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Once a new baby comes, all your attention is diverted to making her feel comfortable. At every moment, you check up on her to see if she needs to be changed, is sleeping fine? Is she Comfortable?

Babysitting is a full-time job that requires that you give all your attention to your baby at all times. 

Every new Mom always wishes for the experience to be as secure as possible. From getting the babies eating schedule right, to picking the perfect diaper bag, and to buy the most comfortable baby clothes.

Mums tend to pick a baby mattress months before the baby is born so that when it comes back home for the first time, it gets to sleep comfortably. Selecting the right baby crib mattress can be a tough sport. The reason is, presently, there are hundreds, if not thousands of baby mattresses, and just looking at them or pressing your hands through them to check how soft they are wouldn’t do you much justice.

Thorough research is necessary when picking the right mattress. There are several types of baby mattresses; Dual-sidedInnerspring, and Foam Mattresses.


  • Material: There is a rapid increase in the selection of organic materials for mattresses. It is believed that there are usually chemicals left behind in the process of manufacturing mattresses. These chemicals are harmful for your baby.
  • It is noteworthy to check for baby mattresses that are green guard certified. This would ensure that the mattress in question is free from chemicals.
  • Regards the material, you should also check for the ones that have breathable covers. Many crib mattress companies state this on their product. Breathable materials ensure that even though your baby rolls over and is sleeping on his chest, he won’t suffocate and be a victim of the fear of SIDS.
  • Firmness: Baby mattresses are usually harder than that of Adults mattresses because of their young bones. At their tender age, a harder bed is necessary for their bone strength. As they grow older, you can pick out a soft one.
  • Some mattresses are the best of both worlds in that they are Dual-sided. The surface on one side is harder than the other. This would help you save costs in the long-term. In situations where you want to get a softer surfaced bed, you can just flip the bed over and voila!
  • Waterproofing: You don’t want your baby’s bed to have an odor, bacteria, or mold. Would you? To prevent this, it is advised to get a mattress with a polyethylene or vinyl cover. These materials are breathable and would remain clean for longer.
  • Surfaces safeguard the bed from any moisture that may build up and start to smell. 
  • Size: Please do not overlook the size. Your crib and the baby’s mattress should fit perfectly. There shouldn’t be extra space in the crib when you set the mattress. This would prevent your baby from getting injured from being stuck to the bars of the crib.
  • It is a general rule for cribs and baby mattresses. You mustn’t be able to fit in more than two fingers on the sides of your crib and mattress. 
  • You should get your baby crib first before getting the mattress. This would ensure that you can get a clear view of the mattress size to get.
  • These points listed above, you can comfortably select the right crib mattress. But if you still can’t come to a conclusion on which mattress to pick. Here are the top-rated crib mattresses of 2020



The Graco premium foam crib and mattress was designed to fit well into your nursery without taking a massive chunk of your space. It is effortless to wash and prides itself on being hand-washable.

The rectangular-shaped Graco mattress has everything you need. From the right amount of firmness to its breathable and water-resistant surface that keeps your baby comfortable every time she lays on it.

This mattress is Greenguard Gold certified. So, your worries about chemical emission and dangers to your baby’s health are totally gone. The mattress is free from Prohibited phthalates, lead, and mercury. It meets all applicable Federal flammability standards. Your baby’s safety is sure of this option.

This mattress is your best bet among mattresses that come in a box.


Shipped in a box. It weighs about 10.7 pounds in the box where it is compressed to fit into the box, meaning when it comes initially, you’d have to let it spread out for 48 hours at least, for it to go to its full size of about 5ft and a thickness of about 4-5inches. 

GreenGuard Gold Certified. For any mattress to be green guard certified, it must have passed through rigorous testing. The mattresses that get certified are those ones that have shown no signs of emission and aren’t harmful to your baby.

Right Amount of Firmness. A firm bed is important for your baby’s bones. Any mattress that sinks when your baby lies on it is terrible. This mattress has proven to keep your baby’s comfort in mind. 

Water Resistant and Hand Washable: Your baby is safe from bacteria from inside the bed due to moisture from accidental leaks or spillage being stored in the foam. The outer layer of the mattress is hand washable. It can easily be unzipped and washed, making your baby’s resting place clean and safe. The material on the surface is soft and breathable for increased airflow.

  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Water-resistant and Hand washable
  • Breathable Material
  • GreenGuard Gold Certified
  • Firm enough for your baby
  • 6-year warranty
  • It has a strong Odor when purchased initially
  • It doesn’t get always get to its complete size even after 3 days of letting it expand
  • It is Hand-wash only. Washing it with a machine would ruin the fabric.

If you are in search of a natural and non-toxic mattress for your baby, then the Delta Children Twinkle Stars Fiber Core Crib is for you. 

It comes in a durable waterproof vinyl surface to provide your baby with comfort and safety. You get a 7-year warranty. The Delta Children Mattress meets the high standards benchmark of the GreenGuard Institute. This is proof that the mattress is free from chemical emission and would create a healthy environment for your little one.

At the core of this mattress, there is a firm polyester core that supports your child’s tender bones and promotes its development. 


GreenGuard Gold certified. As a Mum, your Child’s safety is obviously your major concern. This mattress exceeds lead, phthalate, flammability, and CPSIA testing. Unlike some mattresses out there, this one doesn’t contain fire retardants that are harmful to your baby’s breathing. It creates an overall safer environment for your newborn.

Thermo-Bonded Polyester Fiber. It was specially made to care for your Baby’s newly developing bones. It has a firmness that is necessary for every newborn baby. More attention is given to this feature because of its firm Thermo-Bonded Polyester Fiber core, which makes the bed as lightweight and comfortable as possible.

Waterproof Cover. This feature is of utmost importance. Babies spill, and accidents happen. Having to dry your bed in the sun each time a spill occurs is both unsanitary and inconvenient. The cover is in a durable vinyl material to help keep out stains, moisture, and overall protect your baby from bacteria. This cover would ensure that the mattress lasts longer.

Easy to Use. Everyone loves convenience. This mattress does just that. You can easily fir this mattress into the corners of the crib without getting any compressed. The problem of having extra space in the crib is completely avoided as it fits entirely in all baby crib sizes. Also, the Delta Children Crib is lightweight, so when trying to bring out the outer covers or lift the bed up for whatever reason, you wouldn’t have to break a sweat.

  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Water Resistant Covers
  • Firm
  • Organic
  • GreenGuard Certified
  • Too firm
  • Noisy


This mattress includes a hypoallergenic property that increases the coziness of your baby’s sleep. The Dream on Me Twilight Spring Crib Mattress is one of the most comfortable mattresses out there. It was made with high-quality materials. This American-made mattress has about 80 interwoven, heat-tempered steel coils and a polyurethane foam wrap located on both sides, which work together to boost the overall comfort and durability of the mattress.

This mattress is sturdy in all regards. It has a triple laminated cover, making it stain and water-resistant. It passed all the necessary tests, including; flammability, phthalate, lead, and toxicity tests. And of course, it is Greenguard Gold Certified.

This mattress is for everyone who is in search of quality and durability.


Great Quality. You do not have to worry about replacing this mattress due to wear and tear. The materials are top quality and have passed the various standardized tests, leaving you to rest assured that this product is not only safe to use but would last for a very long time.

Very Comfortable. With its interwoven, heat-tempered coils and perimeter border wires, the Dream on me twilight provides your baby with lots of airflow from the bed’s surface and ensures that the bed doesn’t sag anytime soon.

Water and Stain Resistant. You really have nothing to worry about because the Dream on Mattress with its hypo-allergenic components, laminated covers, air-flow systems, insulation and water-proofing components; stains and water spills would not be a problem. Molds, Mildew, and Odors would be wholly stopped from getting into the mattress.

Great Finishing. The Dream on mattress has a full perimeter border wiring that helps to maintain the shape of the mattress in the long run. This would ensure that the mattress remains neat even after years of usage. It comes with a reversible cover design that allows Mothers to choose between White or Brown Prints.

  • Hypo-Allergenic, Foam Insulating Layer and Lock-Stitched Waterproof Binding for Lasting Durability
  • Water and Stain Resistant
  • GreenGuard Certified
  • Very Comfortable
  • Reversible Cover Design
  • Easy to Clean
  • It has the right amount of Firmness
  • Too Bouncy
  • Can become Uneven


As the name implies—safety first Heavenly Dreams You rest assured that your baby’s safety is of utmost priority. This mattress, first and foremost, is GreenGuard Gold Certified, ensuring you of little to no chemical emission that may be bad for your baby. It comes in a water-resistant vinyl cover to protect the mattress from bacteria, molds, and mildew. All these are in a Lightweight form to ensure that you have little work to do in its maintenance.

This mattress has won the Women’s Choice Award, making it the most recommended mattress out there for Babies. 

Your baby’s newly developing bones are supported by the inclusion of a thermo-bonded fiber core that has the right amount of firmness for your baby’s bones.


Safe and High Quality.  This mattress has proven to be a safe option for your baby’s bones because of its thermo-bonded fiber core. it exceeds the federally established flammability standards and is free from harsh and toxic chemicals that plague lower quality mattresses

Water Resistant. This feature is significant for your baby’s comfort because it saves your baby from having to sleep on surfaces with molds, mildew, and bacteria from spills. The Vinyl cover has a zipper that can easily be removed and washed.

Lightweight and Durable. The weight of any mattress is important to incase you need to remove the covers when there is any spillage. You won’t have to call your spouse each time you want to lift the mattress up because the mattress’s weight is very low. The seams are well sewn in, so loose seams won’t be a problem. The safety-first Mattress has square corners that fit the standard-sized cribs. So there won’t be spaces left in the crib when you place your mattress in.

Dual-Sided. Dual-sided mattresses have two sides of firmness. One side is softer than the other, which helps you to switch sides of the mattress as your baby grows older. This would save you money in the long run from having to change the sides when the firm mattress gets uncomfortable for your little one.

5-Year Warranty. In case the material has some faults, you enjoy a sweet 5-year warranty.

  • Affordable
  • Dual-Sided
  • Water-Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for Babies
  • It is not completely breathable
  • Wear and Tear becomes visible quickly


The Milliard Crib Mattress has a top-quality cotton cover that is both easy to wash and gentle on your baby’s skin. It is Dual-sided, which means as your baby gets older, you can easily flip the mattress. As babies get older, they get more comfortable sleeping on softer surfaces than the firmer ones.

The Milliard Crib Mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, giving your baby a comfortable rest, each time she lays on the bed to rest.

It has a breathable material that regulates your baby’s temperature. You get to enjoy a lot with this mattress. The easy to remove the water-resistant cover and the hypoallergenic feature that gives your baby the right mix of support and comfort


Certipur-US Certified. You may have seen that most of the mattresses listed here are all GreenGuard Certified. This is an alternative that also shows that the Milliard meets standards that protect against chemical emissions. The Milliard comes with a polyurethane foam that gives total comfort and safety to your baby.

Dual-Sided. Two-sided mattresses help you save money. Once your baby can roll over easily, it is advised to get a softer memory mattress for the baby. The Milliard comes with a soft memory form and a firmer memory form that ensures that you don’t have to spend money in the process of getting a new mattress. 

Cotton Covers. The Covers are the true definition of comfort. They are 100% hypoallergenic, which means it is as soft as anything you can think of. It has an anti-slip and a well-fitted layer that ensures that wrinkles are avoided.

Removable Bamboo Water-Resistant Covers. This helps you clean the covers easily. The fabric has a natural fiberglass lining that meets all the fire safety hazards. You would be confident that this material would not lose shape anytime soon because of the 3lb construction it comes in.

  • Quality Material
  • Dual Memory Foams
  • Isn’t Loud
  • Cotton Covers makes it very Comfortable for the Baby
  • Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • It is well-fitted with no wrinkles and slips
  • A bit expensive

6. Kolcraft Pure Sleep Therapeutic 150 Waterproof Toddler & Baby Crib Mattress

The Kolcraft Pure Sleep Mattress focuses on giving your baby a cozy sleep. It has a non-allergenic surface and is GreenGuard Certified, providing a top-notch air quality, keeping your baby safe from chemical emissions. The material is phthalate and flammability compliant and does not contain toxic fire retardants. 

It has 150-gauge steel coils that provide firm support, which protects your baby from SIDS. With its water and stain resistance, your baby is safe from bacteria, and yourself as a mum can wipe any stains easily because of its Perma-Dri covers.


  • Extra Firm Support. This mattress gives your baby the extra support she needs for her tender bones. It was specially built with 150-gauge steel coils to ensure that your newborn has the necessary comfort.
  • GreenGuard Gold Certified. This ensures that the atmosphere in the room is perfect. Your child doesn’t have to suffer from chemical emissions, which may affect its breathing. This mattress is also designed without the use of fame retardants, keeping your baby totally safe.
  • Water and Stain-Resistant Covers. The hypoallergenic covers are easy to clean using a damp cloth. Water doesn’t easily pass through this one because of its long-stitched and waterproof binding. Stains, Mildew, Molds, and bacteria wouldn’t be a problem with the Kolcraft Pure sleeping therapeutic mattress. 
  • Comfortable and Safe. The thick hypoallergenic layer provides your baby with extra cushion. The covers are breathable, allowing airflow as easy as the baby rests. The Kolcraft fits well into cribs of different sizes; Babies are free from accidents that come from extra spaces in the crib.
  • Right Amount of Firmness
  • GreenGuard Certified
  • Water and Stain Resistant
  • Durable and Easy to Clean
  • Great Quality
  • No Chemical Smell when you newly unwrap it
  • Not Loud
  • Not Dual sided

7. Colgate Eco Classica III Dual Firmness Crib Mattress

The Colgate Eco Classica Crib Mattress is at the top tiers of baby mattresses. It is an organic mattress that boasts of 6inch thickness and has dual-sides for more prolonged use. It is GreenGuard and CertiPUR-US Certified with premium breathable layers that are infused with plant oils that create safe air for your baby. 

It has passed all the standardizations, including; CPSIA compliant and compliant with all federal and state flammability requirements – without the use of Fire-retardant chemicals.

This mattress was built in the US with quality and durability in mind. 


  • Dual-Sided. The Orthopedic dual-sided feature on this mattress is there to assure you of durability and would save you the extra cost of getting a new mattress when your baby gets older. You get to give your child the necessary transition as it gets older. You know your child is ready to move to a softer side when it can easily roll off over on the bed.
  • Proper Crib Fitting. Because of how this mattress is shaped, it can easily fit into any crib. It would comfortably pass the popular two-finger test, which determines the ratio of the mattress to the crib. Also, the mattress is about 6 inches thick, an inch thicker than regular baby mattresses giving it that extra durability. 
  • Water-Resistant. The Colgate Mattress comes in a comfortable organic cover that is both water-resistant and comfortable. To allow your baby to sleep comfortably and in a safer condition. The cotton material caresses your baby’s skin gently, leaving your baby sleep like an angel that she is.
  • GREENGUARD GOLD & Certipur-US CERTIFIED. You have nothing to worry about here. Most mattresses have either one or both. The fact that this particular product has two certifications from the two standardized companies shows that this product is as safe as possible. The Colgate Mattress is Phthalate-free, lead-free, and emission-free. It also contains more than 10000 organic compounds, including plant oils in the foam that ensure your baby’s safety.
  • Very Comfortable (one mum said her son slept 12 hours, the first night he slept on the mattress)
  • Dual-Sided
  • Water-Resistant
  • Durable
  • Organic Cotton
  • Right Amount of Firmness
  • GreenGuard and CertiPUR-US Certified meaning no chemical smell or anything dangerous
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive
  • The Cover of the Mattress cannot be removed to be washed separately

Serta Perfect Start Fiber Core Crib and Toddler Mattress

The Serta Perfect Start Mattress is excellent because of its Fiber core that makes the perfect option for anyone seeking something firm enough for the baby’s newly developing bones.

It provides a comfortable waterproof layer for your baby to protect her from molds and mildew. The Serta Mattress meets all the tough standards under the GreenGuard Gold Programme. So, your baby is free from chemical emissions.

It is ideal for Infants and Toddlers and can easily fit into all standard sized baby cribs. 


  • Waterproof Covers. The waterproof stains help to lockout stains and moisture in case of spillage. When such happens, you can use a wet cloth to wipe off the stain easily. This gives your baby a dry and hygienic sleep, keeping everybody happy.
  • Great Fitting. You may find it hard to fit some mattresses into cribs, causing you extra stress. This mattress is both lightweight and has squared corners that would prove hassle-free when trying to take out the covers to wash them.
  • Right Amount of Firmness. I cannot buttress this point enough. How every toddler needs a firm mattress to avoid them from getting SIDS. This mattress has the perfect amount of firmness for your baby.
  • Durable and Safe. This mattress was made in the USA with quality in mind. The finishing and workmanship of this product are topnotch. It is a sturdy product that would barely suffer from wear and tear.
  • Natural and Non-Toxic
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • GreenGuard Gold Certified
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to Clean
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Not Dual-sided
  1. Newton Baby Crib Mattress and Toddler Bed
  • Award-winning Newton Baby Crib Mattress is a Luxurious mattress that has more than everything your baby needs. This US-Made mattress would have your baby so comfortable and rested that you would start to wonder.
  • It comes with 100% breathable removable cover and maintains the right temperature to prevent overheating and eliminate sweaty backs on your baby.
  • It comes in a white hypoallergenic and non-toxic form and is certified by the GreenGuard Gold Institute. With the Newton baby crib, you get the Lowest VOCs, zero foam, latex, springs, or glue. It is completely natural and 100% recyclable.

Hygienic Sleeping Surface. This product boasts of the use of high amounts of natural material while manufacturing, to ensure there are no chemical compounds left afterward that may affect the baby. The Newton Baby mattress has your baby’s safety in mind with its GreenGuard Gold Certification. Your baby is completely safe from suffocation and carbon dioxide as a result of some chemicals while manufacturing. 

It has an entirely breathable surface that would allow your baby to sleep in whatever way she deems fit; sideways, stomach, back, or the combination of all. 

Soft and Comfortable. It has been investigated and confirmed that babies sleep well on Newton Baby Mattress because of its Natural properties that are free from spring, foam, glue, and latex. This bed would feel like your baby is sleeping on clouds.

100% Recyclable. Because of its natural properties, you can easily recycle this product when you are done using it for its present purpose.

Easy to Wash, Waterproof, and Lightweight. This mattress is packed with features that would keep you wondering. It is Waterproof, so your baby is protected from molds, mildew, and stains. In cases where you need to wash the covers, the light weight allows you to zip it out and wash it easily.

  • Breathable Cover
  • Easy to Wash
  • Water-Resistant
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Zip Cover lets you remove the cover easily.
  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Durable and Safe
  • Very Comfortable
  • Expensive
  • Major Complains about a chemical smell out of the box
  • 10.Naturepedic Lightweight Organic Cotton Classic Crib Mattress
  • NaturePedic Lightweight Organic Cotton material was made with Wave Support Technology that offers comfort, durability, safety, and support to your baby.
  • It is one of the best Organic Baby Mattresses that have a food-grade polyethylene that creates a distinct combination of balance and comfort. 
  • Is JPMA and GreenGuard Gold Certified. It features stain resistance, hypoallergenic, and is about 6 inches thick. This mattress is lighter than most mattresses out there but still is as durable and firm
  • Comfortable and Purely Organic. This product would have your baby sleeping on one of the most comfortable cotton beds because of the natural materials used during the creation. It has a 100% food-grade polyethylene surface. The cover is waterproof and easy to clean, leaving a hygienic environment for your baby. In the creation of this mattress, there were no wool, soy, or latex used. Everything made from natural cotton.
  • Water and Stain and Fireproof. This is a welcome feature of every mattress because nobody wants their baby to sleep on something smelly, which would attract bacteria. The cotton fabric is comfortable to wipe when it gets stained from accidental spills or whatever. It passes all the Federal and State standards of flammability.
  • Built-in Dust Mite/Bed Barrier. Because of its natural properties, you don’t have to worry about insects sticking on the mattress. Its natural features send them away.
  • Durable and Firm. It has about 150 coil springs and a 9-gauge outer setting, which provides the NaturePedic with the right amount of firmness your baby would need to protect its tender bones from getting affected by SIDS.
  • Comfortable
  • Organic
  • Latex, wool, soy, and allergen-free
  • Water, Stain, and Fireproof
  • Easy to Clean
  • Right Amount of Springs to aim its Firmness
  • Fits well with Cribs
  • Expensive
  • Cotton may sink over time
  • SID Simply means Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It happens to babies who are 12 months old or younger, where the baby just mysteriously dies in their sleep. This can be very scary, to say the least, but it really happens. The average age for SIDS is among babies who are 2-4 months old.
  • They are more likely to be affected by SIDS anytime they lie down head-faced-down on the bed. The baby gets suffocated as a result of not enough air.
  • Many companies have tried to prevent this from happening by creating breathable mattresses for babies; it still happens. 

To prevent SIDS from happening to your little one; Here are 8 steps to take to ensure that your baby is safe from.

  • Ensure that you use Breathable Mattresses
  • Make sure your baby sleeps on his/her back
  • Keep Toys outside your baby’s crib, so your baby will have enough space.
  • Locate the crib close to you
  • Use Baby Monitors, so you will know what is always happening.
  • Use light baby covers
  • Don’t allow your baby sleep on its side, because the probability of rolling over, face-down is high
  • Monitor the temperature of the room; Make sure the temperature is warm
  • Sleeping on the same bed with your baby is dangerous
  • Give the Baby a Pacifier
  • Studies show that Breastfed newborns are less likely to be affected by SIDS
  • Smoking while pregnant may affect the baby’s airways which may cause SIDS


  • People are accustomed to buying things fairly used because they are cheaper than the brand-new counterpart. 
  • You may say, you know the person who used it previously. You may even go as far as saying you are sure of how well the person has taken care of it, and there isn’t much damage. But trust me when I say A Baby Mattress isn’t something to get as a secondhand
  • Are 5 Reasons why you shouldn’t get a Secondhand Mattress;
  • You really do not know where it has been. It is generally not hygienic
  • You cannot attest to the quality of the mattress which may be harmful to the baby’s bones and development 
  • Used Mattresses would usually not last longer due to wear and tear
  • Consider the bacteria and germs that gather up in a used mattress. This may cause all sorts of skin irritations and allergies to your baby.
  • Bedbugs. 

If you’re still considering a fairly used mattress, here are some things to do before using them.

  • Sanitize properly, but ensure you allow it dry for days before letting your baby sleep on it.
  • But something that hasn’t been used for more than 6 months; At least you’d be sure that it hasn’t been used for long.
  • Buy from someone that you can vouch for their neatness
  • Check for bedbugs before bringing them into the house.


One of the very first investments to make as a parent for your baby is the mattress. Your Job is to pick the perfect mattress for your little one. The one that saves her from discomfort and health problems that come from choosing the wrong mattress. Make the right choice today in investing in quality for your baby.

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