How to Celebrate Baby’s First Easter | Baby’s first Easter Ideas

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A baby’s arrival is a special feeling.

Everything first associated with a baby has even more value.

Parents always want to make sure that the baby’s first birthday, Easter and Christmas is as special as it can get.

Parents always wonder about what to do for baby’s first Easter?

One can surely understand the worry and anxiousness because you want the best for your baby.

Worry no more! We have got this sorted for you. We have compiled the best baby’s first Easter ideas. How can we forget about the baby? We have also included the Easter activities for babies in this article.

Keep on reading to find the answers to your questions!

1. Do a photoshoot
Taking Easter 🐣 Baby Photos

Capturing memorable moments has its charm.

Imagine the joy you feel when you see your baby photos. Your kid will feel the same comfort when he will see his baby photos.

Get a good camera; these days, even phone cameras work fine.

Choose a cute spot in your home (the baby nursery, lawn, or the living room).

Use some cool props such as nest, flowers, hats, and others.

Make use of your imagination. Try to capture photos that will give you a good laugh later on.

Doing a photoshoot is one of the very cost-effective and fun baby’s first Easter ideas.

2. Dress up your baby

Have you ever adored the cute baby dress-up pictures on Pinterest? If yes, then its time to create yours with your baby.

Play dress up for your baby’s first Easter.

You can buy themed dresses for your baby.

Or you can go with the mood of the weather. Play around with the little accessories; they add the real essence to the dress up. For girls, you can choose from an array of headbands, bangles, anklets, and what not!

But don’t worry, boys have their own set of such little accessories such as watches, bandanas, bibs, etc.

3. Play Egg hunt

One of the great Easter activities for babies is to play an egg hunt.

Babies get attracted to eggs a lot. You can use colored and decorated eggs.

Hide the eggs in different areas of your home.

Tempt your baby to find those eggs. Then let the baby roam around freely to find the eggs.

You will get shocked by watching them have an immense amount of fun in finding more and more eggs.

4. DIY baby footprints Easter cards

You can make a cute card for your baby’s first Easter.

Keep this card in a safe place for your baby to cherish them later in their life.

Dip your baby’s feet in a paint can.

Make them print the footprints on a piece of cardboard or a paper.

You can play around with the colors of the paint. Add some detailing on the footprints like eyes, ears to make bunnies or other animals out of them.

You can even do this with the fingerprints of your baby.

Add quotes of your choice on the card.

You will surely love the card when it’s ready. As it has cute touches of personalization and creativity, side by side.

5. Letters for your baby

What could be better than writing out all your emotions on paper?

You can write a letter to your baby and place it somewhere safe for your kid to read when he is old enough. This idea arises from the fact that on the first Easter, your baby can’t understand what you are saying. So, you can write a heartfelt note to your baby. Writing letters is an excellent idea for a baby’s first Easter.

You can make this your Easter tradition.

You can write letters on every Easter and gift them to your kid once they are 10. Your baby will be all grown up when they read the notes.

They will have the time of their life while reading all those emotional letters from you to them.

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