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Life as a new mother can be quite overwhelming. New mothers have the need to buy the perfect item for their new babies. It could be from the excitement of having a new baby or for the love you have for your new baby.

One item that every new mum should pay absolute attention to is a diaper bag. This is important because, this is where you keep everything the baby may need while you are outside the house.

A diaper bag is important because you cannot really predict what your new born baby would want at any given time. You do not want your baby to soil himself or herself outside of your home without having spare diapers and other things needed to clean the baby up like baby wipes, powders etc.

The bag usually contains the baby wipes, toys, extra cloths incase the baby soils its cloths, warm water incase the baby gets hungry, diapers or whatever the baby may need.

A baby diaper bag is like a moving warehouse that houses all the baby’s needs. Therefore, it should have lots of room for variety of things for the baby. They usually come in different styles ranging from backpacks, tote bags, messenger bags, and Satchels.

The right choice of diaper bags depends largely on your needs.

Generally, there are some things you should consider. These things are that make your experience in selecting a diaper bag a lot easier and less time consuming.


  1. SIZE

Depending on the amount of stuff or toddlers you have, you either go for one in a small or big size. The small sized bags are ideal for Mums with just one toddler running around and the more stylistic mums. The bigger ones are ideal for twins or mothers with more than one toddler.

Another determining factor affecting the size of the bag is the distance of your commute. Bigger sized bags are suitable for longer journeys for Mums who have to pack extra baby cloths, extra water, diapers and basically everything extra.

The length of every journey defers. To be safe, you can just get something that is at the best of both worlds. That is; not too big and too small.


Make sure you check out the quality of the material before making payments on any bag. You do not want the bag rip and have all your baby stuff on the ground. The thought of having all your things all over the place because of a low-quality bag is horrifying.

Things would be a lot easier for you if you have something with good quality that would ensure durability

Also, you would want to look out for something that is really easy to clean. New mothers have the need to constantly make everything that comes close to their babies, as clean as possible. Get a bag that is easy to wash.

Check for waterproofing. It should have exterior and interior waterproofs. The exterior waterproof keeps the content of your bag from getting wet when it rains. While the interior waterproof guards against spillage of fluids while protecting things from the other compartments from getting messed up.


What this does is that it keeps your baby’s food and beverages at the convenient temperature for a longer time.

If you would be away from home for longer hours. You would need to have this. The compartment should be able to contain the baby’s bottles on the sides, on occasions when you need to make food for your baby while you’re away from home.


 This is very important. Having a bag with one large space would make the whole experience stressful. You would not be able to access your belongings easily because everything would be cramped up in one large place. When something in the bag spills, everything else in the bag gets affected.

A solution to this is to pick a bag with lots of pockets. With more pockets, everything would be orderly and easily accessible.

If something spills, the internal waterproof would protect the other items from getting wet. A bag with lots of pockets is of major benefit to you. It is best for travelling and long outdoor use.


Accessories are not short of an icing to the cake. They give you that extra satisfaction. Different bags come with different accessories. So, to point out a specific accessory that has to come with every bag is rather farfetched.

But some accessories that are included 90% of the time are luggage feet. What this does is that it helps the bags from getting stained when it touches the ground.

A Ring helps to keep toys within reach. Your choice of accessories simply depend on what is important to you.

While the first 4 items listed above are important. The types of accessories on the bag aren’t as stable as the rest because bags come with different accessories.

Like I said, this blog post is here to help you. So, I will be listing my personal picks on the best baby bags that touch all the basis in; size, compartments, quality and durability, and useful accessories.

These bags are top rated and are pretty common among new mothers because of how stylish and effective they are.



The bag nation diaper bag backpack is amazing because it covers everything listed above with more benefits. Because it is a backpack, you get to be handsfree. The shoulders are padded with some of the most comfortable material, which makes it feel like you’re getting a massage while walking your baby. If you don’t feel like carrying the bag on your back anymore, you can easily hang it on the stroller.

The bag nation diaper bag comes with a whopping 14 waterproofed compartments, with the side pockets insulated, to keep your water bottles at the right temperature. The many compartments give you the freedom to get all your stuff organized and to aid the easy access of whatever you need.


  • Hands free. This is a blessing to all mothers because this allows you to attend to your baby without having to drop your bag on the ground at every point. An added benefit of this is that you can strap the bag to a stroller giving you the complete freedom that you need.
  • 14 Pockets. Do I need to say more? With this bag, you can separate the clean baby cloths from the dirty ones. Have everything the baby needs arranged properly. There are insulated pockets on both sides to help you put multiple bottles and a dedicated compartment for baby wipes.
  • High-Quality Water-Resistant Twill Polyester. You don’t have to worry about rain getting through to your baby’s stuff. Everything is protected with a state-of-the-art material that keeps everything in proper condition when it rains or something spills inside.

The twill polyester material makes this bag relatively easy to clean. This strong quality of the zipper and non-fraying material ensures that you use this bag for years. The producers have put action to their words by giving a lifetime warranty for this product.

  • Padded Shoulder Straps and Back panel: This bag focuses on ease and comfort and this feature brings more light to it. When this bag is fully packed, one may think that it would be of discomfort to the mother but that is not the case because this bag because of the addition of the pads to the shoulder and back panel regions. Carrying this bag actually brings you comfort.


  • More than enough compartments
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Unisex
  • Comes with accessories; changing mat and sundry mat
  • Comes with Stroller straps
  • Pocket Friendly


  • Comes in black only

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You can describe this bag in one word. Classy. This bag has multiple storage regions that leave you organized. This bag is the best off two worlds because of its convertibility. You have the option to carry it like a brief case or carry it over one arm or as a backpack.

Just like the name implies B.F.F, this bag was created to be your BFF because of its flexibility and comfort. The strap for the arm was designed in such a way the bag slipping from your shoulder is avoided.

Also, the bag is relatively easy to clean with changing pads, all being machine washable.


  • Versatility. This bag can be carried as a briefcase, over your arm like a tote bag and over your shoulders like a backpack. Many bags do not give you this privilege. You have to pick one form of carriage.

This bag still has your comfort in mind because of its well-placed cushions. If you choose to carry it like a brief case, the handle is textured with foam to give your palm comfort. If your choice of carriage is as a backpack. The shoulder and the back region are padded with some of the most comfortable materials that feel like you are getting hugged.

  • Multiple Pockets. It has 9 pockets in whole. 4 gusseted pockets and 3 zippered pockets and 2 bottle compartments. When you open up this bag, you tend to see everything arranged as you put them–Just like a briefcase.

With this, you won’t forget about where you kept what or the general problem mothers face of forgetting that they packed something and having it spend days in the bag without them, knowing.

The amazing thing is that while being outdoors, you have a partition for your sunglasses, smartphones, wallets, keys and everything that is of that size. This partition is famously called the “mommy pocket”

The main zippered pocket can contain the baby diapers, extra clothes, and wipes.

  • Easy to Wash. The Jujube Collection has a Teflon fabric as its exterior which prevents the bag from getting stained. The inner fabric was Agion-treated to keep odor, molds, mildew and bacteria away.

The luggage feet help the bottom of the bag to stay clean when you drop it on the ground.

 Wear and tear on this bag are minimized meaning that after months of use, it would still be

as shiny as new.

  • Juicy Accessories. This bag is detachable. With an adjustable messenger and tote strap with removable memory foam shoulder pad. It has a memory foam changing pad included. It comes with a crumb drain for convenience. It has a metal hardware, magnetic closure and luggage feet all which come together to make your time with this bag better


  • Versatility. Can be used as a backpack, tote bag or a messenger back
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Stylistic
  • Comfortable
  • Durable; Stain, Mold, and Mildew resistant


  • Expensive
  • Limited Space might be small for mothers with more than one toddler
  • The presence of multiple zippers can make opening the bag a bit difficult

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This bag in all counts is purely stylish. Its looks alone send a message about the type of mother you are. If you are looking for style and high storage. Then, this is the bag for you. The skip hop diaper bag comes with 3 large sections which is then divided into 11 sections. The exterior has 4 pockets. With 2 insulated side pockets that would keep smartphones, glasses, wallets, and bottles. The other two pockets are covered by two large zips that open the bag up to all the details.


  • Packed with compartments. With a total of 6 compartments, this bag has special areas to keep baby stuff and mummy stuff separately. The baby section has a specific place for babies to keep their toys and a clear wipe pocket. While the area for mums has a special place to keep wallets, smartphones and jewelries.  This bag gives you all the room you will need.
  • Fantastic Design. This bag is all shades of beautiful. It is sturdy, light weight, and water resistant. No longer do you have to worry about spillage or the bag being uncomfortable and heavy. It saves mothers from extra stress with its cotton tote straps and faux leather trim. The zip closure on the main pocket was brilliantly positioned to ensure that the content of the bag don’t fall off.

If you need to change your baby on the go. You can! This is made possible due to its cushioned changing pad

  • Freedom to hang the banger on the stroller. In times when you get tired of walking along with your bag hanged on your arm or shoulder. This can reduce productivity. The Skip Hop Diaper Bag solves this problem by giving you an option to hang your bag on the stroller giving your hands more freedom.
  • Water Resistant. As a mum, spillage is a norm. Your baby can start to cry and create a mess. Causing things, you didn’t think would spill to spill. As a form of insurance, this bag comes with a water-resistant lining to ensure that water or other fluids don’t leak to the other compartments or outside the bag.


  • Lots of storage room due to its high length and width
  • Beautiful Design
  • Allows you to hang it on a stroller
  • Water and Stain Resistant. You can wipe whatever stains the bag without it leaving a mark
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Comes in different colors
  • Unisex


  • Not Versatile. The long shoulder straps are absent

Click here to purchase the Skip Hop Diaper Bag


This is a bag of all bags. The skip Hop Duo Double Signature Diaper Bag is great for mothers with twins. It comes with 16 compartments which has a zippered personal pocket, two insulated side bottle pockets and cell phone pockets. This bag would contain basically all you will need and more.


Designed for two. The Skip Hop double signature bag as the name implies was designed for side-by-side strollers. It stamps this point by including 16 pockets, so as to create room for mother and children.

You can easily reach for anything of your choice because of the large size of this bag. There are compartments specially for mothers and children. There are D-rings to carry toys, convenient cell phone pocket and pen holders. All of these being easily accessible.

Its shuttle clips were specifically made to be easily attached to double strollers, so that mothers of twins or mothers with toddlers of close born children can have their bags attached to these double strollers, giving their hands some freedom.

Magnetic Closures. You know how they say 3 is a crowd right? Well a mom with 2 children sort of seems like a crowd. It can be overwhelming taking care of one child, not to talk of two. The skip Hop double Signature diaper bag helps solve this problem to an extent.

By including magnetic zips, mothers would be rest assured that the baby stuff packed into the bag would not fall off.

Flexible. You can carry this bag as a messenger back or a tote bag, thanks to the removable side strap


  • Spacious
  • Ideal for mothers with twins or multiple toddlers
  • Presence of a Comfortable Changing pad
  • Sweet Accessories for Babies and Mothers—Toy Rings and Phone Pockets
  • Multiple Compartments


  • Bulky
  • May not be ideal for a single stroller or anybody that has just one toddler

If you are interested in the Skip Hop Double Signature Baby Diaper Bag Click here

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