Baby Shower Games & Ideas Guests Will Actually Want to Play

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Nowadays, millions of people are organizing parties that few people have previously made. Today, 30% of 8 billion people in the world play Baby Shower Games. In the modern world, where communication and dissemination are experienced, everything is being consumed rapidly.

Baby Shower games, too!

Games like “Don’t Say Baby” and “Guess the Baby” are among the most popular activities in the world. But how long will it be enough? The baby shower environment, to say the least, is totally changing. 

We want to play more original and unique baby shower games; therefore, we are in search of innovation for fun.

However, game resources are limited! Moreover, modern people want to spend less time playing simple games that keep them interested and challenged.

What Baby Shower Games do you like to play? Here are the fourteen games we suggest to make your party even more memorable:

1.     Bingo was his/her Name-o 

“Bingo Was His Name-O” is actually a children’s song. According to the contemporary version, firstly, guests say, “There was a Farmer Had a Dog,” and Bingo was his name-o.

Later additional verses are sung by omitting the first letter sung in the previous verse and clapping instead of actually saying the word. Thus, B-İ-N-G-O letters continue by decreasing. The song is complete when the letters are finished. And this is a classic gaming emotion.

2.     Mom or Dad 

Mom or dad baby shower game asks questions like “Who will change more diapers?” and “Who will the baby look more like?” to each parent-to-be simultaneously.

All guests are able to participate too with questions and fun predictions. There aren’t any correct or incorrect answers. There is also no winner. Just guessing and having fun. That’s it!

3.     Time Capsule 

It is actually a unique baby shower game. Baby Time Capsule and photos of the parents showing different places they have visited are prepared. Guests can bring newspaper clippings, photos, and some text with clues about the parents.

Parents can fill out a “Message to the Future” letter for their kid. Lastly, these items are put in the time capsule. Then, their kid opens it years later. This time capsule will be sweet and emotional memory to preserve forever.

4.     Baby Photos 

You should receive the baby photos of your guests before the day of the party. Arrange them all on board and let the participants try to guess which picture belongs to who! 

5.     Baby Shower Bingo

One of the most widely known baby shower games is baby Shower Bingo. The participants play Bingo as the mother opens her gifts. Firstly, you should write each baby shower bingo cards depending on whether the baby is a girl or a boy. Don’t forget that each guest will need a different bingo card!

Every participant fills in the blank bingo card with a gift idea they think the mother will need at the shower. For example, bottle, glove, cup, wipes, bib, lotion, toys, dress, socks, pacifiers, diaper, and baby formula, etc.

A classic picture like an umbrella or a baby foot is located in the center. The game that closes all cells as line in the same row, column or cross first wins and gets the prize. Then, guests yell, “BINGO!

6.    Onesie Decorating 

Onesies, fabric, bond, buttons, ribbons, stencils, paint, floss, needles, plates, brushes, scissors are required for onesie decorating. This material should be prepared in advance.

Use an iron to attach the fabric to bond. Repeat iron pressing and fully adhered to. Furthermore, fabric paint can be used to decorate.

7.    Baby Mad Libs 

Firstly, prepare a set of two pages for each baby shower guest. Guests must fill the first page.

In the meantime, they should not see the second page. Then ask them to write their answers on the first page in blank lines on the second page, respectively. Finally, laugh and have fun by reading the questions and answers on the second page.

8.     Baby Tunes 

Baby Tunes game is a fun activity for your baby shower. They are so cute and smart types. There are gaps to be filled in the cards like the song title and the singer.

Another example is the writing of songs with “baby” in its lyrics. The first person to complete the gaps correctly wins the game. The winner becomes the owner of the most unique titles.

9. Don’t Say, Baby 

Diaper pins are needed for each guest. Before starting the game, all guests are announced that they are not allowed to say the word “baby” and that the person who answers the “baby” will lose their pins.

The one who protects his pins and has the most number of pins at the end of the baby shower wins!

10.  Guess the Mother’s Measurements 

Moderator starts the contest by saying, “Guess the mother-to-be’s abdomen size and win a prize in this baby shower game”.

Guests make their guesses touching pregnant woman’s abdomen, or using yarn. The participant who has the closest guess of the abdomen length wins.  

11.  Baby Face Mashup 

Passport photos of the mother and father will be used for this game. Cut the pictures into strips. Later, the guests line up and combine the lanes mixed. How does the new hybrid baby photo look like?

12.  Playdough Baby 

You need soft colored clay or play-dough. A time limit can set for the competition. So, guests race against the clock to build a unique baby. Don’t forget to use the time limit.

13.  Diaper Notes 

Let’s face it; one of the undesirable jobs for all newborn parents is the diaper change at every hour of the day, particularly late nights. If you want to make this job a little fun, you can use diaper notes like “Enjoy me,” “I’ll grow up fast!” “Sleep is for the weak,” and “Good Luck!”, etc.

In the first instance, guests can detect and write funny diaper messages on the cards. Later, parents write these funny messages on the diapers.

These funny messages are sure to make you smile while changing your baby’s diaper.

14.  Alphabet Book 

White sheets, scissors, markers, crayons, colored pencils, and rings are necessary for the alphabet book design. Firstly, make an alphabet book template to use for a unique baby shower.

Desert themed shower, animal-themed shower, elephant themed shower, or water-themed shower… Secondly, print out white sheets with one letter on each.

Lastly, guests choose letters and draw pictures of what each letter represents. If you want, you can put them all together and turn them into a book.

Blissful Productivity! 

And so, playing baby shower games together actually builds up bonds, trust, and cooperation, leading to stronger social relationships.

Come on, smile!

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