9 Best Gifts/Toys Ideas for 3-Year-Old Girls

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1. Fun-ride barbie tricycle               

This barbie-themed tricycle is a perfect birthday gift for a three-year-old girl, already getting on in years, ready to take the world by the handle and steer around. Besides the dolls, the 3-year-old girls can now relate Barbie to riding as well.

 What we love about it :

· A secret compartment under the seat to stack away knick-knacks as the kid rides around

· Pedals wide enough to support her feet

· Steady wheelbase with no fear of imbalance while moving

· Supports up to 25 kg of weight

Things to keep in mind

· Try to keep the toy indoors under extreme weather conditions 

· Avoid riding it over rough ground for durability and long life

2. Creative Ice-cream Set

The multi-color ice-cream set makes for one of the best toys for 3-year-old girls. The bright toy bricks appeal to the aesthetic sense and let them play with colors. It helps the kids to build three ice-cream cones with six colored tops while providing them a chance to learn time management through who-builds-it-first fun competition.

What we love about it:

· Easy to organize and arrange in the given shape

· Develops a sense of order and arrangement in the kids

· Provides for fun competitions among kids

Things to keep in mind

Though it may look real, the cones are after all toy-cones; advise kids not to chew on them

Gather all the pieces in the box after playing

3. Scribble and Write Table

Leave aside the conventional learning for a while, try the Scribble and Write toy tablet that lets your girl learn to write by tracing the lighted-text appearing on the screen. Once the kid presses a button, alphabet or number, its image appears on the screen that the kid traces out with the stylus, beginning to study while playing.

What we love about it:

  • The easy-grip stylus makes learning fun and straightforward
  • Teaches alphabets and letters to the young learners

Things to keep in mind

  • Switch off the tablet to save battery
  • Use new batteries when the old ones run out
  • On the first attempt, demonstrate to the kid what to do

4. 15 Piece Construction Building Stem Toy

The building sounds fun when it is with the toy blocks! Want to spare a few minutes with the guests or on the phone, give your 3-year olds this 15-piece construction building set to keep them busy in an exciting way. One of the best toys for 3-year-olds, the set is what all kids like playing with to build bridges or small railway track or even a blocked man!

What we love about it:

  • Simple and easy fitting shapes
  • Minimal colors with no flashy pieces to distract the kids
  • Involves the kids mentally by the need to create a shape out of the separate pieces

Things to keep in mind

· Keep all the pieces in one place after the kid is done playing 

5.        Miss Weather Dress Up Set by My First Colorforms

A classic that kids have always loved, Miss Weather toy comes with a playboard that introduces your 3-year-old girl to the art of dressing up and matching outfits with the weather outdoors. Not only it teaches kids how to cover or loosen up as the sun shifts outside, but also it lets them play by slapping all sorts of colorful outfits on Miss Weather playboard.

What we love about it:

  • Develops the idea of dressing up according to the weather 
  • No glue means no mess. Just peel and stick over and over again

Things to keep in mind

  • The playboard is reusable 
  • Do not wash or wet the playboard or the stickers

6. The Alphabet Locks Set

It’s always exciting to throw in an element of mystery to make learning easy, a process that is trying for parents. In addition to a toy, the set is a tool to make the kids learn how to unlock using a key that matches the lock. As they try it, they will look for clues like matching alphabets, matching color, etc. They also become familiar with uppercase and lowercase alphabets. So mummy’s job is done by letting her young Nancy Drew open all the colorful clasps.  

What we love about it:

  • Basic color scheme helping kids to develop focus as they learn and play
  • Images to aid the kids visually

Things to keep in mind

· Demonstrate the lock opening tactic to the kids on the first attempt 

· Pack all the keys and locks together after every playing session

7. Dollhouse

The toy list is incomplete with the great classic of all times! Yes, every girl dreams of owning a dollhouse at some point. All the more reason to give it to her in childhood. This toy lets your girl play roles as she imagines them in her head. In this way, you can guide her where and when necessary. Adding figures to the dollhouse will help the kids build stories and scenes around the characters. Also, when you want to keep your girl indoors away from all the heat outside, the dollhouse is a very convenient 3-year-old birthday gift.  

What we love about it:

Multi-story setup making it appear the mini-version of a real house

Things to keep in mind

  • Set up the dollhouse on a leveled surface
  • Do not place any kind of weight on the dollhouse

8. Medical Toy Kit 

If you are one of those parents who want their kid to have a real-world experience from a young age, go for one of the best educational toys for 3-year olds. This pretend-n-play Medical Toy Set lets your kid develop familiarity with the tools doctors use. This way, their anxiety about a doctor’s visit will disappear. Let your girl play doctor with you as she takes your temperature and listens to your heartbeat, mimicking a doctor.

What we love about it:

· 9 Super durable doctor’s tools to play with

· Develops empathy, social skills, and kindness through role play

Things to keep in mind

· Play with your kid to show her which tool serves what purpose 

9. Star-studded Playhouse

Adventure is what we crave in all ages. Tent or a Playhouse tops the list of best presents for 3-year-old girls. She will simply love it. The fort-shaped playhouse allows your kid to use her imagination in building a rocket, a fort, or a sleep-over room out of it. It will let your kid have a fun retreat from the humdrum around while making her develop a sense of regulation and privacy.

What we love about it:

· Offers a personal space for kids

· Perfect to help the introvert kids build stories out of their imagination

Things to keep in mind

· No more than two kids to go inside the playhouse

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