The Importance Of Reading For Young Children

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Do you remember when you were little, your grandmother used to read bedtime stories?

And when you grew older, so started to read yourself!

Reading was in our genetics. From Alice in wonderland to the famous Harry Potter series, we had spent a great time reading books and absorbing knowledge.

Are we transferring the habit of reading to our children?

If you have a look around, you will see every child is holding a tablet or mobile phone. But for which purpose?

Either they are watching cartoons or playing games. It is a disaster that our children didn’t inherit the habit of reading. And it is a reason that the new generation is very much dependent on google.

Because they lack the knowledge which we used to get from books!

In 2019, a study published and recognized by The American Academy of Pediatrics.
In which they showed MRI images of different children under 5 years of age.

The pictures presented the developmental growth of those kids who were exposed to books and reading habits.

Why Reading is Important?

The early age of the child is a learning age!

As their body and mind grow, they tend to absorb new information quickly and effectively.

What we teach them at a young age, builds their habits and personality. So why should not we teach them something which shapes their mind a better way?

Yes, I’m talking about reading here.

Let me explain why we need to read to our children and bring them to reading.

Reading Improves language skills

The language we use in our daily conversation has a limited vocabulary, but books don’t. Study shows that children who read books have better language skills than adults who do not read.

It is because books give our children exposure to unlimited knowledge!

Yeah that’s true!

As kids are quick learners, so when they read something new, they pick it up quickly.

Has it ever happened that your kid or someone you know uses vocabulary in front of people that left everyone stunned?

Sometimes kids speak such words or phrases that make us think what an intelligent kid he/she is. It is because either they have heard it from someone or have read it!

That is why it is suggested to hand good books to your children and speak kind when you are talking in front of them.

Reading Helps Children Concentrate Better

Every parent is concerned that their child lacks concentration. Are you one of them?

If you are, worry not because here is the solution!

Engage your toddler in an activity in which they have to sit and observe. And what is better than reading?

You might be thinking that your child only throws around books and turn pages impatiently.

How is this going to work?

Well, children need the attention of their parents even when they are playing. So get yourself involve with them.

Sooner or later, you will notice a visible change in their behaviour. And they will start to concentrate and to take an interest in books.

Reading Develops a Thirst for Knowledge

When we start to read, there is no way back!

You get the point, right?

Reading is an addiction, but it is an excellent kind of addiction. Because it demands more wisdom.

Start reading an exciting story to your child, and tell him that you will finish it tomorrow. Your kid will get curious to know what happened next.

Isn’t it amazing?!

This curiosity develops a thirst. And when children learn to read, they want to know more about everything.

Kids who read not only have vast information but also they are able to overcome problems easily.

Reading Improves Imagination And Creativity

If you think why imagination is important?

Because when we experience adulthood, we are told to get ourselves out from the imaginary world and face reality.

Here is the answer

Imaginations help to cope up with issues of which we can’t find a solution.

Remember the story of Snow White?

Remember how she survived in the jungle with dwarfs?

I believe you got the point. That under challenging scenarios, it is imagination that opens ways into our minds.

Talking about creativity. It is evident that when imagination improves, your child becomes more creative.

Reading Habit Develops Empathy

Empathy is a kind gesture!

It makes a person soft-hearted and caring. In a world full of apathetic raise your child to be empathetic by reading.

Reading good books develop a sense of concern and wisdom, which makes your child think and take an interest in matters seriously. And also he shares emotions and helps out others.

What is the best time to read to your children?

Are you worried about your busy schedule and thinking when to read to your child?

Well, here is the deal. From your daily routine, mark the timings when you are with your child. It is usually

  • Bedtime
  • Bath time
  • Potty time
  • When travelling
  • Or somewhere you are waiting with your child

In the above three scenarios, place a bookshelf nearby. Like in the bedroom and bathroom. And while you are travelling, carry some books that are favourite of your child.

It is better to carry a book for reading purposes!

If you think that you can also read from your mobile or tabs.

Well, it is definitely not a great idea. Because it gives access to other things as well and then it diverts attention.

How to introduce the habit of reading to children?

To make your child adopt the habit of reading, first, you need to start reading!!!

Yes, you read it correctly

Children do not learn from what we say, they learn from what we do, and it is our actions.

When you are reading something, hand over a pictorial book to your toddler.

Let’s take an example for this:

A book of alphabets with colourful pictures that they can recognize. Read them interesting stories when its time to bed and teach them small words.

Gift your kids, books of their interest on birthdays and later discuss how did they find it?

Remember, as Margaret Fuller quoted “Today a Leader, Tomorrow a Leader.”

It is vital to introduce reading to our children for their development and growth.

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