Benefits of Hugging Baby in Terms of Emotions

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There are following benefits while hugging the baby.

  • It boosts confidence and leads to shaping better health.
  • It creates a sense of responsibility and importance in the child.
  • It creates a powerful immunity system that will make a child love and also have the capability of fighting all sorts of diseases.

Parental bonding and its importance

Parental bonding is the indication and parameter to understand the relationship between parents and children. It serves as the foundation in which children can handle their stress and refrain from any behavior that will lead to destruction.

The oxytocin produced by the complex process of hugging assists the brain in providing oxytocin at a high level that helps in the stimulation of labor when the woman is pregnant. When the child born, then the oxytocin transfers from mother to child.

Breastfeeding – Another Aspect of Skin contact that create bonding between infant and mother

There is different stimulation for the healthy growth of an infant. The skin contact, such as breastfeeding and hugging, is essential for the development of a healthy brain along with the muscular body.

In combination with another hormone such as prolactin, oxytocin helps in the stimulation of milk production as it will require skin contact, so oxytocin is very high in mothers and infants.

1.     Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding helps in reducing the weight of women and giving her beautiful shape. It requires patience and time. There is no need for any diet plans or following any particular diet plan, but exercise would be beneficial.

Breastfeeding is a decision, and it should consult with a doctor. It requires struggle and checks if there is any requirement for breastfeeding. You should follow guidelines by the doctor to see if there is any further requirement of breastfeeding.

There is science behind breastfeeding as it creates a bond between the mother and the child and helps in making the right decision.

2.     Establishment of connection

The hug stop time that is tickling in the head of human being and bring them in the moment of love and joy. It is not only valid for children and parents but also partners. There is a transfer of trust and bond that creates good affection for parents towards the child. However, love also comes from oxytocin, and it relives the child from stress and makes him/her more comfortable in sharing their thoughts with their parents.

3.     Reducing Stress Exponentially

There is a reason behind nurses and doctors prefer to have skin contact with the child after their mother give birth. When people hug, they are creating a touch of love and trust. It creates a feeling of love between parents and child,

There is always a great feeling of someone being very close who care and in this way oxytocin release from the brain to entire body as it will play an important role in relieving from stress and also creating a good mood.

4.      Body Muscles Relax while hugging the child.

Rapport transformation starts from the hug, which gives relaxation. It allows the human body to release tension from muscles and feel content. A hug can have a significant impact on human life, and it will change their way of thinking and let them forget about their bad day. The mood will improve the body and also help in improving the circulation of blood.

5.      Intrinsic Bond between Parent and Child

The astounding study regarding oxytocin says that the level of oxytocin increases in parents when they have positive interaction with children.  When parents enjoy a close relationship with their life partners and parents, it is an indication of passing hormone through social interaction.

The oxytocin level reduces in the urine of mothers when they are stress by parenting, and they have adverse effects.

Substitute of oxytocin

Oxytocin is an essential hormone that releases when human beings perform sexual intercourse, a woman is pregnant and giving childbirth and then breastfeeding.  It creates the ability to form trust and give a beautiful shape to the relationship.

When the baby is in contact with his/her mother’s skin, then due to affection touch brain produces stress releasing hormone. They also release after personal interaction.  When parents hug their child, then it is the most beautiful instinct.

Oxytocin helps in creating a solid foundation of emotions and physical capability in the child by physical affection. It helps in creating a mutual bond and developing trust. It is a fundamental instinct for survival and also creating a relationship between parent and child.


Few women should not do breastfeeding. The reason is that breast milk is not enough due to surgery of breast or the breasts are under treatment from cancer or face chemotherapy.

Those women who are suffering from life-threatening diseases like tuberculosis or Human Immunodeficiency Virus. It is also not recommended for women who are taking prescribed medicines are also not capable of doing breastfeeding.

But it does not mean that they need to stay away from their babies. You can hug your child and spend time with him.

Sad Reality

The absence of gentle touch stops development and growth in a child. An example is children in orphanages are always without contact with the human being as they suffer from irregular patterns of communication.

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