Learning To Love The Arts: Benefits Of Art For Kids

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Art is a language that does not need words to speak. It conveys its message through our senses. To speak Art, we only need to see, hear and touch. Every child is born with artistic talent. Some get the chance to polish it while others mix up in the typical social cycle when they grow old. If we look around us, we can see that Art is everywhere. It is in nature, it is within us. The rhythm of our breath, the beat of our hearts, the colours of the sky, in the shapes of fruits, in short, every little thing describes Art. So why keep children from pursuing it. In fact, for toddlers, there are many benefits of Art and all related activities.

Kids become more creative

Art is all about creativity and innovations. It boosts up the ability of children to weave imaginations into multiple dimensions. When their vision gets wide, they find challenges and problems easy to overcome. In the current era, where the new generation is facing situations that never came across our ancestors. This world needs people with practical solutions. And it is only possible when we grow up our kids with a sense of analytical approach. According to ICAF (International Child Art Foundation)’s Theory of Positive Change. “Children are creators and Architects of the future, not pupils and consumers.”

Today’s Man creates Tomorrow’s Man. It is us who has the job to shape the minds of little ones so they can become more productive in the future.

Art Strengthens Neutral Connection

When little kids get engaged in art activities, all five senses come to action. Their sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste, everything evolves, and it helps them to learn. For example colouring. A child who loves colouring knows the names of colour. He attracts towards things that are in his favourite colour. And if it is some fruit or vegetable, he would love to taste it. So this way, the ability of senses effectively grows, which is healthy for his brain.

Art Develops Fine Motor Skills

Excellent motor skills are essential to don everyday tasks. Kids who lack it, have difficulty managing little things in their daily routine. Neurologists and paediatrics suggest involving children in different activities that strengthen their fine motor muscles. It includes colouring, painting, cutting, pasting and playdough rolling. Because these types of activities help your child to grip different things according to the shapes and sizes. And people have to take this seriously. A small job such as buttoning the shirt could be tough for a child with weak motor skills.

A Subject with no boundaries

Art defines no boundaries. It is like an ocean with countless discoveries. If we ask a class of grade 1 to draw a flower and colour it, every drawing would be different, yet it will all be flowers. Kids need something in which they do not have to follow the rules, and there is nothing better than Art. They get to create their imaginations and tell the stories in their head through their creations.

Helps To Express

Art translates what we cannot describe into words. Psychologists suggest writing things which we cannot say and draw, which we cannot write. We see toddlers scribble and draw different things and then name them. Kids like to draw pictures of family members as an expression of love. The ability to absorb new information is higher in children. And they want a practical implication out of it. Art provides a safe and secure way to deal with their curiosity. Using colours,  paints and other crafting material, they can do save experiments which express their personalities, nature and behaviour.

Thirst to Explore

Every child is born with an element of curiosity in his nature. Kids become unstoppable when they keep their feet on the ground. They want to consume every second of the day, digging into things which they should not have. So in order to keep them busy in a creative way, engage them in art activities. This way, you are investing their energy in an innovative exercise that satisfies the thirst to explore. Also, if we see it from the other side, it provides them with more ways to search. Since Art is never limited, one thing leads to another and children then find their own creative ways to get busy.

Helps to Socialize

Art activities provide common grounds for kids to spend time with other kids of their age. Interaction and communication are vital elements to build up personalities. A kid who avoids interacting and socializing may have a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Take your child to the gatherings of his age group, invite parents of toddlers with their babies and let the little ones spend time with each other through colouring exercises and other art activities. This practice is not only beneficial for a child’s learning, but also boosts confidence and socializing skills.

Divert Mind in a Healthy Way

Who is not well aware of a child’s tantrum? Well, every parent’s nightmare is when they have to handle their stubborn child’s tantrums. Paediatrics suggests engaging a child into some activity when you see the chances of behavioural explosion. And what is better than art activities? Get your child plenty of colours, markers and paint to divert their mind. See what they find more exciting and full of fun. Deal their stubborn wishes by offering them something of their interest. Children are fond of art supplies, buy them some new supplies so they can adopt a healthy activity.

How to Introduce Kids to Art

Every colourful thing attracts children. Give your toddler access to supplies and stationery that is safe for him. Spend time with your babies and involve other family members in activity too. Safety should be a priority. Make sure to hand over things that are safe for your kid and keep an eye on him. Some children have the habit of chewing crayons, do not let that happen. Tell them the names of colours and ask them to repeat after you. This way, they will also learn to pronounce correctly. Investigate about your kid’s interest and let him create his own imagination.


Art is not just a subject; it is also a technique used for a useful purpose. There is no harm to pushing your kids towards creative activities. Other than the benefits mentioned above, it helps in cognitive development, disciplinary actions and anxiety control. Plus it is always a rich source of fun and enjoyment.

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