Baby Shower Game Prizes Your Guests Will Actually Love

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Planning what prizes to give the winners of your Baby Shower Games is an equally as stressful task as planning the Baby Shower itself. 

Choosing the prizes is always a tricky one, as you never know who’s going to end up winning the games. It could be a teenager or an old woman; you are not sure about what to buy. The trick is to buy a gift that could be equally appreciated by anyone, no matter the age difference or preference. 

Giving out the prizes at random is easy, but there’s no fun in that. The purpose of giving out these gifts is to bring some type of competition in the games, and the goal of the games is to bring all the guests together. Nothing unites a crowd like a game does, does it?

A helpful tip regarding baby shower prizes is that your guests should have a 1/10 chance of winning a prize. Therefore, if you have 30 guests, you should at least have 3 titles. Here are some personalized prizes for your baby shower games such as chocolates, personalized mugs, gift cards, plants, diaries, things that smell good, and a box of donuts. 

Chocolates are a no-brainer. No matter the occasion, chocolates (of any kind) are always the right gift, because, well …it’s a bar of chocolate and chocolate never disappoints. When chocolates are in question, there are still a variety of options to choose from. Ferrero Rocher is one of the most popular ones on the market, the pinnacle of gift-chocolate. It comes in a pre-wrapped box and also has a gift look. 

Gifts cards are basically cash, so it’s almost like you’re handing out money. Starbucks, Amazon, and gift cards of local bakeries are always a right choice. Gift cards are one of the most convenient prizes of them all, as you don’t have to stress about what to get. Instead, you can smoothly just go out, get a gift card and make it a prize. It doesn’t have to be a crazy amount, 15-25 USD on one card or three cards of 5-10 USD each is a good range. 

Plants are the most eco-friendly gift you could hand out. You can make the winner happy, and save the planet one pot at a time. A good tip on giving away a plant as a gift is to make sure it’s hard to kill, for example, the aloe plant, or some kind of succulent. Bamboo is also a good option, but it doesn’t give that aesthetic look that you would like a gift to have. 

Some cons of giving plants as gifts are that you have to buy the plant on the same day as you give it away to preserve the freshness. Along with plants, you can give out a bouquet of flowers for that extra flair. 

Everybody loves to have the feeling of having an organized life. If the baby shower is taking place towards the end of the year, or at the beginning of the year, a diary is an excellent choice. You can buy a diary with a gender-neutral look to give away as a gift. 

People love receiving gifts that smell good, like candles, shower gels, and lotion. Because people rarely go out of their way to buy things like that, right?

These days, a popular item in the market is bath bombs, and they fall under this category too and would make a fantastic gift since most people haven’t tried this new fad yet. 

Just like chocolates, everybody loves donuts. A box of your local donut shop, and you’re good to go. You don’t necessarily have to buy baked, you can also bake them at home (if you’re good at it). 

A homemade pie or a batch of cookies is an intimate gift. It will make the winner appreciate the gesture that you took time out of your schedule to prepare a homemade good. 

A baby shower is a significant moment in the life of a mother, and everybody close to that individual. You don’t want anything to go wrong and want everyone to have a good time and feel at home on such a joyous occasion. 

The idea behind the inclusion of baby shower games is that it brings a sense of togetherness within the guests. There are more interactions, and that low-key competitive vibe brings some banter within the conversations as well. 

Just like planning the perfect games, you need to have the ideal gifts at hand. Not to seem unfair, you can do a couple of things to ensure equality in the gift distribution. 

1) All gifts can be wrapped, and the winner gets to pick one at random. This way, the winner can’t complain (although he won’t have a reason to because every gift will be amazing) about what he’s gotten.

2) The gifts can be offered without wrapped and winners can get to choose what they want accordingly. This is fair and transparent, and the only person who’ll get to complain is the one who receives the last gift since he won’t have a choice. 

3) The host picks what to give to whom. No one complains because well, it’s the host. No one can talk back to the host. 

4) Each game is specified with a particular gift. This way, competitors get to work harder in the games that they want to win the prize in. 

These rules and conditions add extra spice in the games and assure a well-rounded baby shower that includes laughter, love, unity, and that competitive vibe. The point of the games is to have fun, and the idea behind giving away gifts is to thank the participants in taking part in the games and for being present at the event. 

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