable following the last upgrades.

A woman tired of spending money and time in massage spas decided to get this product. Now, she only has to have her husband do it for her. She adds that she even felll asleep on it without a massage. Another reviewer,  a therapist working for pregnant ladies, calls it great for positioning. It allows them to lie in the best position for him to work on their backs.


Excellent for relaxation

It is portable when deflated

It is has a wide range of applications


High cost

It doesn’t come with the electronic pump

Not so suitable for taller people.

Takes up too much space on the bed


Boppy Slip Covered Total Body Pregnancy Pillow


Weight: 7 pounds

Dimension: 123 × 64 × 21 cm

Material Type: Polyester

This pillow meets the comfort needs of both you and your growing baby. Its unique contoured design is like a growing baby bump, so it suits whichever trimester you are in. It also provides you with head to toe comfort without missing a single joint.

Not only does it help you sleep on your side, but it’s also great for relaxation. It has an easy to use on and off zipped cover with 100% cotton removable cover which is machine washable.

A woman on her second Boppy Slip total body pillow described it as “Hands down the best body pillow, pregnant or not”. While a husband who bought it for his first time pregnant wife wrote about how she’d issues getting comfortable before he got it. She fell asleep within ten minutes of trying it out!

The best reviews for this pillow come from moms in their third trimesters. They praised it for being the perfect cushion for their protruded belly. They hailed it’s pricing too.


  • It is a 3 in 1 pillow
  • It is machine washable
  • It is a pocket-friendly product for its features
  • You don’t need to adjust or change it to fit your growing belly


  • It might not be so suitable for taller users.


Leachco Back ‘N Belly Pregnancy/maternity contoured body pillow


Weight: 7 pounds

Dimension: 131 × 86 × 23 cm

Material Type: Polyester, cotton

The Leachco Back ‘N Belly Body Pillow is The Comforter. Its design will give you dual support (It provides a cushion for both your back and belly at the same time). The pillow can stay in one position all night; all you’ll have to do is to switch from side to side. Also,  it’s inner contours give a hugging feel, and this is because it is like your body’s curves.

It is very soft and cozy, making it a comfortable and pain easing pillow. You won’t get any pains when you use it for long hours.

One reviewer wished she got it earlier, she was five months pregnant, and it was getting hard to sleep.  After settling for this pillow, the only regret she had was waiting till she was pregnant to get one.


  • It regulates your body temperature
  • You can use it for long hours without any muscular pain
  • It offers excellent support for baby bumps


  • High cost


The pregnancy body pillows are not for pregnant mothers only. They are also good for people with injuries or anyone looking for comfort. That said, after various checks, our clear winner is the Leachco snoogle total body pillow.  Why? It does the job of supporting the entire body in the best way possible while keeping it simple. Its adjustable height means you can’t be too tall for it. You can also bend it into other shapes according to your needs. It gives you all you want in a single pillow!

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