Planning The Baby Shower Guide

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You are probably looking forward to the birth of your baby, as it is going to be one of the most exclusive and extraordinary moments in your life. One of the activities that make this happiness even more unforgettable is a baby shower party. Planning a baby shower is very enjoyable. You can plan it by sending invitations, buying surprise gifts and ordering a cake about 1-2 months before birth. However, when planning, it is vital to determine your budget well, prepare the guest list and buy surprise gifts for guests. Here, there are some steps to planning a baby shower party so that you have the ultimate fun with your guests.

10 Weeks Before 

• Determine who hosts: Checklist for planning a baby shower will definitely make your work much more comfortable. The first to-do of this checklist is to determine who the host will be. It can be one of your closest friends or your mom. It is also essential that you decide whom to invite for the baby shower among friends, relatives, and other acquaintances. A final number will make your job easier while planning.

• Set a budget: You should definitely make a budget plan, too. When determining the baby shower on a budget, you should consider the number of guests, place, and expenses. Besides, the season you will have a baby shower is an effective factor for your own budget, as well.

• Decide where to have the party: When determining a baby shower budget, you should choose a suitable place for the party. How many people can the venue accommodate? What kind of a sitting plan can they offer? Can they give you extra time to get the place ready before the party starts?

• Pick a date: When do you start planning a baby shower? We can say about 10 weeks before. Baby Shower parties are generally held when the expectant mother is seven months pregnant. However, other special reasons may need to be considered.

• Make a guest list: After determining the guests, you should create a guest list containing their e-mail addresses and phone numbers for announcements and in case of change of any plans.

Six Weeks Before 

• Choose a theme if you’d like: If you do not want an ordinary baby shower, you can choose a theme suitable for your vision such as safari, animal, flower, and garden to make your party more attractive and memorable for your guests.

• Send out invitations: It is best to send out your messages at least a month before your baby shower. People might have different schedules for their family and friends; therefore, it is best to inform them beforehand. You can also determine who will join the party more efficiently and plan accordingly.

• Go shopping: It’s time to shop before the baby shower! You can decorate your party place beautifully by buying various decorations, balloons, and gifts, depending on your theme.

• Plan the menu: Baby shower food must be suitable for the idea of the day. You can choose a tea party or a light dinner. The important thing is that it is practical when preparing and serving. Try to include familiar favorites as well as snacks for the children.

A Month Before 

• Line up some extra hands: the Baby shower is trending more and more in recent years. Therefore, some professionals can help you organize the event. You can hire bartending or serving according to your needs and, of course, budget.

• Order the cake: No fun without a cake! Which one will it be? Chocolate and banana? Vanilla and cheese? Or a donut tower? 

• Help with thank-you notes: You can write thank you letters to honor your guests by purchasing unique colored cards and give them to your guests as they leave your party. 

• Prepare some games: One of the best entertainment factors of a baby shower party is games. Many baby shower games like rhymes, famous babies and guessing will make your party fun and enjoyable for the crowd. 

A Week Before 

• Follow up on RSVP stragglers: The number of guests will determine the Baby shower place and budget accordingly. So, following up on RSVP is very important.

• Plan to get the gifts home: You should keep the gifts you plan to give to your guests in a safe place. Use a gift box and protective packaging to prevent damage.

• Assign a photographer: Photos and videos make special days unforgettable. Therefore, you can get help from a professional photographer to capture the precious moments. You can also ask for help from an acquaintance who likes to take photos or videos.

• Clean up: You may want to have a baby shower party in your own home for various reasons. Therefore, you should not forget that you need to clean your home in detail if your plan is hosting at home.

• Shop and cook, if required: You may want to cook for guests. If not, you can get professional help as well. If you are going to cook the food yourself, you can choose frozen food and canned food. Thus, you can prepare your meal more practically.

Three Days Before 

• Complete the grocery shopping: You should do the right planning before your party. Try to complete the grocery shopping at the right time. If you postpone to the last days, you can panic.

The Day Before 

• Do a quick cleaning sweep: If your baby shower party is going to be at home, you must have already cleaned it before. However, the day before the party, you should definitely sweep and arrange your home to make it spotless.

• Set up the party space: You must arrange the area where the baby shower will be performed at least one day in advance. When decorating the party space, you should set up balloons, gifts, and games in an aesthetic way.

On Party Day 

• Pick up the cake: Now it’s party time! Do not forget to get the cake you ordered before.

• Designate someone to help the honoree: On the baby shower day, a pretty intense rush is waiting for you. So, you can choose one of your families to give gifts to the honoree. Thus, you will not be able to forget the gifts.

Baby shower party is a fun moment with surprise gifts, games, guests, baby themes and foods. We hope with this planning a baby shower guide, you can organize your party more quickly and don’t forget to have fun!

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