Baby shower invitation poems

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Roses are red
violets are blue
you having a baby!!
time to plan a party
for baby and you!

Planning a baby shower comes with a lot of steps and things for you to remember. The first is figuring out a date for your shower and then it is time to plan your invitations.

You are going to want to spice things up and make your invitation as unique as your baby shower. You can write your own little poem to invite your guests to the party. We will give you a few tips to help you write your own poem. We will also give you a few ideas that you can use and change a few words to suit your baby and your family.

Now the whole invitation does not need to be a poem. You can put a cute little poem at the bottom of the invitation to make your guests smile and laugh.

Things to note when writing a short poem:

  • Keep your lines short, sweet and to the point.
  • Not all poems have to rhyme. As long as the poem has a nice flow, then you good to go.
  • Make sure your invitation has all the information your guests need such as time, date, venue as well as dress code.
  • You going to want to make the artwork of your invitation match your theme of your party.

Poem ideas for boys

  • A giggle, a toy, a sweet baby boy!
  • Little blue onesies, t-shirts and jeans,
    I’m sure you all know what these must mean.
    Our sweet baby boy is soon on his way,
    So let’s get together before the big day.
  • She’s waited a long time for her bundle of joy,
    (mom-to-be’s name) is having a boy!
  • Vrroom, honk honk, beep beep, choo choo!
    Lets shower (mommy’s name) with all things blue!

Poem ideas for girls

  • Two tiny hands and two tiny feet,
    a new little bundle is oh so sweet.
    We’re tickled pink and happy to say…
    our sweet baby girl is soon on her way
  • Her closet is full of tiny pink clothes.
    She has too many ruffled socks and hair bows. 
    She requests bottles, diapers, and cream. 
    She needs blankets, bibs, and soap to get clean.
    -By Julie

Poem ideas if you do not want to disclose the sex of the baby

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,
    How We Wonder Who You Are,
    A Little Girl or Little Boy,
    You’re sure to bring A lot of Joy!
  • As this is Baby Number Two 
    This simple thing we ask of you, 
    Most they have, but a few they need, 
    Smaller items like diapers, 
    And bottles to feed, 
    Clothes, sweet, handsome and blue, 
    They’ll sure bring a smile 
    As a baby boy will be here, in just a few! 
    But if you’re still stuck and in need of a clue, 
    Just look online at Babies R Us and Target, 
    And it will help you decide what to do!
    -Submitted By Carrie

  • A smile, a wink, baby will be here in a blink!

  • Someone Near
    Someone so dear
    Someone very special
    is almost here…
  • First came love,
    then came marriage,
    soon there will be a baby
    in the baby carriage!

  • Ten tiny fingers, ten precious toes,
    A sweet hand to hold, and a cute button nose.
    Baby (last name) is on (his/her) way, 
    join us for (Mommy’s name) special day!
    -By Melissa

  • I’ll soon be here to meet you!
    I’ve got lots of fun to share,
    And now here’s a baby shower
    To help my mom prepare.
    She may not be the “funkiest” but her intentions are always good,
    Her smiles show me she cares for me,
    As which she always would,
    Her wishes for me are outstanding,
    And believable in every way,
    I trust her with my heart to never let me go away.
    Well I don’t want to wear you out,
    So I will finish this short and sweet,
    Please join me on (date) and surprise me with a treat!
    -By Alexus

If this is not your first child poem ideas:

  • Pins, diapers, bottles galore, 
    (Mother’s name) and (father’s name)
    are having one more.
    (Big Sister/big brother) is excited to see
    just how cute her baby brother/sister will be.

  • A new baby to love, what joy, what fun! 
    Who knew they’d have another one?
    Eight years have passed, and sad to say
    Big sister’s old things have been given away.
    So let’s have a shower to show our love,
    don’t forget to follow the instructions as shown above.

As you can see, we have given you a few ideas that you can play around with to try and help you come up with your own poem for your baby shower invitations. We do not expect everyone to be poets so have fun with it and enjoy!

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